Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 2
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Qin Chu stepped on the old Mammy's chest and looked at Qin Yun fiercely.

Point to the women.

"I'll reward you to join us!"

Her face is domineering and sharp. She is not the third miss of Qin family who was cowardly in the past.

Qin Yun opened his eyes, and his face turned white with fear When do you become a warrior, you little bitch, you wait, you wait, I will come back and kill you... "

She ran back and ran out of the yard.

Qin Chu sneered and kicked the mammy on the ground, "get out of here, don't dirty my place."

The two old mothers rolled away from the yard.

"Small, small Miss... " Chuner's face is not dry, kneeling without any reaction.

Qin Chu a smile, pull up the little girl, "OK, don't kneel, I'm hungry, can you get some food?"

"Yes, yes..." Chun'er, like a chicken pecking at rice, hastily brings out the plate inside. A bowl of white rice and two vegetables do not look very delicious. Qin Chu's eyes light up.

Even though the food is not delicious, it can at least fill the stomach.

"Chun'er, tell me what's going on here."

This is the land of sword God, a world of sword spirit.

There are two empires in Jianshen continent, one is Donglin Empire, the other is Xuanyuan empire.

She was a commoner daughter of the Prime Minister of Qin in the Donglin empire.

When she was born, auspicious clouds fell from the sky and dragons and Phoenix danced. It was the cold winter season. Peach blossom blossomed all over the city overnight. The Empress Dowager was critically ill, but she was very active overnight.

The emperor believed that she was the goddess of heaven.

So he betrothed her to Prince rongjue.

When she was four years old, she was gifted by psychic tests. She was a rare talent for hundreds of years. Although she was a commoner, her status in the family was higher than that of a legitimate young lady. She was adored by thousands of people.

Unexpectedly, when she was ten years old, she had a serious illness, which was very dangerous. After her recovery, her talent disappeared and she could no longer cultivate sword Qi.

's position was plummeted and was rushed to Wutong court.

Several young ladies of the Qin family always enjoy bullying her. Every once in a while they will make trouble for Qin Chu, bully Qin Chu and get beaten up.

The prince and the eldest son of the Qin family are close friends. They often come to the prime minister's office. He is very handsome and is also a rare talent. He is called the hope of the Empire. At first sight, Qin Chu fell in love with him. Who knows that she went to see the Prince secretly that day in the garden, but she heard the prince say, how can such a mediocre Qin Chu deserve the crown prince.

The person he really wanted to marry was Qin Xue, the eldest daughter of the Qin family. He told Qin Xue to go back and propose to marry Qin Xue instead. The Empire did not allow such a mediocre Prince and concubine.

He hated Qin Chu, who always followed him with a small tail. He was also disgusted with the fact that he was ridiculed for having such a prince.

Unable to bear humiliation, Qin Chu jumped into the river to seek his death.

"What a fool." Qin Chu listened to the whole story with a cold smile. It was really sad and ridiculous to seek life and death for a man. She looked at her wrist. There were a lot of scars on it, such as those stabbed by needles.

The body is also very uncomfortable, she thought, before Qin Chu, life must be difficult.

Her eyes light a cold, mediocre is it?

In twenty-one years, her wisdom stands at the peak of human beings, how can she lose to the people in this world.

She wanted to see who was mediocre!

The sword God in mainland China is respected for its sword spirit.

The cultivation of sword Qi can be divided into nine stages and three stages, namely, the inferior level (swordsman, swordsman, sword general), middle level (sword master, sword master, sword king) and top grade (sword emperor, sword Zun and sword sage)

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