Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 37
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Of course, if there is no one who often comes to harass him, he is more satisfied, because Qingfeng Pavilion is the residence of Shizi imperial concubine, which is next to Ronglan's residence. He jumps over and takes a walk. I don't know how convenient it is.

"What? Is he a swordsman Qin Chu heard that Qin Ying was the master of swordsman. His eyes widened. There was no sword God in the land of sword God. The sword master was the strongest one. No wonder Rong Lan was so out of control.

Let LAN pick eyebrow, "you don't know Qin Xiangye is a sword saint?"

"I don't know!" Qin Chu said decisively, looking at chun'er, "in fact After I fell into the water, I didn't remember a lot of things before. Maybe I didn't care about swordsmen before, so I had a very weak impression

This explanation is a little grudging, but Rong LAN doesn't go deep into it. His face is grim and his eyes are cold. When he thinks of all that happened to Qin and Chu today, the fire in Rong Lan's heart is burning vigorously.

"Don't worry. With me, no one will bully you again." He will become stronger and will not be bullied by others.

What about the sword master? Sooner or later, he will also be a sword master.

Qin Chu looked at him, "are you a high-level sword King now?"

"Who said that?"

"Everybody says that."

Let LAN a smile, light said, "I am the first stage sword emperor."

"The youngest swordsman, I'm afraid?" Qin Chu was secretly frightened. Rong Lan's talent was really powerful. He was less than 20 years old. He was already a high-level sword king, and many people were afraid of him. Now it is even more revealed that he is the first rank sword emperor.

It's estimated that all his opponents have a headache.

With such an enemy, it is estimated that everyone will have a headache.

"I've just broken through the sword emperor. Few people know that. The strength is not very stable. Qin Ying must have seen that. He is a sword master and can see the accomplishments of others at a glance." That's why I'm afraid of three points.

Qin Chu thought silently that she was his son and concubine.

Is it necessary to hold his thighs tightly in the future?

"When are we going to look for mulinghuo and huolongdan?" Qin Chu asked, this is what she is most concerned about at present. Now that she lives in the palace, the Qin family has no control over her. She is a free body. As long as Ronglan has time, they can go immediately.

"The day after tomorrow!" Rong Lan light said, the face with a bit of doting, "you don't worry, I will help you find what you need."

The next day, Rong LAN went to Lin Che to discuss things. Qin Chu took chun'er to the world of Warcraft square. There were more people in the world of Warcraft Square during the day than at night, and there were a lot of things to sell.

She will go to Warcraft forest tomorrow. She needs to prepare some basic medicines. This is her habit. Every time she performs a task, she will definitely have medicine in her equipment bag, which is the thing to protect her life at a critical time.

Pharmacists sell a wide variety of medicines.

Qin and Chu liked to buy things from the old people. If it was not forced by life, no one would like to work hard and busy. She walked up to an old woman who was selling medicine. She was a little older and had gray hair, but her skin was very smooth. There were some wrinkles in the corners of her eyes. Her honey colored skin looked very healthy.


Qin Chu's hand shook in front of her. She finally knew why no one came to buy things in front of the old woman's stall.

She can't see with her eyes.

The old woman's eyes were muddy and inanimate, and she didn't look angry. She sat alone in the corner of the stall, looking a little lonely.

"Granny, I want to buy some pills." Qin Chu sat on the stone steps beside her and chose pills from her stall. She didn't understand it very well. Chun'er worried and said, "Miss, we'd better go to another home and have a look."

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