Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 22
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Qin Chu sneered, Rong Jue so slander her reputation, she in addition to disgust, but also disgust, not a bit of male demeanor.

Rong LAN narrowed his eyes dangerously, and his evil face was full of anger. His eyebrows were cold and sharp. He looked at the prince and said in a deep voice, "you make Qin Chu worthless. Even she is such a worthless person, you don't care about you. What are you?"

The prince's demeanor was greatly lost. "When I heard that I was going to retire, the girl couldn't help but jump into the river to commit suicide. Do you think the person she likes is you?"

Rong LAN looks at Qin Chu and raises her eyebrows slightly. She seems to be waiting for her to solve the problem. Qin Chu is a person who knows the current affairs. Although she thinks that Rong LAN is not good at all and is not a good thing, the prince is not a thing.

"Your Highness, there is a misunderstanding about this matter. I didn't hear that you were going to retire and jump into the river. It was foggy that day. I walked along the river, as if someone pushed me, and then I fell into the river." Qin Chu explained, "I often fall into the river. I'll find a girl to ask me. I don't know whether it's my bad luck or whether someone pushes me into the water."

Qin Chu heard about himself from chun'er. The sisters of Qin family pushed themselves into the river from time to time to watch their struggle. No one in the house did not know about it. It was a good explanation.

Mrs. Qin's face changed.

In the heart curse Qin Chu, this dead wench, how dare say this kind of scandal in the hall.

Qin Yue and Qin Yun are in trouble with her. Everyone in the mansion knows that she is a housewife. She always keeps one eye open and one eye closed. Unexpectedly, Qin Chu will speak out in the hall.

She thought that Qin Chu was cowardly. This time, she would be forced to behead without any excuse.

I didn't expect to have the Empress Dowager to support her. Ronglan Shizi also looked at her differently.

The Empress Dowager snorted, "Madam Qin, it seems that many interesting things have happened in the Qin family."

"Back to the empress dowager, this is the Qin Chu export slander, there is no such thing in the house." Mrs. Qin did not dare to talk back to the Empress Dowager. She could only cover it up. The Empress Dowager's heart was like a mirror. How could she believe her.

"If there is such a thing, the AI family will send someone to investigate and find out who is telling the truth and who is lying."

A cold sweat fell from Mrs. Qin's forehead.

"Then why don't you explain?" The prince asked angrily.

Qin Chu facial paralysis like reply, "I explained, Prince, you must think I commit suicide for love, I explain you do not listen."

When did you explain that? The prince roared in his heart.

When things got here, the prince lost all his face.


"Enough, what a farce The emperor, who had never said a word, was not happy in his heart. The prince lost his face. He was not so good on his face. He could only look at rongjue with a grudge of iron and steel.

What's the proper way to make such a fuss about the marriage of these children.

Qin Chu said respectfully, "the empress dowager, the emperor, the prince's Highness has already seen Qin chucheng deeply, and Qin Chu has no intention. His highness, if married, is also a pair of resentment. Please the Empress Dowager make the decision and cancel our marriage."

As soon as the Empress Dowager was about to speak, the emperor cut off, "yes, I hereby declare that the marriage between the crown prince and Qin Chu will be terminated. In the future, the marriage of men and women will be irrelevant."

Rong Jue had thought that he would be very happy after the marriage was terminated.

Who knows, he can't feel a little happy mood.

Only anger!!!

He was even put up by the dead girl Qin Chu. How unreasonable!

Qin Chu Xie en.

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