Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 17
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"Otherwise, how do you think I got the money? Don't worry. He doesn't seem to be short of money at all. He will be robbing the rich and helping the poor." Qin Chu smiles and takes out the eight order magic crystal from her arms. This is what she touches from Rong LAN.

When Rong LAN held her up to fight with the white tiger, she touched it.

She doesn't know much about the use of magic crystal. She only knows that it is a very good medicine refining material and trial material. She has no idea how good it is. Since everyone is fighting for something, it must be a good thing.

"Eight order magic crystal, miss, you also stole it?"

"Yes." Qin Chu threw it away and laughed brightly. It seemed to others that it was a treasure. She should be a plaything.

Spring son pharyngeal saliva, "this if let a person know..."

"No one knows."

She threw a few times, suddenly felt a little hot in her chest. She was looking down and saw the eight step magic crystal whizzing into her chest. Chun'er also saw it. Qin Chu pulled out the jade pendant.

"Did you swallow it?" It's almost a yes.

Just now she also felt a little hot in her chest. Then, the white tiger chased her and bit her. Was it the pendant that was making trouble.

"Hey, spit it out for me." Qin Chu knocked the jade pendant, "it's not easy for me to steal it."

Jade pendant has no reaction at all.

"Chun'er, do you know what this is about?"

"I don't know." Chun'er is also very confused, miss, this pendant is very strange, "is it space?"


"It's Miss's space, which can store a lot of things, but it won't receive things quietly. I don't understand."

Qin Chu asked, "if it's really my space, how can I use it?"

"It's said that people who can cultivate sword spirit have space. With the advancement, the space is becoming larger and larger. Of course, there is also some auxiliary space. Let's say space rings, bracelets and so on." Chun'er said, "it may be a jade pendant in space, but chun'er doesn't know how to open it. Chun'er is an ordinary person, and she doesn't know how to open it

"It's just that you can't use the space because you don't have a sword spirit."

Qin Chu was so depressed that he finally stole an eight level magic crystal and wanted to change some money. As a result, he was swallowed.

She held the jade pendant and murmured to herself, "what are you really?"

Yu Diao wall voice: you are the thing, you are the thing, you are the thing.


Chun'er said, "it's late, miss. I'll take care of you and have a rest. When the master comes back, he may punish you."

Qin Chu remembered that she hurt the prince.

She sneered, "maybe tomorrow someone will punish me."

As expected by Qin Chu, someone came to escort her out at dawn. The nurses of the Qin family were basically inferior swordsmen, and there was a high-level sword master. Qin Chu is no match at all. Outside the Qin family residence, the eldest lady is standing coldly. This is the first time Qin Chu has seen her.

As she thought, it didn't look like a nice woman.

Qin Xue frowned at her, "third sister, it's too big for you to hurt the prince. In order to protect the Qin family, you can only sacrifice you. You are so I'm not obedient. "

The big lady sneered, "a little bitch is just dead, no one cares, and she said so much what to do, take her away."

Before Qin Chu could speak, he was pressed onto the carriage.

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