Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 11
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"Brother situ, you are a little late. I have bought this magic crystal." The prince said lightly. Qin Chu saw that the magic crystal in his hand was gone. When he hid in his space, he opened the fan, which made him feel like a jade tree facing the wind.

He is not afraid of yaowangzhuang.


That's one of the four great families.

The pharmacist is one of the most popular professions. Even the swordsman also needs pills. There are many kinds of pills. There are many kinds of pills, such as instantly strengthening one's weapon attack, instantly strengthening one's body, and various life-saving pills.

Every swordsman can not get advanced without the help of pills.

"Linche, don't fight against the people in yaowangzhuang. You can't afford it." Situ Zhuo's eyes were as sharp as a knife edge, with a kind of strength that must be obtained, "hand over the magic crystal!"

"Why, can't you do it hard?" Lynch sneered.

"I don't rob you. I'll give you 40000 yuan. You give me the crystal." Situ Zhuo said coldly, "I need an eight level magic crystal with fire attribute."

"You need it, and I need it. If you want to, please go to the auction house. Where can you see that I need to live on your 40000 yuan?" Lynch was sarcastic and didn't care.

It does not mean that everyone is afraid of yaowangzhuang.

"Lynch, you don't have to toast or not to eat or to be punished!" Situ Zhuo was very angry, and his sharp eyebrows were stained with a trace of fright. "No one dares to rob what I want from Yaowang villa."

Lin Che sneered, "let LAN Shizi want things, the emperor did not dare to rob."

The flame on situ Zhuo's body suddenly dropped some, "Rong LAN?"

Lin Che looked at him as if he was watching a play, "why, do you dare to rob him?"

Qin and Chu didn't have a good view of Rong. Chun'er said that most of the descendants of aristocratic families were arrogant and arrogant, and they didn't pay attention to the royal family. The royal family was also afraid of them, and the situ family was the most powerful.

Situ Zhuo is a man who can't be arrogant. When he hears Rong Lan's name, he hesitates. Who is Rong LAN?

"Elder sister, who is Rong LAN?" Qin Chu asked the woman next to him.

She chose a very inappropriate time. Although the voice of her question was not loud, she ignored the people present. Many of them practiced swordsmanship and their hearing was not bad. In addition, the atmosphere was tense, so there was no sound. Everyone heard Qin Chu's words.

He looked at Qin and Chu with equal eyes.

Lin Che, in particular, carries out the name of Rong LAN to frighten situ Chu. The other side is afraid of it. However, some people even tear down the stage and ask, who is Rong LAN? Linche has eaten her heart, so do not give face, you are looking for death?

He has a vivid expression on his face that you rolled out of which gully?

"Rong LAN is the only son of Zhennan king, a rare genius in the land of Shenjian. Now he is a high-level sword king." The woman's face with admiration, "rumor, Rong LAN Shizi is the best man in the world. I've just come to the imperial capital, and I haven't been honored to meet Rong LAN Shizi."

"It is said that Ronglan Shizi is moody and cold-blooded. When the maid who serves him in his house cooks the wrong tea, he is cut off by Ronglan Shizi."

"I have also heard that Ronglan Shizi is rebellious and does not pay attention to the prince. The Empress Dowager especially dotes on Ronglan. Therefore, he does whatever he wants in the palace without fear. Even the emperor has nothing to do with it."

"Last year, when the grand general held a banquet, a dancer offended his son and was stabbed to death by him on the spot

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