Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 32
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One of the rarest professions is the experimenter. The conditions are quite harsh. Gold and fire are used to test and catalyze. They also need water. They have three systems. They also have a very rare sense of nature. They can communicate with animals and plants in the great nature.

Pharmacists can refine pills, all kinds of pills, including revivals.

The experimenter can refine all kinds of weapons, stones, equipment, and recipes, including pills.

Even the most elementary experimenters are highly respected.

Every swordsman has a weapon of his own, which can be strengthened, inlaid with stones, strengthened attack power, etc., all of which can not be separated from the tester. The strengthened weapon is different from the original weapon.

Only the experimenter knows what kind of stone the weapon needs to be inlaid, and only the tester can test out all kinds of stones.

"It seems that the experimenters are more popular than the pharmacists. No wonder there are so few people." Qin Chu murmured to himself that the conditions were so harsh that it was not easy to become an experimenter. Of course, the pharmacists were also highly respected.

I don't know what attribute she is.

"By the way, chun'er, I used to cultivate sword Qi. Do you know what I am?" Qin Chu asked chun'er.

Chun'er thought for a while, "I remember, miss is fire attribute and water attribute, double system."

"Is that a good attribute?" Qin Chu asked, she is a double line, should be considered a very rare attribute.

"This is the attribute of double gram. Well, at least it is a double system. Is wood fire the best double attribute?"

Chun'er said, "Miss, if the wind and fire are dual attributes, then they will choose to become pharmacists."

"Once you become a pharmacist, you can't do two things with one mind, and your accomplishments in sword Qi will be greatly weakened. Therefore, most pharmacists are not very powerful swordsmen. The fire attribute of the pharmacist is used to control the fire and refine the medicine. The fire attribute of the swordsman is used to attack. The two practice different skills. Of course, if he chooses to be a swordsman, then the element of wind and fire is indeed the best dual attribute, which can maximize the attack

Qin and Chu suddenly realized the difference.

In fact, this continent is still respected by swordsmen.

Only the swordsman can cultivate the sword master or the sword God. It is the dream of every swordsman to become a God. Therefore, some pharmacists with dual attributes of wood and fire also choose to cultivate sword Qi.

"Chun'er, you know a lot." Fortunately, there is chun'er around. She can ask the girl what she doesn't understand.

Spring son embarrassed smile, "Miss, this is what we all know."

Qin Chu nodded. Yes, we all know that she is a newcomer. To adapt slowly, she will quickly adapt to this continent, become a strong man and keep what belongs to her.

Qin Ying, the head of the Qin family, and Qin Kun, the eldest son, arrived home at noon the next day.

They heard what happened in the Qin family before they got home.

The news that the third miss of Qin's family and the prince's marriage is yellow, and they are again betrothed to Ronglan Shizi has been spread all over the land of Jianshen. They heard about it before they arrived at the imperial capital. As soon as Qin Ying returned to the mansion, he called his wife to ask about it.

The eldest lady embellished the story and put all the mistakes on Qin Chu's head.

Qin Ying was furious. "Bring her to the main hall."

Qin Chu is reading a method of law. A sword master came to invite him to say that he was invited. Qin Chu had a heart jump. If nothing happened, she knew that Qin Xiang ye went home today. According to Chun er's statement, he kicked himself to the Wutong garden.

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