Sir, How About A Marriage?

Chapter 791 - Spring
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Chapter 791: Spring

When the forest was big enough, there would be all kinds of birds. Now that he had bribed two high-ranking employees of Zhuang Ji, he was quietly waiting for good news.

Ye Cheng arrived at the office in an incredibly good mood. The corners of his lips curled up unconsciously.

Ye Cheng’s subordinates could all see that he was very happy. As such, the atmosphere in the office was quite good.

When Chen Chen arrived, he was surprised as well. He asked, “Young Master Cheng, what happened?”

Ye Cheng raised an eyebrow. “What happened? Nothing happened.”

Chen Chen wanted to say something but hesitated.

Ye Cheng asked, “What’s been happening?”

Chen Chen composed himself before he replied, “Mu Chen has already decided to go to S City. We’ve already looked for those elders from the Mu family as well. We’re prepared to stir up trouble for Mu Chen once he leaves. With Mu Chen and Cheng Che gone, Old Madam Mu will be alone. She’s advanced in age after all; it won’t be easy for her to hold on by herself. This time, we can accomplish everything in one go.”

Ye Cheng nodded. “Pass down the orders. No mistakes are allowed. Also, you must keep an eye on Zhuang Ji. In the future, Zhuang Ji will be the bargaining chip for negotiations with all parties.”

Cheng Che looked at Ye Cheng, puzzled.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “They’re all a bunch of cunning old foxes. On the surface, the Yin family came to look for Cheng Che and to cooperate with us. Under the surface, they had not been idle at all. They’d thoroughly investigated Zhuang Ji. Isn’t their motive obvious?”

“It’s all thanks to that kid, Ning Dong, that Old Man Ning Zhe fell ill. Otherwise, with Old Man Ning’s shrewdness and ability, I’m afraid this little Zhuang Ji would’ve long fallen into his hands.”

Chen Chen nodded in agreement. “Song Ning refuses to acknowledge Ning Zhe no matter what. Mu Chen can be considered to have picked up a treasure. With him, Zhuang Ji had grown a lot as well. Young Master Cheng, if we don’t make a move soon and allow Zhuang Ji to grow again, I’m afraid we won’t be able to obtain it in the future.”


Ye Cheng did not respond to that. Instead, he said, “During the time when I’m in S City, I can avoid the limelight and keep the trouble away from the Ye family as well. My father now knows how to hide his strength and avoid trouble. I feel quite relieved. After Cheng Che’s matter is settled, I’ll marry Yin Jia. At that time, it won’t be too late to deal with Zhuang Ji.”

Cheng Che nodded. “I’ll keep an eye on the Mu and Ning families as well.”

Ye Cheng was very happy when he thought about his grand future. When his goals had been achieved, he could love whoever he wanted. At that time, he wanted to be like Cheng Che. He would enter the entertainment industry and invest in Zhuang Ning’s movies and TV series. At that time, she would be able to play whatever role she wanted, and he could openly help her become the best actress.

There was also Guan Tang, that charming little vixen.

Zhuang Tang was inviolable in his heart, his spiritual partner.

On the other hand, Guan Tang was like an indispensable appetizer. She had walked right into his trap.

When Ye Cheng thought about Guan Tang, he could not help but smile.

Chen Chen was very surprised when he saw the expression on his boss’ face.

‘Could it be that Young Master Cheng has gotten his hands on Miss Zhuang? Impossible. Miss Zhuang is still filming in S City and has yet to return. He’s going to the S City this time, not only because of the Yin family, but to accompany Miss Zhuang as well. Did he receive some kind of promise from Miss Zhuang? Otherwise, he won’t look as though it’s springtime. No matter what, it’s good that things aren’t going well…’

While Chen Chen was feeling happy, Han Mo and Xiao An were deeply troubled. Their success came with its own trouble. In the end, both of them quietly told Mu Chen about the disgusting matter between Ye Cheng and Guan Tang. The duo did not dare to tell Cheng Che and could only sigh. They thought that Cheng Che was truly unlucky to meet these kinds of people in his life.

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