Soul of Negary

Chapter 174: Vol2 Ch72: Again and again
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Chapter 174: Vol2 Ch72: Again and again

The property of Negary’s Disasforce was ‘invasive’, borrowing the short time period when his sword pierced through Fang Ze, Negary infused his own Disasforce into Fang Ze’s body, which was now madly ravaging him like the worst kind of virus imaginable.

“Why? Why!?” Fang Ze was feeling frustrated. He had clearly gotten so much stronger, his strength had clearly surpassed Negary, his skills and techniques had also been explosively refined and surpassed numerous people in this world, and yet he still couldn’t win against Negary.

At first, Negary chose to use a human body to fight against Fang Ze, then proceeded to only act and fight as a human would. Because of this, when Negary abruptly changed his method of attack, Fang Ze who had fallen for his psychological trick simply couldn’t react in time.

Even though Fang Ze’s strength had surpassed Negary, as long as Negary had grasped all possible variables, as long as Fang Ze hadn’t surpassed the upper limit of strength and reached a point where he could completely overpower Negary, Negary could guide him step-by-step towards the outcome of defeat.

Negary wasn’t in the mood to explain this to Fang Ze, to tell him about his psychological tricks and knowledge. There was no need for him to flaunt or brag about these matters, as victory was the best proof of their effectiveness.

“Seven!” Chang Xia had constantly been paying attention to the situation on Fang Ze’s side, so he couldn’t help but reveal the hidden card at this point in time.

“I know” Seven pursed her lips and took a deep breath, after which an immense Disasforce fluctuation surged from her body.

When Yu Guang Ming’s Authority went out of control, after he was killed by Chang Xia, the Authority of [Continental Sinking] had already been born, the one inheriting it being Seven. It was also because she obtained this Authority that she managed to survive the earthquake.

However, due to the trauma in her heart, Seven had an aversion to using her own Authority, barely using even the Disasforce with the ‘vibration’ property that came with it.

Having noticed that the situation was changing, Noah immediately retreated and took distance, but Seven who had revealed her identity didn’t have the mind to care about Noah either.

Because even as Negary noticed Seven’s Disasforce surging, he didn’t stop his advance in the slightest, he simply focused Disasforce in his palm and continued rushing towards Fang Ze. In Fang Ze’s current state, his uncontrolled Disasforce couldn’t possibly defend against Negary’s attack.

Negary actually didn’t take into account that Seven would be the Disaster King of [Continental Sinking], after all, there were so many survivors of the Yue Bu earthquake, anyone could have inherited [Continental Sinking], but so what?

Should he have felt shocked after learning this fact, shout out loud ‘Impossible!’ and stop his advance? Leading to them reinforcing Fang Ze in time and ending up in his defeat? Negary wasn’t one of the idiots whose minds were affected by the [Protagonist Aura].

The Disasforce in Negary’s hand was focused more than ever, the nails on his fingers were made from a unique strain of metal-eating germs that had been fed and nurtured with a unique metal alloy; this type of germs was now capable of breaking through any type of special metal alloy.

No hesitation, no mercy, no emotions, Negary’s hand simply pierced through Fang Ze’s head, the Disasforce surged and caused Fang Ze’s head to explode. With an immense explosion of Disasforce, a crimson star became visible above the atmosphere as it descended onto the planet.

Liu Shi and He Qiao screamed in disbelief, after which they were swiftly eliminated by Killer J.

Negary simply watched as Seven rushed towards him while maintaining absolute calmness, not a hint of joy of killing the protagonist could be seen on his face.

And then all of a sudden, the sound of a clock ticking resounded in his ears.

His surroundings became illusory and faint, if Negary’s own property of ‘error’ hadn’t been improved recently, he might have not noticed this at all.

Opening his eyes again, Negary found Fang Ze still alive, clutching his own chest while trying everything he could to expel Negary’s invasive Disasforce from his body. Seven had just revealed her own Disasforce while rushing at him, both Liu Shi and He Qiao were alive and well, fighting against Killer J.

And he had also been reverted to where he stood a few seconds ago, the Disasforce still being gathered in his palm.

〖 So, it’s not going to be that easy, huh? 〗

Negary wasn’t furious, nor did he feel the need to be so. After all, could a protagonist who couldn’t revive once or twice before they were killed actually be called a protagonist at all?

Wasn’t it perfectly normal for a protagonist to have experts appearing out of nowhere to help him resolve a battle he couldn’t win? Negary had already assumed that such things would happen.

Not once had he forgotten, without counting himself with [Otherworld Invasion], there were a total of 10 of these so-called Disaster Kings.

And among Disaster Kings, only Fang Ze was relatively active. The Disaster King of [Continental Sinking], Seven, refused to utilize her Authority up until just now due to personal reasons; and the Disaster King of [Super Plague], Lan Shan, had been persuaded by Negary to be on his side.

There were still seven other Disaster Kings: [Heaven Collapse], [Solar Storm], [War], [Planetary Core’s Shift], [Great Flood], [Order Collapse], and [Temporal Displacement].

〖 This sensation, then as I had thought, [Temporal Displacement] had already been born? 〗

As if nothing had happened at all, Negary continued rushing towards Fang Ze, if there weren’t any new variables introduced, Negary would still manage to kill Fang Ze.

So what if time had been displaced? If he wasn’t dead after being killed once then Negary could simply do it again. For him who had grasped the formula, killing Fang Ze was essentially the same as solving a mathematical puzzle; having solved it once, he would be able to solve it an infinite amount of times.

Furthermore, Negary was sure that this kind of Authority couldn’t be utilized again and again without paying a heavy price. If the other party could really play around with time as they pleased, then it didn’t matter what he did.

The number of variables a person had was limited, and for Negary who held perfect grasp over the majority of Fang Ze’s variables, Fang Ze’s life and death was completely under his control!

An axe spun as it flew in from afar, just in place to block Negary’s path.

Being obstructed like this, if he forcefully faced this axe that had Disasforce drifting around it, he wouldn’t have the leisure to also face Seven who was rushing towards him from behind.

Without regret or unwillingness, Negary immediately gave up on what was a certain kill and turned around to clash against Seven’s quaking Disasforce with his own Disasforce. Borrowing the power of the impact, he leapt backwards, just enough to attack Fang Ze again.

Only to see the axe changing directions in the air, once again making its way to accurately cut into Negary’s leaping trajectory.

Using the air as a foothold, Negary surged Disasforce from his feet to change his trajectory and landed at another location. While Seven had arrived to shield Fang Ze, a muscular bald man in a military coat showed up, wielding the obstructing axe from before.

Negary’s attention was mostly focused on the bald man. Both his physique and skin color suggested that he was a foreigner; he was extraordinarily buff, his muscles bulging full of power, the gruff beard on his face increased the sense of aggressiveness he gave off, while his reflective bald head had clearly put a unique tattoo on display.

His appearance was such that you would never forget him as long as you saw him once.

The bald man’s Disasforce was clearly roiling, any observer could almost see visible flowing blood, fire, death and murder that it gave off, it was Disasforce with a considerably complex property. From his Disasforce fluctuation as well as its properties, this man’s identity could be inferred.

Disaster King, [War].

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