Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 20
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"Empress mother, this is..." The emperor knew that the Empress Dowager was very grateful to Qin and Chu. She always believed that the birth of Qin and Chu saved her life. She also listened to the words of witches, saying that Qin and Chu were blessed people and won the world.

It's just a joke.

If the genius of Qin and Chu is another matter, now she is just waste material.

"The emperor's grandmother..." Rong Jue was not reconciled to it. He didn't expect that this incident would disturb the imperial grandmother again.

The Empress Dowager looked at him and shook her head, "you are not young. Don't be so impolite. Three girls are your wife who has not passed through the door. How can you be so mischievous?"

"I want to..."

"Empress dowager, three wenches have something to reply to." Qin Chu interrupted the prince's words with a smile. "I have too many contradictions with the prince. My royal highness is not a good match for Qin Chu. I have doubts about whether he can be a conscientious husband and ask the emperor and the Empress Dowager to cancel the marriage."

"Qin Chu, you..." Rong Jue was angry and Qin Chu canceled the marriage. What kind of asshole did he have to be a conscientious husband? how absurd!!!!!

The queen mother of course can see that the prince wants to cancel the marriage.

It's just that she doesn't want them to cancel the marriage.

At that time, when Qin Chu was born, the wizard predicted that there were women in the Qin family, who were gifted with extraordinary talent. Those who got her would win the world.

That's why she made the marriage.

Now the power of the aristocratic family is becoming more and more powerful, and they don't pay attention to the royal family. The royal family also has to fear three points. She also hopes that Qin Chu can change this state and how willing to cancel the marriage.

"Three girls, I know that the crown prince is reckless and hurt your heart. I have heard about your affairs. The prodigal son will not change his money when he comes back. As long as you get along well with the prince, you will find that he is a good child and a good husband, and give him a chance." "The Empress Dowager said," I think you are not young. It's better to choose a lucky day and do the marriage. "

"Queen's grandmother!"

"Empress Dowager!"

Qin Chu didn't expect the situation to turn quickly. They were so anxious that they wanted to break the engagement. Instead, the Empress Dowager would tie them together?

Not only are they worried, but Qin Xue is also worried.

She secretly hated Qin and Chu, for what reason Qin Chu took advantage of it.

It is clear that she is the future Princess.


Lin Che thought to herself, why hasn't Rong LAN come yet? If she doesn't come, she will be granted to the prince.

Of course, this girl was also allowed to the prince.

The emperor saw that they were not willing to. He said, "the mother, the two children are not willing to. In my opinion, the marriage will be over, and it will not be sweet if you try to make a fight."

Rong Jue was stuck in a cramp at this time. She pointed to Qin Chu and asked, "Qin Chu, you dead girl, chasing after me every day like a little tail. Who would like to marry me immediately? I heard that I was going to cancel the marriage and jump into the river. What's your dissatisfaction with me now?"

The Empress Dowager's face sank. He asked kindly?

Qin Chu is also very incredible, this is typical, I can not you, but do not allow you not to my idea?

"In the past, when I was young, I was blind and looked at the wrong person. When there was no one who was not sensible, his royal highness suddenly felt that Qin Chuqian was so good that he didn't want to cancel the marriage?"

"You are cunning and vicious. What's so good about you

"It's a knot. What do you ask? It makes me feel like you like me and don't want to cancel the marriage

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