Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 34
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"Put her in the violence room. Don't let her out without my order." Qin Ying said angrily. As soon as he brushed his sleeve, a strong wind came. Qin Chu broke away from the big man beside him and held his head to avoid his attack.

This made Qin Ying angry. He roared, and a strong wind swept through him. With a sharp murderous air, Qin Chu felt that a big stone hit his chest, and suddenly he spat out a mouthful of blood, and the whole person flew out like catkins

"Father, you are so good..."

"Father, it's a good fight. This little bitch has the support of LAN Shizi and dares to yell at us, so we should teach her a lesson."

Qin Chu was extremely miserable. Her internal organs seemed to have moved. Her body was floating in the air, and her perception became worse. Everything was like slow motion. She thought that she was bound to die. If she fell down from such a high place, she would be half disabled.

A fiery red figure suddenly hit, the body like a red silk ran from, in the Qin Chu was about to land, suddenly picked up Qin Chu, and flew a few meters high, slowly fell in the Qin family courtyard.

"Rong LAN Shizi..."

"How beautiful..."

"Qin Chu is really damned good luck. Why was he betrothed to Ronglan Shizi?"

"Such a humble identity is not worthy of the son of LAN."


Qin Yue and Qin Yun whispered, stabbing Qin Xue's pain. She thought fiercely that her father's slap would have killed Qin Chu. Without her, she would have married Ronglan's son.

Rong LAN looks at Qin Ying. He dances in red as if his anger dissipates. The whole person is like the devil coming out of the Shura field. If his eyes can kill people, Qin Ying has been held back by him countless times.

Qin Chu Qi and blood attack, and spit out a mouthful of blood, Rong Lan's face is extremely ugly, from the space out of a bottle of liquid medicine, head up to drink, bent over the body, covered her lips, poured the spirit water into Qin Chu's mouth.

Qin Xue clenched her fist jealously.

If she wants to kill Qin Chu, she must kill Qin Chu.

White yarn and fire red interweave into a piece, beautiful as a picture.

Qin Chu only felt a cool power flowing through her internal organs, and the burning and irritability were slowly smoothed down. The sharp pain disappeared. Wherever the spirit water went, it seemed that she had repaired her damaged organs and destroyed the fire in her body.

"Girl, are you better?" Rong LAN caresses her messy hair, tone has his own unspeakable tenderness, heartache is inconceivable, he came a step late, his girl was beaten seriously.

Qin Chu came back to her senses. She was much more comfortable.

Gentle Rong LAN let her a little surprised, she noticed that today he even wore a red robe, like a group of fireworks, red to the eye, ink hair red shirt, evil bully.

It is unstoppable.

She has never seen a man wearing a red robe can wear to this extent, the real interpretation of the feeling of the fire.

"Lord Qin, Qin Chu is my future son and concubine." Rong LAN clasped Qin Chu's waist with one hand and looked at Qin Ying coldly. It was like a cold wind drifting over the snow field, and the air temperature around him dropped rapidly.

"This is the Qin family. What's the reason for the son of the Qin to break into the prime minister's office without being informed?" Qin Ying's eyes were colder than him. Looking at their eyes, such as looking at a group of garbage, Qin Chu set off a storm in his heart.

According to the consistent idea, the status of the son of a family is bigger than that of the prime minister.

Although the prime minister has real power.

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