Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 23
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Rong LAN knelt down and said in a loud voice, "the Royal grandmother, the emperor, Ronglan and Qin Chu are in love. Now Qin Chu has broken the engagement with the crown prince. Please marry Qin Chu to Rong LAN."

I wipe, who is in love with you?

She tried her best to be free. She didn't want to be tied to another man.

"Rong LAN, Qin Chu and the crown prince have just broken off their engagement. You are invited to marry at this time. Are you afraid that the people will gossip about you?" The emperor said faintly.

"What others say has nothing to do with me." Rong LAN is rebellious and does not care what others say. The more this girl wants to be free, he is not as she wishes.

Lin is embarrassed. I didn't expect that Rong LAN really did.

I thought he would talk about the bride price casually, as long as Rong Jue and Qin Chu broke the engagement. Who knows, he even wanted to marry the crown princess.

Ah, did you forget your wife? Hello.

The emperor's deep and Rui's eyes glanced at the prince.

He didn't want to let Qin Chu go. He knew that the Crown Prince wanted to retire to marry Qin Xue, and a waste material was not qualified to be the crown prince of the Empire. However, he didn't expect that Rong LAN really wanted to marry Qin Chu as the prince's concubine.

Today, things on the main hall will surely spread, and the royal family will surely become a laughing stock.

Whether it is Rong LAN and the crown prince competing for a woman, or Rong LAN picked up the prince's shoes, it is not very pleasant to hear, but the reputation of Rong LAN is certainly Rong LAN, not the prince. Because it was Qin Chuxian who proposed to retire, not the crown prince.

What's more, the women who are betrothed to Rong LAN have no good end. Sooner or later, they are all dead.

The Empress Dowager waved, "emperor, since the two children are in agreement, it's OK."

"Yes, everything follows the mother's will." The emperor said lightly, "I hereby announce that I will betroth Qin Chu to Ronglan Shizi, who will be married at the age of 20."

Thank you

Qin Chumu gaped. Did you forget to ask me the opinions of the client?

Does anyone remember that marriage requires a bride? No one asked the bride for her opinion?

The Empress Dowager looked at them with a kind smile, "three girls, if Lan'er bullies you later, tell the AI family that the AI family will make the decision for you. Of course, whoever bullies you, you can tell Aijia, who will be responsible for your justice. "

"Thank the Empress Dowager With a smile, Qin Chu watched the Empress Dowager leave.

Kneeling Mrs. Qin, heart dark hate, the Empress Dowager's words are simply told her to listen to, the sky is high, the emperor is far away, Qin Chu is in the house, what happened, the Empress Dowager also can't control, Qin family's family affairs are not the Empress Dowager also want to manage.

She wanted to repair Qin Chu, but there were more opportunities.

As soon as he got out of the hall, Qin Chu's eyes were like snow, staring at the face of Rong Lan's demon, and asked angrily, "what do you mean, why do you want to ask the emperor to give her a marriage?"

"You even received my betrothal gift. It's not my loss if you don't ask for marriage." The expression of Rong LAN seems to smile rather than smile. In the eyes of Qin Chu, he is particularly bashful.

"What betrothal gifts? I don't understand what you're talking about? "

Rong Lan's face sank, stretched out his hand and said coldly, "bring it!"

Qin Chu heart know not good, magic crystal was swallowed, she took what to him, she is very simple, "want money not, want a life."

"My magic crystal!" Let LAN eyebrow eye one Li, "wench, I don't joke with you, I need this magic crystal very much."

"Why give it to you?" Qin Chu suddenly blew a whistle, "since you said it was betrothal gift, the emperor also betrothed me to you. Naturally, it is my thing. If you want to take back the bride price, you can have it. If you want to cancel the engagement, I will give it to you."

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