Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 21
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"It's a knot. What do you ask? It makes me feel like you like me and don't want to cancel the marriage

The prince almost spurted blood out of his mouth.

The emperor had a headache. It was a farce.

The Empress Dowager wholeheartedly wanted to form this marriage. Qin Chu said in a hurry, "to tell you the truth, the empress dowager, the prince likes his sister. The one he really wants to marry is his sister. Qin Chu also has his own heart and doesn't like his royal highness. So please ask the Empress Dowager to complete the marriage and cancel it."

The Empress Dowager's eyes swept towards Qin Xue. Qin Xue, who was originally shy, felt cold in her heart and lowered her head in a hurry.

As soon as the crown prince heard that she had her own feelings, he gave a cold smile, "you have to have a limit when you lie. What kind of heart belongs to? If you run after me from small to large, you will like others?"

Qin Chu would like to kick him to death. If he wanted to cancel the marriage, how could he not cooperate?

I'm not afraid of opponents like gods, but afraid of teammates like pigs!

"She really has her own family. She has even accepted the bride price of her son." A gorgeous voice was introduced into the hall, and Ronglan Shizi came slowly. The robe and jade belt were just like gods. In the backlight, they were just like gods. They were not as beautiful as mortals.

What a monster.

How do women live when men grow up like this?


What is the betrothal gift of this son of the world???

What does that mean?

Rong LAN saluted the emperor and the Empress Dowager and looked at Qin and Chu with tender eyes.

Qin Chu's goose bumps were all over his body, and he fell all over the ground.

This That's disgusting. Hello.

When such a monster looks at you with such eyes, I'm afraid everyone will indulge in it, eye killer.

"Lan'er..." When the Empress Dowager saw Rong LAN, she laughed more kindly. Her grandparents and grandchildren were very affectionate, and Ronglan was very respectful to her.

Qin Chu would like to put his mouth on his mouth. He just said that he had something to belong to. He just dug a huge hole for himself. He really knew a stupid word. What does Rong LAN mean?

Qin Xue was stunned.

This is Ronglan Shizi?

Although she was in the imperial capital, she was also the first to see the true face of Ronglan Shizi.

In the rumor, Rong LAN Shizi is cruel and ruthless. She doesn't like Rong LAN Shizi at all.

In her heart, no one can compare with the prince.

I didn't expect that Ronglan Shizi was such an immortal.

It made her heart beat.

How did Qin Chu know Ronglan Shizi?

"Grandmother, the crown prince loves the eldest daughter of the Qin family. ChuChu has loved his son for a long time. They don't want to marry themselves. Why do you have to be a matchmaker? Besides, ChuChu has accepted my betrothal gift." Rong Lan said slowly, with a gentle tone, between his eyebrows and eyes, he looked at Qin Chu with a spoiled face.

I'll wipe it. I'll clean it up from left to right. What are you going to do? You don't feel sick.

What do you mean I've loved you for a long time?

I only learned yesterday that there is a person like you. I have known you for less than 12 hours.

No matter how roaring in her heart, her face was always paralyzed.

"Rong LAN, when did you know Qin Chu? She was my fiancee. When did you love you? She hasn't even seen you. Don't be so amorous. Besides, you can pick up the old shoes I don't want, and you don't feel like you've lost your identity. "

"Prince!" The Empress Dowager was very angry. What kind of nonsense did he say?

Qin Chu sneered, Rong Jue so slander her reputation, she in addition to disgust, but also disgust, not a bit of male demeanor.

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