Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 18
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Outside the Jinluan hall.

She was escorted and couldn't move. It was in the early dynasty that people were coming and going outside the Jinluan hall. Lin Che was surprised to see the escorted Qin Chu. I wiped her. Just as he wanted to check who the girl was today, he saw the lady of the Qin family kneeling outside the Jinluan hall.

Is this girl brave enough to steal Rong LAN and steal it to Qin family?

Wrong, even if you steal it to the Qin family's house, you don't need to work so hard, right?

He grabbed a man and asked, "who is Mrs. Qin's escort?"

"It is said that it is the third miss of the Qin family. She injured his royal highness and was escorted to the hall by Mrs Qin to plead guilty."

Lynch almost dropped his eyes again.

Qin Chu? Chu and Qin? Wipe, it turns out that she is the third miss of Qin family, the legendary waste material, the future Princess? Recently, it was all about her in the capital. First, the Prince wanted to retire. She couldn't bear to be humiliated and jumped into the river to commit suicide.

The crown prince was punished by the Empress Dowager to think over his mistakes.

Then she killed the prince's Warcraft and hurt his highness.

Yesterday he and Rong Lan said this gossip, Rong Lan said, such a stupid woman can do such a thing? Most of them are dogs jumping over the wall in a hurry. Their tone is totally disdainful. They have heard the story of the third miss before. It is said that it is the prince's little tail and has been following the prince humbly.

Although Lin Che had never met the third Miss Qin, he had heard of her infatuated name. He thought that there must be something wrong with this. The girl whose face was paralyzed yesterday didn't look like the third Miss Qin in the rumor.

He has to find someone to inform Rong LAN.

If there is no important thing, it will not appear in the Jinluan palace.

The girl must be in a bad mood when she is taken over.

Mrs. Qin escorted the maid of Qin's house to the palace. She had to wait for the early Dynasty to go to the hall. There was nothing wrong in the early Dynasty today, and it was over in a short time. It was said that the lady Qin and the two young ladies of the Qin family went to the hall.

Mrs. Qin escorts Qin Chu into the Jinluan palace, and Qin Xue follows behind.

Jinluan hall is resplendent, which is much more magnificent than the one she saw on TV.

At the age of 40, the emperor was high and high, with the dignity and nobility of the superior. The momentum of not being angry but powerful was frightening. Mrs. Qin knelt down to salute, and Qin Chu was also knelt down by her.

Rong Jue's face was so ugly that she thought that she could finally breathe out today and see where the girl could go.

She killed her favorite Warcraft, which he couldn't swallow.

"Is she Qin Chu?"

"Back to the emperor, it's the evil girl." Mrs. Qin replied.

"Look up and have a look." The emperor said, Qin Chu raised his head and looked directly at the emperor.

It was so far away that she couldn't see what the emperor meant. However, Qin Chu could feel that the Emperor didn't like her. He only heard the emperor say, "Madam Qin, fighting among children is harmless. Don't take it seriously. The prince is also at fault. Let's forget it."

Qin Chu picked her eyebrows. She was so lucky that she escaped.

The crown prince Rong Jue said, "my father, my son's ministers got a batch of level Four Warcraft in the forest of Warcraft last month, and they were regarded as magic pets. Although they are only level Four Warcraft, the flame wolf is rare and can be promoted to the level nine Warcraft in time. The son minister wanted to offer it to his father, but he was stabbed to death by Qin Chu

Qin Chu sneered at this.

It's ridiculous.

If you don't give it to the emperor, or at night you don't give it to the emperor. But after he killed him, he said it was for the emperor's pet?

"The emperor is wise, and the evil girl is so bold that she killed the demon pet she was meant to give to the emperor. There is no such rebellious daughter in Qin family. I ask the emperor to give her a death to make up for her fault."

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