Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 19
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"The emperor is wise, and the evil girl is so bold that she killed the demon pet she was meant to give to the emperor. There is no such rebellious daughter in Qin family. I ask the emperor to give her a death to make up for her fault."

On the main hall, there were ministers who agreed to kill Qin Chu.

The emperor nodded, "Qin Chu, do you have an explanation?"

Qin Chu said, "after Qin Chu was seriously ill, he couldn't cultivate his sword spirit. He was timid. His highness sent out a flame wolf and wanted to kill Qin Chu's life. Qin Chu tried to protect himself and killed the fire wolf by mistake. As for the prince's injury, it had nothing to do with me. He wanted to kill me with his sword. I had no strength to bind a chicken. How can I hurt him?"

"Nonsense, it's you who hurt me. I don't know..."

"Prince, don't make any noise in the hall. Pay attention to your tone." The emperor was displeased and said that he was very unhappy with the prince's gaffe. The prince dared not dare to speak. He glared at Qin Chu and was very unwilling.

The emperor said, "Qin Chu, all the people present can prove that you hurt your royal highness."

"I am a common woman. They are all the people of the prince. Naturally, what the prince says is what he says." Qin Chu sneered.

"The prince anger way," this palace can return to hurt oneself not to become? "

"When the prince saw the flame wolf die, he would attack his heart and hurt himself. How could I hurt his highness, who is already the king of swords, if I could hurt his highness, the prince's highness would be in vain." Qin Chu fought against the general.

Mrs. Qin suddenly raised her hand and slapped Qin Chu in the face. "Bastard, who will allow you to say so, your highness?"

Qin Chu was slapped, and her cheek instantly turned red. Her eyes shrank and her murderous spirit swept away. She was so big that no one dared to beat her. She remembered that she would give her back ten times in the future.

"Father emperor, Qin Chu matter, son minister did not make false report." Rong Jue said, "please tell my father."

Suddenly someone reported, "the Empress Dowager has arrived!"

All the people looked at the gate of the hall. The emperor also got up to greet him and saluted the ministers.

"Mother, how did you come to the hall?"

"I heard that the Qin family escorted Qin Chu to the upper hall to plead guilty, and came to have a look. The AI family has not seen the three girls of the Qin family for many years." The Empress Dowager's voice is very kind, Qin Chu secretly looked at it.

The Empress Dowager looks very young and well maintained. Her skin does not have any old people's laxity. Her hair is black. Her royal clothes make her noble and charming. It can be seen that she was a beautiful woman when she was young, which is easy to make people feel good for her.

"These are the three girls. They are all graceful and graceful." The crown prince said with a smile and helped her up. Qin Chu was very grateful. Kneeling like this, it was really uncomfortable. The Empress Dowager squeezed her hand with a smile, "well, it's really beautiful. It's as water-saving as it used to be."

"Mrs. Qin, in this hall, you make a lot of moves. Do you think this is Qin's residence?" The Empress Dowager's tone was cold. Looking at Mrs. Qin's eyes as sharp as a blade, anyone could see the traces on Qin Chu's face.

"What the Empress Dowager taught is that the courtiers and wives are guilty!"

The Empress Dowager hummed and looked at Qin Chu with a smile.

"Three girls to the empress dowager, Empress Dowager and younger, more and more beautiful." Qin Chu smiles sweetly. She looks cute and cute. Her mouth is like honey. Her smile is pure and bright like a girl.

The Empress Dowager was very happy to see her teeth but not her eyes.

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