Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 29
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"I don't seem to do you any good by giving it to you." Rong LAN sighed with emotion and looked at her like a smile. "If the princess wants to get figs, she doesn't have to try it. How about making friends with each other?"

Qin Chupi said with a smile, "don't I agree with you? I have been the prince's imperial concubine. "

Rong LAN suddenly put one hand around her waist and put her in his arms. The tip of his nose was against the tip of her nose. Between the eyes of the demon, there was a pure toughness and arrogance, "I want your will."

It was not ordered by the emperor.

The man's hot breath seemed to rush into her skin. I don't know who said that a person's breath is more memorable than a person's appearance. The nose is coiled around, and it is all a elegant man's breath.

Her heart a jump, eyebrow heart tiny twist, just want to retreat to open already allow LAN to buckle tightly, he lowers head to grab her lip tongue.

Qin Chu glared round his eyes, "Hun Wu... "

As soon as she started swearing, she was forced to open her teeth. Ronglan bit on her lips, and the tip of her tongue slipped to her lips and tongue. She sucked and teased with the tip of her tongue. Qin Chu was in a panic to escape. Ronglan was not in a hurry. She tasted every inch of her delicate skin. The tip of her tongue swept over her teeth. Once again, she could not escape. His breath covered her all at once Panic

She is a genius of twenty-one time. She grew up free in the training base. She is smart, sharp and unattainable. She is the goddess in everyone's mind. Who dares to desecrate the goddess? This is the first time that she has been forced to kiss.

Qin Chu is angry and wants to hide. Rong Lan presses her step by step. She suddenly raises her leg and kicks to Rong Lan's legs.

Rong LAN Shizi is the moment of confused love, where to care for a lot.

This hit hard, Qin Chu hurriedly jumped back a step, "deserve it!"

"The most poisonous woman's heart." Rong LAN Nu, the girl's reaction is really fast, if more heavy, really waste him, "figs do not want?"

Qin Chu heart silently read, poor can not move, grievances can not be aggrieved, just read two sentences decisively give up, "to."

She thought and closed her eyes. "Kiss you again. Give me the fig."

Rong LAN looked at the little girl, closed her eyes, and showed no hesitation. She was not angry. She wanted to wipe her neck. She really didn't give her face. What's wrong with my future concubine? Is it necessary to be so generous?

"Stinky girl!" Rong LAN laughed and scolded, scraped and scraped her nose, "go, go home."

Qin Chu breathed a sigh of relief, and wrinkled his nose. He was not used to being so intimate with her. Rong LAN pretended not to see her exclusion. Qin Chu asked, "what material do we lack?"

Rong Lan thought, "wood spirit fire, fire dragon gall, a metal nine level magic crystal and a fire attribute nine level magic crystal, if you can get fire dragon gall, you should be able to get nine level magic crystal."

Qin Chumei's heart was wrinkling together, and her white face was full of worries, "what should I do?"

"The wood spirit fire is in the Fuyao palace of the forest of Warcraft, the only place where there is wood spirit fire in the land of sword God. Only by gathering the spirit of heaven and earth can we produce a wood spirit fire. Ten years ago, the master of the temple of the ethereal peak got a wooden fire in Fuyao palace. It should be about the same time to calculate the time. "

"Why don't we go to the ethereal palace, since there are ethereal peaks?" Qin Chu was puzzled. She vaguely remembered that the ethereal peak was one of the four aristocratic families. The master was the master of the ethereal palace and a sword master.

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