Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 16
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Lin Che laughs and pulls his lips. Rong LAN feels that the girl is more and more interesting. Just about to pick her chin, it seems that it has become a habitual action. Qin Chu quickly takes a step back, "son of a bitch, please respect yourself!"

"Who just hugged me and hugged me, now tell me self-respect?"

"Special circumstances and special treatment. If the son of a generation has another similar act, I will regard it as molestation." Qin Chu facial paralysis said, aiming at the escape route, she really can't stay, "there are entrance guard at home, mountains do not meet, water meet, see you later."

As soon as she turned around, Rong LAN swished again and quickly moved to her.

Qin Chu was angry and wiped. This ability was really against the sky. She also wanted to cultivate sword Qi. She was as fast as a rocket. She thought she was fast enough. Who knows, compared with Rong LAN, she can't see enough.

"What's your name?"

"Can I get out of here after I say the name?"


"Chu and Qin." Qin Chu said, decisively run, not for a while to hide in the night.

"It's a miracle. When a woman sees you, she looks like a bee and sees a flower. How can she think about how to run? Still running so fast. " Lynch said, touching his chin. "This little girl is so cute. I'll check where she lives."

"As smooth as a fish." Rong LAN evaluation, think of Qin Chu's words, can't help but smile, Lin Che was very surprised, "Rong LAN, you smile?"

"What's so strange about my smile?"

"Yes, it's not uncommon for people to laugh, but for people who have not laughed once in seven or eight years, it's very strange that you smile. It seems that I'll find out who this girl is." Lin Che solemnly said, "my purse is missing. His grandmother's still has 100000 taels of silver."

"Wait, this girl..." Between the electric light and the flint, he suddenly remembered some pictures. His mouth widened, and Ronglan touched his chest. His face became extremely ugly and heavy as hell.

His face was cold and fierce, and his whole body was grim.

It seems that the whole space is full of the murderous spirit of the aristocratic son.

Linche swallows saliva, uneasy, "magic crystal, you did not receive the space?"

Finished, this girl is really a god man, conveniently touched his purse, but also touched the eight order magic crystal of Rong LAN?

He can steal from Rong LAN.

Where does this girl come from?

"Check it for me! This dead girl, I definitely have to deal with her Rong LAN twisted his face and gnawed his teeth.

Qin Chu avoided the escort, went through the wall and entered the gate, and slipped all the way to the Wutong garden. Chun was waiting for her in a frightened battle. She saw her coming back. Thank God, Qin Chu threw a purse and whistled in the wind.

"Miss, you're back at last." Chun'er said excitedly, "fortunately, the second and fourth Miss didn't come to trouble you."

Qin Chu a smile, "hard spring son."

"Miss, you are in a good mood."

"Of course, we have money." Qin Chu throws the money bag to chun'er. When chun'er opens it, she can see that there are some silver and gold besides the silver coins. The number of silver coins makes her eyes open.

"100000 10... " Chun'er's hands tremble with excitement, so much money? She had never seen so much money. "Miss, where did you get it?"

She had a bad feeling.

"Stolen." Qin chufeng light cloud light, facial paralysis like reply, very calm.

"Steal Steal? "

"Otherwise, how do you think I got the money? Don't worry. He doesn't seem to be short of money at all. He will be robbing the rich and helping the poor." Qin Chu smiles and takes out the eight order magic crystal from her arms. This is what she touches from Rong LAN.

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