Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 33
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Qin Chu is reading a Wutong method. A sword master came to invite him to say that he was invited. Qin Chu had a heart jump. If nothing happened, she knew that Qin Xiang ye went home today. According to Chun er's statement, he kicked himself to the phoenix tree garden.

I didn't care about my life or death.

As soon as I arrived at the main hall, I saw a middle-aged man sitting on the main hall, with sword eyebrows and eagle eyes. His face was stiff, sharp and calm, like an eagle flying in the sky. Beside him stood a handsome young man in a warm blue long shirt.

Don't guess, she also knows that this is Qin Ying and Qin Kun.

"Kneel down!" Qin Ying gave a big drink. As soon as his voice fell, Qin Chu felt a pain in his knee and her feet were on the ground. She was shocked. She looked back and saw that the big man beside her had no expression and only listened to Qin Ying's orders.

"I heard so many rumors before I came back to the imperial capital. Qin Chu, you really disgraced our Qin family. You dare to hurt the prince and kill his Warcraft. How can you do that? I don't think you pay any attention to me." Qin Ying was full of anger and his voice was a little angry.

Qin Chu sneered in his heart. Even if she didn't do anything, it was a death sentence in their eyes. "Father, this matter has passed, and the emperor also pardons me of my innocence. Besides, the crown prince started first. What's wrong with me?"

With a crack, a teacup was smashed in front of her, and the tea splashed all over her body. A few drops of tea splashed in her eyes. Qin Chu closed his eyes and tried to resist the discomfort. Just about to refute it, he felt a sharp wind coming and his cheek hurt.

Like something, hit her cheek, hit her eyes, something in her mind as if it was broken, buzzing, she tasted the blood in her lips.

Qin Ying is just a flick of the sleeve, understatement, she was slapped.

The speed is so fast that even if she stands in place, she can't avoid her hands.

Damn it!

Qin Chu raised his head and looked at Qin Ying coldly. His anger was burning in his mind. If she had a dagger in her hand, she had already rushed to him and stabbed him in his throat. Is this the sorrow of the weak?

If she is a swordsman, who dares to slap her?

It was a humiliation that she had never been subjected to. It was more humiliating than that day when Mrs. Qin slapped her in the hall.

"What kind of eyes are you looking at? What's your attitude?" Qin Ying was furious. "I didn't look at your identity. I thought that the crown prince would soon propose to retire and marry xue'er instead. As a result, you destroyed all of them."

Qin Xue shows the color of grievance. Qin Yue and Qin Yun are laughing at her and saying bad things about her.

"Father, you don't know how shameless she is. When you hear the crown prince say that she wants to quit marriage, she immediately seeks for life and death. It is hard to hear from people outside that our daughters of the Qin family are so immoral, and our reputation has been affected."

"Yes, father, you must punish her well."


Qin Chu never felt that she was so angry. She was a very restrained person. She had learned to suppress her emotions since childhood. She had to face many crises and needed a calm mind and accurate judgment.

Don't be angry.

Now, she was on the verge of losing her mind with anger.

One sneering face after another.


"Put her in the violence room. Don't let her out without my order." Qin Ying said angrily. As soon as he brushed his sleeve, a strong wind came. Qin Chu broke away from the big man beside him and held his head to avoid his attack.

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