Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 10
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However, these low-level materials, pills and so on, some pharmacists and trial practitioners who are too low-level can't use too high-level medicine refining materials and articles, and some swordsmen can't use too high-level multicolored stones and swords.

The auction house is a place for the strong to go and find some more advanced materials and articles.

Relatively speaking, most people prefer the brilliance of Warcraft. Things are cheap. If you are an experimenter, you can convert low-level materials into high-level materials, so they are very popular.

"There are eight levels of magic crystal for sale today. Who wants the price?" Suddenly, a peddler attracted the attention of Qin Chu. The peddler was an old man.

It's not just Qin Chu, it's the idea of everyone.

Eight level magic crystal, that is the best.

Qin Chu was also a little excited. Nine level Warcraft is the most advanced Warcraft. Generally, no one would be willing to kill them and obtain their magic crystal because they were very rare.

These Warcraft have high ability, high lethality, and are the best combat effectiveness.

The strong are willing to tame these Warcraft, sign contracts, rather than kill them.

This is the reason why there are so many people in Warcraft square. Occasionally, there will be some surprises in Warcraft square. If you want to go to the auction house to auction goods, you should get on well with the owner of the auction house, or your things must be very precious, otherwise, you don't know when you can turn to you.

Some people are in urgent need of money and may auction some personal items in Warcraft square.

The price is much cheaper than at the auction house.

Because auction houses are all local tyrants.

If a local tyrant wants something, he will try his best to shoot it up.

Naturally, the price will be high.

Qin Chu also came close to it. It was an octagonal magic crystal with red color. There was a faint halo around it. It looked very beautiful. Some people have bid up to 1000 Liang, and the price keeps going up. The bottom price of such an auction house is about 5000 yuan.

The price swished, and soon it went up to 10000.

Qin Chu was just a spectator, not to mention ten thousand. She didn't have one or two.

It's just, she wants it.

Just heard from them, the eighth order magic crystal with fire property is very rare. Magic crystal is a very good material, which can be integrated into medicinal materials, and can also be integrated into the furnace as casting and trial materials.

Finally, the eighth order crystal was bought by 30000.

The buyer is a young man with a royal robe and jade belt. He has a lot of followers around him. He is a middle-level sword king. His age seems to be no more than 18 years old. He is already a strong man with such accomplishments.

"Wait, I'll give you forty thousand." Another voice sounded, and a man in Xuanyi came riding a Warcraft. It was a seven level Warcraft. It was a giant tiger two meters tall with huge claws. It looked fierce and powerful.

The local tyrants came, Qin Chu thought.

The man in black on the tiger is about 20 years old. He is tall, with stiff features, thick eyebrows and big eyes. He is a bit fierce. He doesn't seem to be a good person to get along with.

"It's the young master of Yaowang village..."

"Who dares to rob with the people of yaowangzhuang?"


Qin Chu Tiao Mei, Yao Wang Zhuang, is the family of pharmacists. Magic crystal is a rare material for pharmacists, especially high-level magic crystal.

"Brother situ, you are a little late. I have bought this magic crystal." The prince said lightly. Qin Chu saw that the magic crystal in his hand was gone. When he hid in his space, he opened the fan, which made him feel like a jade tree facing the wind.

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