Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 28
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As long as she finds materials, she can practice. This is the best news she has heard in the world. Listening to the old man's meaning, it is difficult to find materials. However, Rong LAN is a son of the world. How hard to find materials is not difficult for him?

Qin Chu asked, "master, where can I buy these materials?"

"Buy?" Shi Yuntian heard a joke like, "girl, you think too much about it. This kind of material has no price and no market. No one will sell it. Maybe you can buy it at the auction house. Other things are rare and the materials the pharmacists dream of. Even if the sword master has this material, he will give it to his own pharmacist. What's more, there is only one place for mu Linghuo and fig, you think If you get it, you have to find it yourself. "

"Well, if I remember correctly, Rong LAN has a Fig

Rong LAN tilted his head and looked at her like a smile. She was graceful and graceful. She looked like a demon gentleman. However, the expression on her face was not written. Please come and ask me quickly.

Qin Chu quietly turned his head aside.

Shi Yuntian looked at them and saw some clues.

He waved his hand. "I'll tell you about the materials. Whether you can find it depends on the nature of the girl."

Rong LAN and Qin Chu walked out of the manor together.

She has to find a way to get these materials. If she can get them, she will no longer be waste materials. She doesn't like being bullied. She has no strength to fight back.

"Can I have your figs?" Qin Chu asked, not at all polite.

"Do you know what figs are?"

Qin Chu shook his head, and Rong Lan said, "in the Gobi barrier between the land of sword God and the land of witchcraft where figs grow, flowers and bear fruit once in 50 years. Countless people have lost their lives for fig, and very few people can cross the barrier between the two continents to find Fig in the middle of them."

"Those who circled over there were all the nine level Warcraft, even the terrible enemies. I almost died there because of the Fig. I didn't get it. It was a sword master who fought hard to get it. It's a pity that he didn't come out and made me cheap."

"It's the only ingredient of the resurrection drug."

So, many people just want to look for figs.

Naturally, Qin and Chu knew that figs must be very precious, but they didn't expect to be so precious.

She really has no reason to let Rong LAN give her.

"I see. I'll find it myself." Qin Chu said, looking up at the white clouds in the sky, glancing at a firm, she will never be idle all her life, she will find all the materials.

Dissolve the blood Demon Stone in her body, and she wants to be a strong one.

Rong LAN looked at her, Qin Chu slightly raised her head, skin white as jade, eyes calm, dress fluttering, like an ancient goddess jade statue, showing a holy and tenacious, as if no one can shake, her decision, her insistence.

"Do you really want to get rid of the blood Demon Stone?"

"If there is something in your body that seals your sword spirit, if the son of a son becomes a waste material, you will be indifferent and do nothing? Are you willing to let this thing control you all your life? " Qin Chu asked with a cold smile.

This is a problem that does not need to be considered at all.

Who would like to be suppressed by a piece of evil for a lifetime.

"I don't seem to do you any good by giving it to you." Rong LAN sighed with emotion and looked at her like a smile. "If the princess wants to get figs, she doesn't have to try it. How about making friends with each other?"

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