Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 24
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"Why give it to you?" Qin Chu suddenly blew a whistle, "since you said it was betrothal gift, the emperor also betrothed me to you. Naturally, it is my thing. If you want to take back the bride price, you can have it. If you want to cancel the engagement, I will give it to you."

Lin Che listened and chuckled, "three young ladies, I was divorced, betrothed, and retired again in one day. Who dares to marry you in the future?"

This is a real farce.

"I don't want to marry anyone." Qin Chu said, she looked up and down at Rong LAN, and suddenly thought of one thing, "I knew that you must be careful, and you will never die well. In fact, you want to revenge me?"

Rong LAN picked her eyebrows. Lin Che's face was strange. She seemed to want to laugh and try to bear it. Her lips were stiff.

"Girl, you think too much." Rong Lan said, Ke wife? He said with a cold smile, "I wanted to clean you up myself. You stole linche's purse and my magic crystal. How should I deal with you?"

"You've cleaned it up, thank you!" Qin Chu looked at him, and the sneer of the corners of her lips made her more like a beautiful woman in ice and snow. "When your fiancee, isn't it the best to clean up?"

"The daughter of the imperial family, who wants to be a princess, can walk around the city gate in line." Rong LAN looked at her, I'm afraid only this girl can avoid it, she is not to refuse to return to welcome, is really disdain.

"Sorry, I hate queuing." Qin Chu replied, just want to say who rare you.

Rong LAN then took the words, "so, I allow you to jump in the queue."


Mrs. Qin and Qin Xue also came out. Mrs. Qin looked at Qin Chu coldly and was about to break out. Rong Lan's eyes were cold. She was so cold that others would not dare to take another look. "Mrs. Qin, Qin Chu is my fiancee. One day I come here on a whim. If I see that my fiancee has been wronged, hum, you know I have a bad temper. If anyone breaks his hands or legs carelessly I'm not to blame

This girl, even if someone wants to clean her up.

Only he can clean it up.

Others want to bully her, dream!

The first lady bit her teeth and held back the anger in her heart. "If the son of heaven says anything, we will treat Qin Chu well."

Rong LAN Shizi is cruel and ruthless. They have heard of him for a long time. He did not show much respect to the emperor when he was just in the hall. The eldest lady was afraid of him. The rumors were too terrible to allow her to be wild.

"That would be the best." It's all satire.

Qin Xue gently moved her lotus steps and beamed with a smile, "Qin Xue has met Ronglan's son, and has heard that he is extremely talented. It is a blessing for Qin Xue to see his son of God because he is a rare genius in a hundred years."

Qin Chu Yi Xiang, not a word.

Rong LAN looked at her, moved her eyes, as if to see her one more eye is a waste of time.

Qin Xue secretly hates that she is the legitimate daughter of the Qin family and has a noble status. No one dares to treat her like this. Even the prince's highness is obedient to her, but Ronglan Shizi ignores her so much. It's really

However, she looked at the general face of Lan Tian Shen, and forbade this tone.

How could he De of Qin and Chu be despised by the crown prince, and was even taken in by Ronglan Shizi.

How can Qin and Chu be worthy of Ronglan Shizi? It must be her genius who can stand beside Ronglan Shizi. It's absolutely not the waste material of Qin and Chu. It's said that he is a high-level sword master. Such a young high-level sword master is simply a genius.

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