Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 26
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The manor covers an area of nearly 1000 square meters, surrounded by birds and flowers. There is also a Begonia in front of the door, which can be said to be a world of paradise. It is incredibly beautiful. There are four guards at the gate of the manor. When they see Rong LAN, one goes in to repay.

"Where is this?"

"You'll find out later."

After a while, the guard came out, "prince, master, please come in."

Rong LAN nodded and took Qin Chu into the manor. The outside was full of birds and flowers, and the manor was full of colorful flowers. All kinds of flowers were blooming, which were incredible and full of vitality.

They went through the garden and came to a small courtyard.

An old man with gray hair and white beard is busy in the yard. In front of a huge blue tripod, he constantly inputs energy into the tripod. A green magic crystal jumps from him and falls into the tripod. It is a magic crystal with eight rank wood attribute.

The cauldron is surrounded by white smoke, like an independent world.

"What is he doing?"

"Refining medicine." Rong Lan said, "he is a sixth level pharmacist."

The sixth level pharmacist has become the most powerful pharmacist. The seventh level pharmacist is the God level pharmacist. Basically, he can refine the resurrection medicine. However, there are not many seventh level pharmacists in the sword God land.

After a while, the old man slowly sat down and breathed a sigh of relief, as if refining medicine to a stage, the forehead is full of sweat, must be exhausted energy.

"I don't know what you're asking for when you visit. Don't embarrass the old man any more." The old man said with a loud voice, which sounded healthy and strong. As soon as he turned around, Qin Chu wiped it in his heart.

Crane hair and childlike face have wood!!!!

His hair was gray and his beard was white, but the old man's face was ruddy and his eyes were clear. He looked very spiritual. He didn't look like an old man at all.

"Old man Shi, I won't embarrass you this time. I promise you that I will cash the eight level magic crystal on time." Rong LAN took a look at Qin Chu, and Qin Chu thought to himself that he wanted magic crystal for this great pharmacist.

"What are you doing? Why, with a little girl? " The old man looked at Qin Chu with interest.

When Qin and Chu Dynasty laughed, he said hello.

Rong Lan said his intention again and pushed Qin Chu forward. Qin Chu turned back and glared at him. The son of a generation laughed evilly and innocently. Standing there, Yushu Linfeng couldn't see the evil intention at all.

"Oh, so you are the third lady of Qin family in legend..." Shi Yun looked at Qin Chu from the sky and said, "I've heard about this for a long time. The sword spirit can't be lost without any reason."

"this girl is quite suitable for my eyes. Come here and I'll show you."

Qin Chu said, "thank you for your help."

She sat on a piece of jade according to Shi Yuntian's request. Shi Yuntian sat opposite her and raised her hands slowly. Qin Chu saw a white soft light enter her body, as if there was a warm force flowing in her body.

It's amazing.

The warm feeling in his body became more and more obvious. It was like a stream of water running from the scalp to the sole of his feet. Qin Chu felt like he was soaking in a hot spring. He had never felt so comfortable. He felt as if he was going to sleep.

Suddenly, the temperature gradually changed, and her body suddenly became hot, like a fire burning from the Dantian place, so hot that she seemed to explode. She resisted the discomfort.

However, the warmth is getting higher and higher. It seems that there are countless sharp blades stabbing their own elixir fields. The pain is incomparable, and the face becomes twisted.

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