Soul of Negary

Chapter 173: Vol2 Ch71: Explosive growth
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Chapter 173: Vol2 Ch71: Explosive growth

“Fish Leong[1], it was definitely Fish Leong” on the other side of the battle zone, Killer J stopped spinning and casually replied to Noah’s question, causing everyone’s eyebrows to knit further.

Chang Xia pulled his long blade back, stood a bit further away to observe Noah, then turned his gaze towards Lan Shan who stood outside the battlefield.

“Is that girl Disaster King Black Death? Why is she on the same side as Wang Yuan, was she brainwashed?” Chang Xia’s expression was grim, not only was Negary powerful, he also had that nearly unlimited regeneration ability.

Fang Ze’s attack earlier completely shattered Negary, but it didn’t affect Negary’s main body at all.

If we use our hidden cards, it probably wouldn’t be hard to defeat Negary, but capturing him, or even taking control of him would be extremely improbable.

After all, in order to quickly end this nearly world-wide Great Cataclysm, we need Negary’s cooperation, or at least Disaster King Black Death’s help.

As he glanced at Negary who still exuded a critical sense of charm with every movement, a thought flashed through his mind.

Even if we use our hidden cards, can we actually defeat this person... this monster?


Negary didn’t care to think about the various random thoughts of others, he simply continued closing the distance with Fang Ze while wielding his sword. Fang Ze’s chaotic Disasforce clearly showed just how anxious he was on the inside.

“I became a Disaster King, but I’ve never given up on training myself. After going through such training, I will definitely not lose against a monster like you!” Fang Ze looked up, ignoring the blood that trickled down from his forehead: “For the sake of those suffering from this calamity, I will triumph against you!”

〖 His personality model changed again 〗

Negary’s eyes flickered, updating the data regarding Fang Ze’s personality model in his mind. As long as the data continued to be infallible, everything Fang Ze would or would not attempt to do was completely within Negary’s grasp.

Simply put, the equation of the human being called Fang Ze had already been solved. Negary knew exactly which change in variable input would result in what kind of output, and the only variable at this point was the [Protagonist Aura].

This thing would constantly change Fang Ze’s personality model, which made him unpredictable. But after Negary had constructed a model for the [Protagonist Aura] to a certain degree as well, he once again fully grasped all of Fang Ze’s possible changes in his hand. This was essentially turning two single-variable equations into one multivariable equation.

Of course, in reality, this type of personality model formula was a lot more complicated than that, as there was so much that one had to keep track of.

“I will definitely, definitely defeat you!” Fang Ze’s fighting spirit surged again, becoming even greater than his previous peak stage, then charged at Negary with his fist enveloped in a terrifying layer of Disasforce.

〖 Hahaha! 〗Negary laughed and avoided Fang Ze’s attack. He then held his sword forward, grabbed the tip of the sword with his other hand, then snapped it. The blade of the sword shattered into countless fragments, heading straight towards Fang Ze who couldn’t put up his guard in time.

In the blink of an eye, Fang Ze shifted to Liu Shi’s Authority, causing the broken fragments to miss his body and not interfere with his advance towards Negary, skillfully displaying his prowess as a fighter, no longer the amateur from before.

As the sword fragments stabbed into the cement road, they were still vibrating, as if the fragments still had some sort of connection to one another.

Finally, Negary was feeling a bit of pressure while fighting against Fang Ze, especially when his powers exceeded Negary’s own. Glancing at the unknown flickering light in Fang Ze’s eyes, Negary focused his thoughts.

〖 This unnatural rate of growth should also be a basic part of a protagonist’s treatment, huh? 〗

It hadn’t been even 3 months since Fang Ze obtained his supernatural powers, no matter how talented he was, even if he constantly trained himself day by day without rest, his combat skills could only grow to be decent at most. And yet after his first battle with Negary, his combat capabilities had practically skyrocketed.

After receiving that mark on his forehead and making a chuunibyou-type speech, his close combat skills went through another rapid growth, surpassing even grandmasters who meticulously trained themselves for several decades, improving by leaps and bounds at a time.

All sorts of close combat experience and understanding were fluidly flowing through Fang Ze’s mind and body. He was once again using a new application of his [Origin] ability through the connection he formed within the illusory domain. It was the same ability of borrowing power, except the ‘power’ this time was their combat experiences and skills.

The skills of thousands, ten thousands of survivors were currently being imbued into Fang Ze’s muscles, the majority of them were just regular civilians, but there were also many martial arts practitioners and enthusiasts, as well as retired and active military people, after all, these kinds of people were more likely to survive in an apocalyptic setting than not.

Over a hundred types of traditional and non-traditional fighting styles were being borrowed by Fang Ze, they were both practical and impractical, but they were being borrowed all the same. Fang Ze quickly adapted to each and every one of them, absorbing the parts that were truly usable and changing them to fit his own needs, incorporating them into his own style.

Every part of his body: his fist, forearm, elbow, knee, and feet all became the strongest possible weapon imbued with his Disasforce; the high temperature property was perfectly utilized in every strike.

Fang Ze’s kicks and punches started to carry flames of extreme temperatures, each of his movements warped the air, causing the trajectory of his strikes to become even more uncertain and unpredictable.

As their fists clashed, their Disasforce also crashed into one another, resulting in thunderous explosions. His sense of hearing had practically become useless, Fang Ze’s eyes greatly dilated, his body tightened, the Disasforce on his hand warped and twisted as he abruptly threw a punch.

The air itself seemed to be burning up, the waves of heat struck towards Negary and the layer of Disasforce protecting his body. Fang Ze’s Disasforce had been stimulated to its very limits, seemingly melting through Negary’s Disasforce with its power.

As Negary endured the heat wave, a large hole opened up on its own accord right in his chest, allowing Fang Ze’s fist to pass through. Seizing this opening, Negary moved forward and struck the side of Fang Ze’s head with his elbow.

Disasforce protection wasn’t perfect, especially when their Disasforce was of similar power, it was impossible to fully defend against every blow. The strike caused Fang Ze to feel considerable discomfort as there was a constant ringing by his ears and a wet sensation around his nose, most likely a nosebleed.

Fang Ze’s body tilted backwards and instinctively retreated one step to regain his balance. He crossed both arms in front of himself and focused Disasforce around them in order to guard against Negary’s follow up attack. Only to see that Negary threw a single punch, then opened up his fist and pulled back.

The scattered sword fragments on the ground abruptly took flight, stabbing through Fang Ze’s back, some particularly large fragments even poked out through his chest.

The abrupt pain caused Fang Ze’s mental focus to falter, but he wasn’t a simple mob. Recognizing the dangerous situation, he forced his mind to retain clarity and jumped back, utilizing the [Pothole] Authority at the same time to cause the ground under Negary’s feet to sink and prevented him from pursuing.

Fang Ze then pounded his own chest to send the sword fragments flying, once again changing the property of his Disasforce to He Qiao’s ability and used the vitality of plants to heal his wounds.

However, this injury wasn’t the same as the scratch on his forehead earlier, as a kind of foreign power had already begun to madly ravage inside his body.

[1] Fish Leong is a Malaysian singer who’s really popular in China with many mainstream love songs

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