Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 36
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Rong LAN looked at her face paralyzed like face, suddenly frustrated to the extreme, hands holding her face disorderly rub, wish to rub out an expression to come, "how can I see you this girl, smile a, give ye a smile."

"You want to die!" Qin Chu was so angry that he rubbed his cheek red, so he raised his leg and hit him. Unfortunately, his body was not competitive. It was not painful to kick him, and there was no strength. Rong LAN mood is very good, scraped her small nose, "remember, after is my person."

"Who are your men?" Qin Chu is not satisfied, she is his own master.

"Figs..." Rong LAN lengthened the ending.

"Yes, I am your man." Qin Chu saw the wind and steered, immediately changed the tone, Rong LAN laugh, very satisfied, and kiss her one, "go, ye take you home."

Go home?

This word is a little new.

From childhood to adulthood, few people told her to go home.

She is the product of the cultivation of gifted genes. Her parents are the most intelligent scientists who provide genes. There are hundreds of scientists' genes in the gene library. A man and a woman were extracted to cultivate her.

She didn't know who her parents were.

I don't want to find out who are their parents among these hundreds.

No fun.

Maybe, they all have their own homes and relatives. Why should she disturb them.

Maybe they don't know that there is a Qin Chu in the world.

"ChuChu, what's the matter?" See her standing still, just stare at oneself to see, allow LAN took her hand, "how silly stand?"

"Nothing!" Qin Chu returned to God, "by the way, my girl, very good to me, can you let her continue to follow me."

"I see." Rong Lan said, take her back to the palace.

Located in the East, the palace is a grand courtyard with an area of thousands of square meters. Rong Lan's father, Rong Che, and the emperor were brothers of the same mother. They were excellent since childhood and were also a genius. When Rong Lan was very young, the princess passed away, and rongche left the imperial capital. He did not know whether he was alive or dead. Therefore, the Empress Dowager especially loves Rong LAN. Therefore, Ronglan has not been granted a king, and he is still a son of the world.

Rong LAN brought Qin and Chu back to the mansion, causing a sensation. Everyone in the mansion vied to see the future Prince's concubine. There were not many people in the mansion. There were dozens of people in the mansion. The whole palace seemed to be empty, as if no one lived there.

"Peach, go to clean up the Qingfeng Pavilion and give it to the princess."

"Yes A pretty girl took people out to clean up. A mother came to prepare the daily necessities of Qin and Chu. Another girl came to ask what kind of cloth and style Qin Chu liked. She went to buy clothes and everything was in order.

In the evening, Chuner also came.

Qingfengge has also been cleaned up. When the clothes and supplies of Qin and Chu are all packed, they are only two large boxes of top-quality silk. Qin Chu likes plain colors, and the girls are also intimate. There are not too many gorgeous colors and styles, which Qin Chu likes.

Even the rouge powder is ready.

Is that too neat?

a born beauty and good skin, Qin Chu did not like to use Rouge powder to throw away all the flowers. He looked at it more than the Wutong yuan.

Has passed the peach blossom season, but does not hinder, the entire coordination.

All in all, she is very satisfied with her new home.

Of course, if there is no one who often comes to harass him, he is more satisfied, because Qingfeng Pavilion is the residence of Shizi imperial concubine, which is next to Ronglan's residence. He jumps over and takes a walk. I don't know how convenient it is.

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