Soul-swapping:Imperial concubine rebirth

Chapter 1
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Qin Chu had a headache to crack, and there was a rotten smell in the air.

She frowned and her body was heavy. She was naturally alert and opened her eyes. A cold light flashed through her pupils. She was very surprised.

This is an antique room. Although it is poorly decorated, it can be seen that it is definitely not what modern society should have. There are carved beds, light blue curtains, and quilts embroidered with plum flowers.

There is a fragrance of peach blossom in the air.

"Miss, you wake up at last. You are scared to death." When she saw Qin Chu wake up, she rushed to the bedside and cried. She was wearing a light blue Luo skirt, her hair was pulled up, and a wooden hairpin was inserted. She was about 15 or 16 years old.

"Who are you?"

"Miss, miss, what's the matter with you? I'm chun'er... " Little girl tears cluster down, Miss jump river suicide, pick up a life, but the person is stupid?

Qin and Chu finally responded.

She crossed?

She is one of the most outstanding special forces in the 21st century and an important member of the national talent program. She remembers that she was working with her teammates in Russia's deep-water port. She was calculated by drug lords and her ship exploded. Before she lost consciousness, she seemed to remember that she fell into the water.

Did she come back from the dead and cross it?

She quickly calmed down and comforted the crying girl, "chun'er, don't cry. I don't remember anything. Can you tell me what happened?"

Just as chun'er was about to speak, Qin Chu heard a series of disorderly footsteps.

When you hear this bitch, I will die soon. It's too small for me

Chun'er grabs Qin Chu's sleeve with fright, thinking that her young lady will suffer again.

Qin Chu coldly smiles, bitch?

In the 21st century, she is the favorite of everyone in the palm of the hand, is a national treasure level talent, no one dares to say a slut to her.


There are seven or eight people in the yard, two old mothers and three girls. They are wearing a light blue Luo skirt. The color is more bright than that of spring. There are also copper pearls. A woman in a pink Luo skirt is surrounded by the stars.

He is about 15 or 16 years old. He has white skin, and his hair is combed into the most popular hairstyle nowadays. He wears pink pearls, satin skirt and light yarn. He is exquisite and elegant, and looks very beautiful, but his speech is extremely hard to hear.

She pointed to Qin Chu, "little bitch, you are really alive. You look like a dog at ordinary times. I didn't expect that you would dare to make such a ridiculous thing. Your father's face has been ruined."

"You beat this little bitch hard for me!"

The two old mothers were so fierce that they wanted to catch Qin Chu. Chun'er knelt down and kowtowed. "Miss four, please don't hit my miss. She just woke up Ah, miss... "

Chun'er was pleading for Qin Chu with tears in his eyes, and his mouth suddenly opened into a 0-shaped shape.

Then I heard the shrieks of the two old mothers killing pigs.

Qin Chu a beautiful over the shoulder fall, two weight at least 150 old mammy fell to the ground.

One of them took out a sharp long needle to stab Qin Chu's leg. Qin Chu's eyes flashed sharply and suddenly turned over, kicking her wrist and throwing the needle out.

Qin Chu stepped on the old Mammy's chest and looked at Qin Yun fiercely.

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