So I Am A Demon Descendent!

Chapter 21: All The Smooth-Talking Talents
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Chapter 21: All The Smooth-Talking Talents

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

The system showed: “You have agreed to join the group. Say hi to your groupmates!”

Li Xianyu sent a message saying, “Hi”, then backed out of the software. However, Lightning King had sent a message before him in the group, which read, “@All, introducing our new colleague, Li Xianyu, who has just joined us today. Please welcome him.”

Li Xianyu had to edit his message. “My name is Li Xianyu. Fellow elders, please take care of me. If I do something badly, please wha...”

He slowly pressed on the backspace button as he edited his message to “Please correct me.” He then pressed the “Send” button. The group was silent as nobody responded, even when the Lightning King mentioned everyone in the group. The elders looked cold.

A few minutes later, someone finally responded.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady said, “Welcome, welcome.”

Lady Killer sent, “Ha, you must be dressed as a girl.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle replied, “Newbie, dressed as a girl. If not, we’ll kick you out.”

Li Bai said, “It’s a friend from afar, I’m happy. If you are dressed as a girl, I’ll be even happier.”

The few people who had suddenly initiated conversations caused Li Xianyu to feel utterly disgusted, save for the first one.

Out of nowhere, the old people in the group liked to tease newcomers for dressing like a girl.

However, it was not possible. Over his dead body.

The director, Lightning King, sent a “sweating” emoji and continued, “Please behave like elders, don’t be playful. His identity will scare you.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “?”

Lady Killer: “?”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “?”

“File Manager” Mo Fei: “Yes, his identity is unusual. We all know that.”

Li Xianyu noticed that Mo Fei was different from the Lightning King, who was an elder with a prefix. File Manager? She should have known his identity then.

Ha, War Spirit Wushuang’s descendant, Li Wuxiang’s son, it’ll scare all of you to death.

Li Xianyu smiled.

Li Bai: “Mo Fei, please elaborate.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “We know him? Didn’t you say he was a newcomer?”

Her appearance was like a short-haired beauty. It was unknown if this was her real face.

“File Manager” Mo Fei: “Wait awhile.”

Ten or so seconds later, Mo Fei sent a picture to the group, which contained information about Li Xianyu’s particulars, as well as his portrait.

His face was handsome, his complexion was desired by some ladies.

“File Manager” Mo Fei: “Are you scared now?”

The group suddenly quieted down.

Li Xianyu’s smile widened as he saw the storm after the calm. The elders had surely been startled. He expected comments like: “Wow, War Spirit Wushuang’s descendant!”, “Elder, please take my knee”, “Elder, interested in behind-the-back transactions?”

As expected, the group blew up with messages a few seconds later.

Li Bai was the first one to reply, sending a picture. A naked young man lying on a bed, with his a boner.

The caption was, “What are you looking at? I’ll whip you to death with this!”

Li Xianyu was shocked.

The smile on his face slowly disappeared. His expression slowly became that of anger.

It was him in the picture, no doubt. It was that day, when he was nearly sucked off by Qingqing.

At this very instant, his private photos were being circulated around by the other employees in his company, uncensored.

Wait! Why were my photos here? When did I take these kinds of photos?

Thunderbolt Battle Lady sent the same picture but with a different caption, “Come, let’s battle!”

Lady Killer sent the same picture as well, captioning it, “Kneel down, call me daddy.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle did the same, captioning, “All you arrogant people. You don’t know what’s real power.”

Li Xianyu suddenly recalled. Old Master Qin had taken pictures of him the other day.

No wonder Sanwu had addressed him as the “Man with the Big Penis” the other day. She only remembered one’s most distinct features.

His private photos had been circulated around the company at free will all along.

Li Xianyu held his phone in his hand as he trembled vigorously.

He felt the vile disgust that this world had to offer.

A permanent blemish in his life.

“Admin” Lightning King: “Cough, cough. That’s enough. Don’t cross the line, only send this photo when the actual subject is not here. After all, he’s still a kid. @Walking Pile Driver, being the centre of attention is good as well...”

To hell with that... Li Xianyu covered his face with his hands.

Lady Killer: “Still a kid? He has a bright future ahead.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Bright future indeed.”

Li Bai: “Bright future indeed.”

“Admin” Lightning King: “...”

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He deleted the previous few pictures. As an admin, he had the right to do so.

“Admin” Lightning King: “Li Xianyu, are you still around?”

Walking Pile Driver: “I’m hiding in the corner, trembling. At least censor it? The campaign to clean up the internet is so hot now. Do you believe I’ll report you guys?”

Lady Killer: “No use doing that. This app is developed by the company’s internal departments. It has no report feature. It’s a software designed to be hidden. Compared to the information out there, as well as the forums, what is taboo?”

Li Xianyu received a private message from Lightning King, which read: “Don’t reveal your identity to everyone just yet. Although they are our people, you have to remain secretive. When you awaken and gain your powers, you will then be able to step out officially.”

Li Xianyu gave an “OK” emoji, with the reply, “King, why do I think that the elders in the chat are... not so friendly?”

Lightning King: “It’s just you.”

Li Xianyu: “No, it’s not just me.”

Lightning King: “It’s just these few people. The other employees are usually quiet and don’t reveal themselves.”

Li Xianyu: “Oh.”

Suddenly, he saw someone in the chat directing a message at him. He opened the chat and found that the person was an elder with a prefix as well. It read: “Vice-Deputy of the Medical Department”. His name was Li Shizhen.

“Vice-Deputy of the Medical Department” Li Shizhen: “@Walking Pile Driver, you look like you have a serious kidney problem. To demon descendants, the kidney is the most important organ. Given your condition, it will be hard for you to become a law enforcer. Come to the office another day, I’ll give you some acupuncture for 5 points only. It’s a fair price, I don’t cheat newbies.”

Lady Killer: “Poor child. Nearly getting sucked off by a fox spirit.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Old Master Qin said a few days ago that this lad was nearly killed by a fox spirit.”

Walking Pile Driver: “Is there any hope? I don’t have any points, I’m still a newbie.”

Li Xianyu was secretly hopeful.

“Vice-Deputy of the Medical Department” Li Shizhen: “It’s just a kidney problem. It’s no big deal. You can give me the points at a later time.”

As Li Shizhen sent the message, he received a private message from Lightning King: “Don’t make empty promises. You can’t save him.”

Li Shizhen: “?”

How was that possible? He was a reputable physician, well-known within the demon descendants community. It was just a kidney overload, how difficult would it be?

He could even cure kidney failure.

Lightning King: “Ha, you cured Li Wuxiang’s kidney failure?”

Li Shizhen: “That’s different, it was because of... Hold up, what do you mean?!”

Lightning King: “It’s the hereditary kidney problems of the Li family.”

Li Shizhen: “He’s Li Wuxiang’s son?!”

Li Shizhen was taken aback.

Lightning King: “Not many people in the company know this. Keep it a secret.”

In the chat, Walking Pile Driver sent a message: “@Li Shizhen: Elder, let’s arrange a time to meet. Better sooner than later. Shall we meet today? I’ll come over now.”

The system showed: “Li Shizhen recalled a message.”

The system showed: “Li Shizhen recalled a message.”

He had recalled the words he had said earlier on.

What was going on?

Walking Pile Driver: “@Li Shizhen: What happened? I’ll return the points to you in the future, I swear.”

“Vice-Deputy of the Medical Department” Li Shizhen: “There’s no cure anymore. Farewell.”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Li Shizhen, don’t play around. This is a serious matter. If it’s a matter of points, I’ll give it to you first for Li Xianyu.”

There were no further replies. He had seemingly gone offline.

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “@Walking Pile Driver: I think you should find him at his office some other day. His acupuncture skills are top-notch. He might be busy now.”

Li Xianyu felt warm inside as he replied, “Thank you, Battle Lady.”

As expected, females were more warm and understanding. In this chat filled with male elders, her words were like a torch in the winter, keeping his kidneys warm.

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Lad, don’t be scared of your kidneys. I’ll teach you a long-lost fingering technique, for you to dispel your worries. As payback, you have to dress as a girl.”

Lady Killer was indignant as she replied, “Nonsense techniques. Real men rely on charm. One look in the eye, and they charm a woman straight away.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Scram. That’s an innate ability. How do you teach that?”

Lady Killer: “You’re different.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle sent Li Xianyu’s picture into the group again, captioning it “Kneel down, call me daddy.”

Lady Killer sent the same picture as well with the caption, “You don’t know anything about power.”

The two of them engaged in a caption war with the same picture. Their captions were “state of the art.”

Li Xianyu was overwhelmed with despair.

King Kong: “You both are so noisy. You only know how to send useless stuff all day. Anybody with new intel, please send it to me.”

Another elder had shown his face.

Lady Killer: “There are some in the files here. Go download them yourself.”

King Kong: “I’ve seen them all, I want new ones.”

Fingering Techniques Similar to Kato Eagle: “Who has them? We don’t need them anyway.”

King Kong: “Long Aotian is still the best. He uploaded all these stuff. After he hibernated, there are no more talents left in this group. What do I need all of you for?”

Thunderbolt Battle Lady: “Ha.”

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