Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 14
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"Stop for me Qin Chu couldn't escape. He was so tired that he couldn't stand up. He pointed to Rong LAN and said, "brother tiger, your enemy is standing there laughing at you. You should go and swallow him up. What are you doing after me?"

She is nothing but to watch a play and steal the local tyrant's purse. Why is she so unlucky.

Rong LAN picked eyebrows and looked at Qin Chu with a smile.

The white tiger turned his head and looked at the Rong LAN, and suddenly rushed over again. The expression that I was about to bite you to death was very fierce and unstoppable.

Qin Chu was in a hurry. He jumped to Ronglan's side. He could not recall the white tiger. Lin Che was surprised to see him rush down again.

All people are very surprised, why white tiger chasing Qin Chu bite.

"Let go Rong LAN cold eyebrows and eyes, looking at grasping his own white hands, Qin Chu dead grasp him, eyes than he is still cold, "not loose, this is your trouble, you solve it."

Rong LAN narrowed his eyes and looked at her hand coldly. Qin Chu suddenly remembered the rumor that he had just heard. If he touched him, his hand would be chopped off. Would her hand be cut off in an instant?

"Girl, you are not afraid that I will kill you?" Rong LAN asked with a smile, with a bit of cold and banter, people seem to be not terrible at all, but a chilling sense of crisis.

Qin Chu stretched out another hand, sharp and decisive, "you chop it, chop it, then solve it."

Rong LAN is in a good mood. He has never seen such a funny girl, and no one dares to be so close to him. When a woman sees his face, she is infatuated with an idiot's face, but this little girl is not amazing at all.

No one was afraid of his threat.

The girl is not afraid.


He picked up Qin Chu's chin with his long finger and looked at her face with interest. Not far away, linche's eyes would fall down. Ronglan even took the initiative to touch a woman? And in such a frivolous way???

Hello, she looks like a little bean curd with incomplete development.

Son of God, you beast, destroy the seedlings.

Hello, Hello, let go of that girl, Mo you!!!

"Well, good looking." Rong LAN evaluated four words, you know, every day in front of his peerless face, can get the son's evaluation, looks good, that is absolutely true looks good.

Qin Chu is really good-looking, white skin than snow, Phoenix eyes cherry lips, smile, there is a small pear vortex, absolutely is a beauty embryo.

The white tiger looked at him, as if he was afraid of Rong LAN. He didn't come up to bite her. Qin Chu settled down in his heart and shook off Rong Lan's hand, showing a malicious smile. "I heard that Shizi Ke his wife, please don't have any impure ideas to me. I still want to live a hundred years."

Rong Lan's face was distorted instantly.

Linche chuckled.

I wipe, this little girl is so brave, you have wood!!!!

He has never seen such a funny girl.

That small face, serious tone said, son of a son, please don't have any idea to me.

That tone seems to be still saying, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight, so insipid, does the little girl know who she is talking to? Does she know that the son of the world can crush her with one finger?

Oh, this is definitely the most interesting sentence he has ever heard. Look at Rong Lan's expression, it's amazing.

Rong LAN felt that he had such a moment and wanted to crush the little girl to death.

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