Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 25
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How can Qin and Chu be worthy of Ronglan Shizi? It must be her genius who can stand beside Ronglan Shizi. It's absolutely not the waste material of Qin and Chu. It's said that he is a high-level sword master. Such a young high-level sword master is simply a genius.

Rong LAN doesn't want to talk to Qin's mother and daughter. She pulls Qin Chu away. Qin Xue grits her teeth secretly. She remembers Qin Chu.

"Attract bees and butterflies, Goblin!" Qin Chu will not miss the obsession in Qin Xue's eyes. It seems that Rong LAN is really a female killer.

"Who are you talking about?"

"You Qin Chu said without being angry. Rong LAN didn't blame him. He also talked about magic crystal, "you don't cultivate sword Qi. What do you want magic crystal to do? If you really want it, I'll give it to you later. I'll give it to me first. I'm in urgent need. "

"No more!" Qin Chu said impolitely, mind electricity turns, should she ask Rong LAN?

"What does it mean to be gone?"

"Swallowed." Qin Chu vaguely said, "in a word, I can't explain clearly. In a word, you can find it again."

"I really want to strangle you." Rong Lan said, turning to ask, "I can't feel your sword spirit. You certainly haven't cultivated your sword spirit. How did you kill the prince's Warcraft? And hurt the prince? "

"Good luck?"

"Yesterday, the seven level Warcraft chased you, and your movements were very flexible and agile. Qin Chu, what's your secret?"

Qin Chu looked at him, but she couldn't tell Rong Lan that she was agile because of years of training and rebirth. No one would believe that. Fortunately, he didn't know the former Qin Chu. Otherwise, it would be hard to get over the great change of character.

"I'm a waste material!" Qin Chu said faintly. She wanted to cultivate the sword spirit. She realized that her skill was not as good as the sword spirit. It was too powerful. The speed of the sword king was so fast. The higher the level, the stronger the strength.

In this powerful society, if the fist is not hard enough, it will only be swallowed up by people.

She didn't want to be swallowed up.

"Rong LAN, before I was ten years old, I could clearly cultivate sword Qi. Why can't I cultivate sword Qi after I'm ten years old? I want to know why. What can you do?" Qin Chu asked.

In this world, she has no friends.

Rong LAN Chengfu is very deep, but at least she has no malice. She can trust him temporarily.

"I've heard a little about it. It's really weird. What did Qin Xiangke say?" Emerge of itself and perish of itself. Wutong,

, "no, after I lost my talent, I was sent to the Indus garden to die." Qin Chu light said, tone is no sense of resentment, just feel the heart is unwilling.

"If I help you, what will I do for you, future Princess?" Rong LAN looked at her with a smile on her face, which was worth pondering.

Qin Chu looked at him coldly and suddenly gave a brilliant smile. He was innocent and innocent. "It's better to have a genius to help you than a waste material to be a wife. Do you think so?"

Rong Lan's face changed, just like Shura's reincarnation. Her lips pressed tightly, passing a cold color. Qin Chu thought that she touched the scales of Qin and Chu. She finally believed the rumors that Ronglan's son was cruel and cruel.

This momentum, if a little timid people, would have been scared to death.

"Qin Chu, you..." Rong LAN pointed to her and laughed, "very good."

He suddenly seized Qin Chu, mounted his horse and galloped out of the city.

Half an hour later, they stopped in front of a manor.

The manor covers an area of nearly 1000 square meters.

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