Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 13
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The giant white tiger of Warcraft leaps up and attacks Ronglan. The attack power of the seventh level Warcraft is very powerful, fast and explosive. The attack power of a seven level Warcraft is similar to that of a high-level sword king.

The whole world of Warcraft square was in chaos.

The strong fight, the victims must be the innocent weak. All the people who sell things in the world of Warcraft square are people with some skills, but they are not strong ones. They make a mess by the pressure they create.

The whole square was in chaos.

One man and one tiger duel madly. Rong Lan's sword Qi is waving. The invisible sword Qi is like a long dragon rolling with a white tiger. The white tiger is not willing to be outdone. He avoids the sword Qi and moves very sensitively. He suddenly pounces on Rong Jue, and the blood basin opens his mouth. If he wants to swallow him, he will be swallowed.

With a cold smile, Rong LAN suddenly flew up and chopped off the long sword. The domineering spirit of the sword was slashed at the white tiger. The white tiger was frightened and rushed out. Qin Chu hit Lin Che in a panic.

Lin Che pays attention to Rong Lan's engagement with white tiger, but he doesn't notice Qin and Chu.

Qin Chu had a good eye and a quick hand, and took the money bag from him.

This is a local tyrant.

Local tyrants must be friends. They should be friends in a special way. She has long been interested in linche's purse.

Just when Lynch paid, she noticed that there were many silver tickets in the bag, more than 30000.

Therefore, taking advantage of Rong LAN and white tiger, she deliberately approached linche.

It took no effort.

Qin and Chu are the products of the national talent plan. They were trained as special soldiers and served the country since childhood. On the surface, they were brilliant and positive, but in private they were proficient in various kinds of sneaking tricks.

On one occasion, she accompanied the state leader to Russia on a mission, and the Russian Prime Minister carried a top secret telegram.

Qin Chu touched the telegram between handshakes, flashed back two minutes, finished reading, and completely put it back on the premier.

Later, he returned his anger to the Lord. If he was a little careless, he would cause serious diplomatic problems.

Qin Chu is a rogue. What does that matter? Don't you want to know the content?

The chairman was angry and helpless.

Seeing the white tiger rush towards them, linche flies out. Qin Chu is stunned. She didn't expect that the purse has just arrived, and the white tiger is also in front of her. She quickly puts the money bag away and rolls on the ground, avoiding the white tiger.

Originally, the white tiger and Rong LAN fight, inadvertently rushed over, Qin Chu has evaded the attack, who knew that the white tiger even chased Qin Chu, the huge claws fell from the sky, this should be photographed her, may be able to pat her meat mud.

I had a wipe.

Brother tiger, you are wrong with your partner.

Qin Chu didn't have time to think about it. His petite body quickly avoided the attack of the tiger, which was much faster than the speed of the fourth level Warcraft. Qin Chu felt hard to avoid twice. In addition, his body had no physical strength and was very tired and panting.

"White tiger!" Situ Zhuo Nu, what is his Warcraft doing? Why attack an ordinary girl.


Rong LAN takes time to watch the opera, watching Qin Chu scurrying to and fro, thinking in his heart that this little bean curd is really agile.

In front of the giant tiger several meters high, Qin Chu is indeed a small bean curd.

The white tiger turned a deaf ear and chased Qin Chu to bite.

Qin Chunu, this beast must belong to the linche family. It must be the traitor of the linche family in situ's family. Otherwise, how could she chase her and beat her when she stole linche's purse

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