Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 35
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Although the prime minister has real power.

However, he looks at Rong Lan's eyes, high above, so disdain, this is too strange.

"If I'm a little late, I'm afraid I'll have a funeral for my son." Qin Chu felt the hand clasped in her waist, so hard that she could almost scratch a red mark on her waist.

Rong LAN is very angry!

However, this kind of anger, can not vent.

She suddenly forgot to ask chun'er what class of swordsman Qin Ying was. He must be more powerful than Rong LAN, otherwise, Rong LAN would not tolerate it so much.

"You two haven't married yet. It's natural for me to discipline my daughter. It's natural and proper for me to discipline my daughter Qin Ying's eyes and Rong LAN looked at each other and refused to take a step. "This is the Qin family. Please respect yourself!"

He stressed a word of Qin heavily.

"Good!" Let LAN cold smile, evil spirit and with a murderous spirit, "you dare to hurt my people, it seems that you did not put the Rong family in the eyes."

"I discipline my daughter."

"This is my son-in-law." Rong Lan said word by word, "the name has been set, Qin and Chu are my people. It seems that Xiangye doesn't have this concept, and Qin and Chu are not suitable to live in the prime minister's Mansion from now on."

Qin Chu a Zheng, do not live in the prime minister's house? Where do you live?

Seriously, she didn't want to live in the prime minister's office.

It's so annoying, a bunch of flies.

"Rong LAN, don't be too arrogant and presumptuous. You are not married yet!" Hearing that Rong LAN wants to take her away is undoubtedly a slap in the face for Qin. The son of a generation has always been careless and cruel, but the Qin family still can't afford to lose this person.

Let LAN sneer, just like a fire sword, "so how, Qin Chu this life is my person, own I protect her, don't labor Qin family trouble."

He picked up Qin Chu and flew with his sword.

"What kind of system is it?" Qin Ying was so angry that he was about to chase him. Qin Kun said, "father, forget it. Why fight for Qin Chu and Rong LAN? Although he is only the sword master now, after all, he belongs to the Rong family. It's no big deal that Qin Chu left."

Deserted streets.

Rong LAN hugs Qin Chu and falls lightly. He puts her against the wall and kisses her lip. Qin Chu struggles with consternation, but finds that he can't get rid of it. Rong Lan's kiss, like his man, is fierce and full of male animal's plunder and hegemony. A word of refusal does not allow you to say.

Lips and tongues invade every inch of soft skin in her mouth.

Qin Chu was very angry. What was he doing? She repeated her old skills and wanted to use the anti wolf move. Rong Lan was in a mess. Qin Chu's hands and feet were tied by him and couldn't move. Qin Chu was angry and had to stop struggling and let him do whatever he wanted.

Aware of her meekness, Rong LAN bit her lower lip, Qin Chu was angry, and punched him in his abdomen. Rong LAN buckled her neck and slightly let her go. Her eyes were tightly locked with a trace of fire.

"I almost failed to protect you."

Is that why he lost control?

Just because he didn't protect himself?

Qin Chu some surprise, Rong Lan also really put her in the heart? Didn't he just want to clean her up? Why is it a bit of a sham?

"Rong LAN, you..."

"That's too bad. I seem to like you a little bit." Let LAN smile, just like spring flowers bloom, she first saw Rong LAN smile so gentle and Doting, between the eyes and eyebrows, tenderness like water.

She suddenly thought of a word, iron and tender.

Looking at her paralyzed face, Rong Lan was frustrated to the extreme

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