Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 27
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"Old man, stop it. She's in pain." Rong Lan's face changed greatly.

Qin Chu's face was extremely pale, and she had good endurance. Even if it was such a sharp pain, she did not cry out. Rong LAN realized something was wrong and drank Shi Yuntian. As soon as Shi Yuntian withdrew energy, Qin Chu's hair was dizzy and her soft belt fell to one side.

Rong Lan was quick and quick to hold her and let her lean in his arms.

The fundus of my eyes is a heartache that I didn't realize.

Qin Chu's heart was blocked in a panic, as if there was something to burst out, anxious, uneasy, and helpless. Ronglan held her gently, as if feeling her anxiety. He patted her on the shoulder, "don't be afraid, there is me."

"What's the matter, old man?"

Shi Yuntian looked at Qin Chu in surprise, quite surprised and muttered to himself, "how can you have this kind of thing in your body?"

"What?" Qin Chu and Rong LAN asked with one voice.

"Blood Demon Stone." Shi Yuntian's face was dignified. He looked at Qin Chu strangely. "As far as I know, blood Demon Stone can only be possessed by the sorcerer, with huge energy."

"I don't know." Qin Chu shook his head blankly, "what's the use of this thing?"

"Blood Demon Stone is a kind of evil substance. It is a kind of magic medicinal material tested. At the same time, it is also a kind of poisonous evil substance. It can damage one's meridians and seal one's sword Qi. The blood Demon Stone in your body can seal your sword Qi, so you can't cultivate it." Shi Yuntian said, tut said, "I also saw the blood Demon Stone for the second time. I thought I was wrong."

"It's been in your body for a few years, and it's a miracle that you're still alive."

Rong Lan's face sank. It was obvious that Qin Chu's loss of talent had something to do with the blood Demon Stone. As he expected, it was a man-made seal. Otherwise, how could she become a waste material overnight.


"It's bad for your health?"

"Since it's an evil thing, blocking the sword Qi will naturally damage the body. The blood Demon Stone will exhaust a person's vitality in a year, and will die. It's a miracle that you are still alive." The old man's face was dignified. "This Houmen courtyard is really terrible. It's so evil to deal with a little girl like you."

Qin Chu said with a faint smile, "they want me to die early. I guess I didn't die. They are also very disappointed. Fortunately, they have become waste materials. Otherwise, they will be dead. Master Shi, what can I do to remove this blood Demon Stone?"

This is what Rong LAN wants to ask.

Shi Yuntian shook his head, "the method is not without, but the material is quite rare, it is not easy to find it."

"What materials do you need?" Rong LAN asked.


Each dragon, looking at the nine steps of fire, said the fire. I have all the other materials. It's hard to find these materials. If you can collect all the other three, I think you can get them. If you can collect them all, I can dissolve the blood Demon Stone in the girl's body. I have just seen it. The girl has cultivated her sword spirit to the master of the sword. When she was ten years old, she was a rare genius. "

Let LAN slightly pick eyebrows?

Ten year old sword master?

Inferior swordsmen and middle class swordsmen are a big step. There are some people with poor talent who have been sword generals all their lives. They can't be promoted to the sword master. Is this girl ten years old the sword master? It's incredible.

Qin Chu is very happy. Can she cultivate sword Qi?

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