Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 15
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"Believe it or not, I'll throw you away for the night?" Rong LAN makes a move to throw her in the past. Qin Chu holds him in his arms the next second, and is determined to die together. Lin Che thinks that it is a miracle that Rong LAN didn't kick the girl to death.

"Men and women give and take."

"I've ignored your gender when you look like this." Qin Chu replied, Rong Lan was most afraid of people saying his appearance. He raised his hand and wanted to beat the small bean curd to death. The white tiger suddenly roared and jumped up, and the huge paw snapped down.

That meat Huhu than a washbasin also beat claws down, Qin Chu is really counselled, resolutely holding the Rong LAN not to release.

The faint fragrance penetrated into the nose tip of Rong LAN.

He wanted to kick the girl away, but he thought it was a pity to let her die like this. He held her up and avoided the fierce attack of the white tiger. For the first time, Qin Chu realized what flying is.

It is more than ten meters high. If you look down, everything is small.

With a wave of Ronglan's sword, the sword spirit turned into a long dragon, attacking only the white tiger. As soon as the white tiger avoided, the long dragon turned into countless sharp arrows, surrounded him in all directions, and a sharp arrow penetrated the white tiger's leg.

"White tiger!" With a roar, situ Zhuo rushed up and stopped the white tiger. He glared at Rong LAN.

Rong Lan's sword spirit has become fierce again.

As soon as Qin chugang landed, he wanted to escape. Rong LAN grabbed him with one hand and clasped it beside him. He didn't look at Qin Chu. He said faintly, "I'm not interested in your white tiger. Situ Zhuo, this is the capital of the emperor. You'd better restrain yourself."

It's a joke for a most presumptuous person to let others be restrained.

Situ Zhuo angrily took the white tiger away. The white tiger was injured, but his eyes looked at Qin Chu. He didn't know if it was an illusion. Qin Chu felt that he didn't want to hurt himself. Did she misunderstand something?

However, such a huge Warcraft so chase, and can't speak, who will think it will hurt themselves.

As soon as situ Zhuo left, the world of Warcraft square also returned to calm.

Qin Chu decisively patted down Rong Lan's hand and solemnly said, "men and women give and receive, please don't touch me."

Lin is embarrassed. Isn't this what Rong LAN just said?

"Didn't you say that my appearance made you ignore my gender?" Let LAN ring chest, look at her like a smile, this girl a face paralysis, when talking, really have a kind of lovely can't say.

Qin Chu looked up and down at him and said faintly, "your flat chest makes me face your gender suddenly."

Rong LAN

Lin Che, "..."

Come on, your chest is flat, OK?

Lincher said, "Hello, little girl, what's your name?"

Looking at her simple dress, she is not like the children of the aristocratic family. She should have come from a very poor background and didn't feel any fluctuation of sword spirit. She seems to be an ordinary woman, but her actions just now are very neat, clean and agile.

"It's not appropriate to ask a girl's name by chance, isn't it?" Qin Chu turned around and wanted to go. He didn't see how Rong LAN moved. Others had blocked her in front of her. Qin Chu bumped into his chest.


It's hard.

She touched her nose and looked at Rong LAN angrily. What happened to the Buddha?

Can't she afford to hide?

"Why did the white tiger attack you?" Rong LAN asked, but also a little confused.

Qin Chu tilted his head to think, "I love everyone, tiger jealous."

Rong LAN

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