Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 12
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"Last year, when the grand general held a banquet, a dancer offended his son and was stabbed to death by him on the spot

"The girls of shizifu said that if anyone accidentally touched the son, he would be taken off his head."

"The most terrifying thing is that the empress has ordered a marriage for him to hold a wedding ceremony. As a result, she died without any reason. Later, she chose several other concubines, and all of them died inexplicably."

"My God, heaven is jealous of talents. Will the son of heaven never get a wife?"


The strength of the masses is strong, so is the Bagua.

Basically, Qin and Chu have understood where Ronglan is sacred.

Royal blood, beautiful, cold, arrogant, rare wizard, well, wife, hard life.

Most importantly, the prince's nemesis.

"Linche, don't think I'm afraid of you if I move out of the world. Hand over the eight level magic crystal quickly, or I'll let you look good." Si Tu Chu interrupted the uproar of the crowd. No matter who wants the magic crystal, he must take it away today.

"As I said, this is the magic crystal that Ronglan Shizi wants."

"Don't talk about Ronglan Shizi. Even if it's what the emperor wants, I'll take it today. If you don't know the phase again, don't blame me for being ruthless." In his anger, situ Chu did not believe what Lin Che said.

"What a big voice!" A gorgeous voice fell from the sky, and a man's sword flew in. His body was spinning in the air, and his ink hair was flying. Slowly, he came and landed on the opposite side of situ Zhuo.

A purple robe, face like jade, a pair of Phoenix eyes cold sharp, high nose, thin lips tightly closed, covered with a group of cold sharp, have to say, too evil. And not a bit of Niang gas, just like rumors, beautiful, cold, cruel nature. He stood with his hands on his back. The world of Warcraft square was as important as a deity. His eyebrows were filled with a trace of impatience and disdain. His momentum was astonishing, and his actions were arrogant.

Rong LAN Shizi.

There was a whisper in the crowd.

Most of them are from a place.

He rarely appeared in the public, and most of the rumors heard were just rumors. Few people had seen the real face of Ronglan Shizi.

Qin Chu side of the women, eyes are full of love bubbles.

Qin and Chu also had a moment of astonishment.

Of course, beauty is always amazing.


The eighth order magic crystal emerged from Lin Che's space and fell in his hand's heart. He asked with a smile, "brother situ, do you want any more?"

"Shizi, this magic crystal is very important to me. I'm in the important stage of breaking through the five grade pharmacist. I need a magic crystal with fire attribute. I'll give you a favor from the medicine King villa." Situ Zhuo said in a deep voice that he was not afraid of Rong LAN, and his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant.

I think we need this magic crystal very much.

Let LAN thin lips rise, evil and cold, "what do you do with me?"

Si Tu's anger, "Rong LAN, don't bully people too much!"

"Such a rare magic crystal, who gets it first, is whose. You need it, and others need it too. It's strange that you come too late." Let LAN Leng hum, eyebrows a pressure, murderous spirit has been out.

"If you can win me, I can think about it."

When he raised his hand, the eighth order magic crystal had already fallen into his hand. Situ Zhuo bit his teeth and said, "white tiger, grab the magic crystal!"

The giant white tiger of Warcraft leaps up and attacks Ronglan. The attack power of the seventh level Warcraft is very powerful, fast and explosive. The attack power of a seven level Warcraft is similar to that of a high-level sword king.

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