Soaring the Heavens

Chapter 531 Becoming an Employee?
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Right as he made it back to the tavern, Miao Yi snuck his way back into the storeroom, shut the door and windows, then lay down on his wooden bed with hands placed behind his head in absolute joy.

’Oh damn! To think such a fortunate thing would actually happen. Someone is actually willing to pay for me to stay and cultivate in Tempest Tavern, where no manner of cultivator would dare wreak havoc in! This is practically safer than staying in Raincloud Manor!’ Moreover, in order to help him properly focused on his mission, Granny Tao had even promised Miao Yi that she would ensure Raincloud Manor’s safety in his absence. Now that he had income coming in from both sides, why shouldn’t he be happy?

As for the matter of keeping tabs on Yun Zhiqiu... That woman spent most of her time in her own room anyway. Wouldn’t he be keeping an eye on her already by cultivating in the storeroom beneath her cabin?

Currently, the most distressing issue to Miao Yi was how he should resolve the peephole up on the ceiling. This was a grave matter. Once this matter was dealt with, Miao Yi would be able to focus on his cultivation in peace. He firmly believed that he did not have the fetish of peeping in on someone else’s wife.

That being said, how could he resolve the current situation without letting the other party catch on to his plan? This was the crux of the issue. Now that he was planning to stay here for a while, even if he would be eventually switched to a different room, he still needed to come up with a way to seal up the gap in the ceiling properly. Otherwise, someone was bound to find out about it eventually, and when that happened, the Lady Boss would definitely suspect him of something.

’Should I patch up the empty layer from down here? Wouldn’t that look like I’m hiding something then? The Lady Boss will be able to tell that something’s up the second she steps in here.’

After mulling it over again and again, Miao Yi believed that the best option he had was to just find an opportunity to destroy the ceiling completely. No one would notice anything amiss once it was repaired. That being said, how should he destroy it without arousing any suspicion? This was something he needed some time to think over.

An Zhengfeng stayed true to his word and got back to Miao Yi within three days, just as he promised. On the second day itself, the white-robed person found a way to come into contact with Miao Yi. As they were eating in the dining hall, he stuffed a storage ring into the Miao Yi’s hand.

Back in his room, Miao Yi took out a Glorious Star Immortal Herb from the storage ring and chuckled to himself. There was another stalk at his disposal now. He then quickly tucked it away.

After which, he took out an armor artifact, imbued it with his energy signature to establish himself as its owner, then activated it with his transcendence energy. Plumes of black fog quickly surrounded him, and the sound of metal clanking could be heard as he took a couple steps forward. As his whole figure became enveloped in a crimson light, he hastily looked up at the ceiling, afraid that someone would notice the red flashing glow. He was worried that the Lady Boss would soon return from her drinking session over at the rooftop and notice what he was doing in his room. As such, he hurriedly tucked the armor artifact away.

’I’m rich!’ Miao Yi was ecstatic. As soon as he could return home, he would sell off this armor artifact and procure himself some materials for Yao Ruoxian to refine an even better one for him.

He then sat down cross-legged on his bed, tossed an Orb of Will into his mouth and began his cultivation...

In the blink of an eye, almost a month had passed. However, the rowdiness of Flowing Clouds Dune Sea didn’t subside in the least. In contrast, it seemed as though it was becoming even more hectic instead, with battles happening every single day. There was talk of people from the Yao Nation and Ghost Nation coming to a disagreement because of some unknown reason, which soon erupted in a major battle. Many had perished from both sides.

The more chaotic Flowing Clouds Dune Sea was, the rowdier the Tempest Tavern became. The cook and the others became so busy that they no longer had time to harass Miao Yi. They would only occasionally bump into him whenever they needed to take something from the storeroom which they didn’t often use. And whenever they saw Miao Yi cultivating quietly, they didn’t try to bother him either.

To Miao Yi, the excruciatingly long month was almost reaching its end, and the charges would soon double. As such, he went to the counter ahead of time to pay up.

"I’ll be staying for another month." Miao Yi took out a storage ring and placed it on the counter. He was talking to the scholar using voice transmission.

Currently, there were plenty of people walking around the main hall. It would not be wise to lay a large pile of money out in the open.

"Wow!" As he leaned over the counter, the scholar smiled back and transmitted his voice over. "It looks like someone isn’t planning to leave so soon!"

"You guys should be happy I’m here to bring you more profit!"

"Since you’re not planning to leave anytime soon... and seeing as how we’re old acquaintances, why don’t I offer you a proposition to save some money and stay here for free? Interested?"

Miao Yi felt a little suspicious about this offer. "Save money? Stay for free? How can there be such a good offer? Tell me more."

"We’ve already talked it over with the Lady Boss a few days ago. Judging by the state of things around here, what with the Netherdragon Ship showing up, it’s likely that the chaos in Flowing Clouds Dune Sea won’t be subsiding anytime soon. You’ve seen it for yourself as well. The tavern is incomparably busy. Considering how our relationship isn’t so bad, we’ve suggested to the Lady Boss to take you in and have you do some work around the tavern."

"What are you saying?"

The scholar said blankly, "You’ll work in the tavern as an employee."

"Who are you kidding? It’s not like you guys don’t know about my background. How can I possibly work as an employee in the tavern?"

"You can just think of it as if we’re completely clueless about you. You’ll be free to go whenever you please. No one will force you to stay. If someday you find that you don’t want to continue with the job anymore, you can just leave. The salary for employees here in Tempest Tavern isn’t any worse off than your Manor Head’s income; you’ll get ten Orbs of Will a day. Come on! There’s no place safer for you than the tavern. Furthermore, if you do your job well, your salary might get increased too. At most, you’ll only have to bear with the harsh living conditions. How about it? Will you think it over?" freewebn(o)

Miao Yi turned back to look at the rowdy bunch drinking and chatting behind him. The tavern’s employees were so busy they barely had any time to catch a breath. If he really were to work here, he wouldn’t have any time to cultivate at all. He quickly turned back to the scholar and declined, "Thanks for the offer, but I don’t like working as an employee. I much prefer being an extravagant spendthrift."

"So you want to be a spendthrift, I see!" The scholar chuckled, pushing the storage ring on the counter back to Miao Yi. "Then I’m sorry, but as a respectful business, we can’t allow such an esteemed customer like yourself to continue staying in the storeroom. Master Niu Er, please take your leave after today."

"Innkeeper, stop messing around. It’s not like I’m skimping on payments. Aren’t we old acquaintances? Help a brother out."

"It really isn’t right for us to have a guest stay in the storeroom for such an extended period of time. If word gets out, people might start to think that our Tempest Tavern runs a shady business. You can’t expect us to ruin our own reputation, can you?"

"Then when will you have vacant rooms? Can’t you just reserve one for me?" The Great Manor Head Miao was planning to hide in the Chamber of Commerce temporarily. Once there were rooms available, he would come back here.

"It’s not like you can’t see what the situation in the tavern is like right now. Anyone that steps through our doors is a guest. We can’t just give you preferential treatment over everyone else, right?"

’Damn it! In the end, you all still plan on forcing a Manor Head like myself to work as your tavern employee! Have all of you gotten so addicted to taking me for a ride?’ He sighed. "Innkeeper, can’t you help me out a little?"

"You want me to help you? How about this then? Around this time, the Lady Boss should probably still be drinking up on the rooftop. Why don’t you go ask her for help? If the Lady Boss agrees, then naturally, I won’t have any objections. For now though, you should take back your money." The scholar took the storage ring and stuffed it back in Miao Yi’s hand.

Miao Yi grimaced, but the scholar quickly waved his hand dismissively. "Now scoot. Don’t get in the way of my business."

With the storage ring in his hand, Miao Yi left dejectedly.

At that moment, the carpenter stepped out from the shelf behind the counter and circled inside. He transmitted his voice over to the scholar, "Do you think that kid will agree?"

The scholar let out a faint smile and replied, "We did say that the kid is fun to have around. The Lady Boss already has the perfect excuse. If she really wants him to stay, then our plan will definitely work. But if she doesn’t, then there’s nothing we can do about it."

The carpenter nodded. "Whenever the Lady Boss talks about messing with the kid, she will always let loose such heartfelt laughter. I haven’t seen her so happy in a very long time. But... won’t something happen if this keeps up? I’m scared that once time passes..."

The scholar reached for the abacus by his side and slowly said, "The Lady Boss has treated us well all this while. Some things are just not her burden to bear. She has already been carrying this responsibility long enough. As long as she’s happy, I don’t really care about anything else. Besides, it might not necessarily be a bad thing if something did happen. Hasn’t Ol’ Master Yun been hoping for some kind of spark to pull us away from this stagnant situation? With him backing us up, we won’t have to worry even if the sky falls down on us. What are you so restless for?"

The carpenter gravely said, "But the Feng family..."

The scholar grumbled, "Don’t you think we’ve already spent more time by the Lady Boss’s side than with the Feng family? She has given us much more than they ever did as well. I’ve repaid my debt to the Feng family a long time ago. All I know is that if anything happens to me, the Feng family probably wouldn’t even bat an eyelid, but the Lady Boss definitely wouldn’t sit still. I’ll live true to my heart. Whatever happens, I’ll definitely be standing by the Lady Boss’s side."

The carpenter quietly nodded...

Miao Yi was standing on the rooftop. As always, he found the Lady Boss sitting on top of one leg above the round log outside her wooden cabin, downing her drink while facing the resplendent sunset, as the locks of her hair gently swayed in the wind. With the setting sun of the desert in the background, it was safe to say it was truly a beautiful sight indeed.

As she wiped her lips, the Lady Boss turned back to look at Miao Yi. She tossed him an alluring smile, then enthusiastically waved her flask at him, signalling him to come over.

Miao Yi wasn’t sure if those from the Yun family were all such a hearty bunch. He had noticed a similar exuberance from Yun Guang and Yun Feiyang as well. The women just had an added sense of allure to them.

As Miao Yi approached, the Lady Boss lightly flicked her leg with the cloud-pattern shoe, and a flask of wine flew straight into his grasp.

Miao Yi slapped open the seal and gulped down the drink as he sat down beside her.

Due to a certain someone sitting here day in and day out, the round log had become so slick and smooth, that it could even reflect the light of the sunset.

The Lady Boss’s lips curled into a playful smile. Despite already knowing the answer, she still asked, "What’s gotten you in such an agreeable mood today that you would actually come and drink with me?" freewebn ovel.c om

"I’m here to offer you some money."

"Oh? Feeling generous, are we? But for you to hand me presents like this, surely you have something to ask. Speak."

"Nothing escapes you, Lady Boss." Miao Yi said in an obsequious manner. He laughed drily and explained the dilemma he had with the scholar earlier on at the counter.

The Lady Boss’s smile receded. She narrowed her eyes at him and asked, "What’s wrong with that? Are you not satisfied with the terms?"

"It’s not that I’m not satisfied, but you know how it is with my background. I’m not suitable for the job."

"Since our little tavern is too lowly of an establishment for you, then you should just go back to that prestigious background of yours. I don’t have the habit of forcing someone to do something against their will."

Miao Yi was confused. "Lady Boss, there are so many people out there, and all of them want to enter Tempest Tavern. Why do you insist on choosing me, someone who’s clearly unsuitable for the job?"

The Lady Boss said blankly, "Because you’ve taken advantage of me before. Is that a good enough reason for you?"

Miao Yi was speechless.

The Lady Boss suddenly chuckled. "I’m just joking. The truth is, our tavern won’t recruit those that come with ulterior motives or whose background we aren’t fully aware of." She stared at him and added, "This is strange. I’m not even bothered by your background, and I’m not stopping you if you want to leave either. You can stay here for free, and it’s completely safe. Why do you still decline? Does my Tempest Tavern really seem that undignified to you?"

Miao Yi raised his head and chugged another mouthful of wine. He smiled bitterly and said, "Actually, I’m one of those that have come here with ulterior motives..." He switched to voice transmission and continued, "Let’s put it this way. Normally speaking, my mission should have already been completed a month ago, and I should have been sent back home. However, I was suddenly given a new mission, which is to keep an eye on your every move. Don’t misunderstand. Since I’m already telling you this, I don’t plan on spying on you. I just want to use the opportunity to hide here and cultivate in peace. After all, I’m safe here, and my stay is even being paid for. What’s there to be dissatisfied about? So now do you see, Lady Boss? I’ve already shown you my sincerity. Won’t you just help me out a little? It’s a win-win situation."

Intrigued, the Lady Boss said, "I suspected just as much. However, I never thought you would be so bold as to spill the beans yourself. Aren’t you afraid I would leak this information out?"

"What’s there to fear? Even if you do tell someone else, you need to get them to believe you too! Who would actually think that I would be dumb enough to reveal my own secret and invite trouble with you? When that happens, I can just say that you’re out to get me after realizing my identity. Do you think my superiors will trust your words over mine? Worst comes to worst, they’ll simply decide I’m not cut out for this job and send me back to my little Manor Head duties. Either way, there’s no need for me to sneak around. After all, it’s better than getting discovered and then secretly killed off by you. Even if you hadn’t asked me about this, I was going to tell you when I had the chance."

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