Soul of Negary

Chapter 175: Vol2 Ch73: Come at me, all of you
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Chapter 175: Vol2 Ch73: Come at me, all of you

〖 How... interesting! 〗

Standing in the middle of the battle zone, Negary observed the Disaster King of [War] who had a visibly excited expression on his face; Seven who was the Disaster King of [Continental Sinking] shielding Fang Ze who was the Disaster King of [Asteroid Impact]; while also staying wary of the [Temporal Displacement] Disaster King hiding in the shadows.

Counting Lan Shan who held [Super Plague] that was standing behind Negary, there were a total of 5 Disaster Kings here, if Negary’s [Otherworld Invasion] was taken into consideration as well, that would be 6 Disaster Kings.

At this point, Negary thoroughly understood the irritation of the villains he saw in his previous life. They clearly had numerous chances to kill off the main protagonist, but would always get tied up in one way or another. Even if they went through great efforts in order to kill the protagonist, as long as the job wasn’t thoroughly enough, they could even be resurrected.

〖 But, so what? 〗

Finally, Negary displayed a bit of emotion on his face, a smile of ecstasy, to be exact. If the variable introduced was too insignificant, where would be the fun in domination?

〖 So what if they’re openly cheating? So what if the odds are against me? So what if ‘destiny’ had decided it all? Being able to slowly grasp everything in the palm of my hand, thoroughly dominating it all despite the odds, only that would truly make me feel ecstatic!! 〗

Negary started to stretch, causing the germs all over his body to constantly morph and transform as he declared to the group: 〖 Come at me, all of you. You must buy Fang Ze enough time, otherwise, I will be able to kill him at any time I wish during this period 〗

Fang Ze clutched his chest, his face warped in frustration.

Since when did I, a Disaster King, become an obstruction that held my allies back?

“It’s been a long time since I got a good work out, you’re an opponent that’s worth me fighting at my full power” the bald man spun the axe in his hand, his expression slowly turning to ecstasy as well: “My name is Alkman”

He had no trouble cooperating with Seven in this fight, he was the Disaster King of [War], not the Disaster King of ‘fair fight’.

The Disaster King of [War] was actually born during the previous era, despite him looking to be around 40 years old, he was actually over a 100 right now. Over 100 years ago, it was during World War II that he obtained his Authority of [War].

At the time, Disaster Authorities had only just started coming into the public eye, which meant that besides [Solar Storm], he was the oldest Disaster King.

Unfortunately, after World War II, there hadn’t been any large-scale wars in this world, only small skirmishes and political strains.

It had been a very long time since he had last fully unleashed his Disasforce and lost himself in all-out combat.

Seven was suppressing her nausea, putting her Disasforce under control bit by bit, trying her best not to recall the carnage of the Yue Bu earthquake.

Negary smirked and headed straight for Seven.

Although Seven being a Disaster King was outside of Negary’s expectations, the construction of her personality model was still one of his works in progress. The fact that she was a Disaster King was nothing but another variable, while her strength remained the weakest of everyone here.

Great power must be under the control of a similarly great mind to be truly meaningful, otherwise, a man who wielded the power of God himself would still be nothing but a mortal.

Seven’s mind and mentality might not be weak, but the trauma of the Yue Bu earthquake had caused her to hide her Authority for over 10 years, barely ever using it. Without practical experience, even if her foundation was sturdy and she understood the theory behind everything, she was still far inferior compared to Fang Ze when it came to fighting as a Disaster King, let alone Alkman who became a Disaster King through fighting in war.

And in a battle, it was common sense to strike where the enemy was weakest, after all, who wouldn’t pick the softest persimmon in the yard?

However, before Negary even reached Seven, that hateful axe came flying over again.

This was originally just a normal axe, but ever since Alkman became a Disaster King, it had been bathing in his Disasforce through his every waking moment.

The Disasforce derived from the [War] Authority had many properties, one of which was ‘weaponry’, using this property and Alkman’s expert control over Disasforce, he gradually forged this normal axe into a Disasforce weapon.

Although he wasn’t a practitioner of Spiritual Inception, he had access to his overwhelming combat talents and the information from the Yue Bu ruins. Through trial and error, he eventually managed to release his [Origin] through this axe, at the same time turning it into the supernatural weapon it was today.

After over a hundred years of companionship, the axe had practically become a part of Alkman’s body, allowing him to make it fly back to his hand even from a distance.

The Disasforce infused within it was also quite terrifying, even Negary didn’t want to be struck directly by this weapon. An attack of this level was already enough to break through his Soul Armor and harm his real soul.

As for Fang Ze’s attack earlier, that was nothing but his arrogance, how could a newly acquired attack possibly reach, let alone destroy Negary’s soul?

Through his deduction, Negary assumed that the original script wanted Fang Ze to borrow Lan Shan’s power to defeat him. But now that Lan Shan belonged to Negary, the only way for the script to return to its original plotline was for Fang Ze to somehow obtain a soul-related ability.

Because of this, Negary had already prepared a countermeasure against a soul-based attack; which was created from a combination of the Royas Kingdom’s supernatural technology of Ancestral Armor and his own secondary soul technology – the Soul Armor.

The secondary soul would be forged into a layer of defense attached to the outermost layer of the soul; this layer of defense would produce a constant interference force capable of defending against soul-based attacks. Even if Fang Ze actually managed to destroy this Soul Armor, Negary would be able to use the time gap to transfer his soul through the connection of the Soul’s Blood germs.

The germs in Negary’s fingers started to mutate, several bone blades shot from his wrist to strike against the flying axe. As their Disasforce clashed, Negary’s body rolled forward, raising the bone blade in his hand into the range of sunlight.

The miniature mirror structure of the bone blade gathered the sunlight, then reflected it straight into Seven’s eyes. The bright gleam caused her to instinctively close her eyes and turn away, which caused a brief but clear lapse in her focus.

As if he travelled with the light itself, Negary’s figure appeared illusory before arriving in front of Seven, plunging his hand towards her. He wanted to take advantage of this brief moment of lapsed focus where she couldn’t fully control Disasforce to kill her.

Just in the nick of time, a hand filled with blisters reached out, covered in Disasforce as it lightly caught Negary’s bone blade.

Alkman heavily grunted, transferring some sort of power through the bone blade into Negary’s body. Affected by this, Negary seemed to lose control of his body briefly as Alkman’s other hand threw a punch straight at him.

Detaching the bone blade from his hand, Negary twisted his body in a way that was impossible for humans to do, making Alkman’s punch and wrist barely miss his neck. Borrowing the power of that twisting motion, one of Negary’s hands slashed towards Alkman’s neck like a blade.

At the same time, another bone blade grew back to replace the detached one, focusing the sunlight into a dazzling beam that shined on Alkman’s eyes.

However, Alkman was a soldier that had lived for over 100 years, not a rookie fighter like Seven. Even as he closed his eyes, he unhesitatingly focused Disasforce in his hand and pushed forward in retaliation.

Negary’s twisting body straightened again as he showed clear ecstasy on his face, the beam of light reflected off the bone blade in his arm as several holes started to appear on parts of his body, big enough that wind could flow through them.

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