Sins Paradise: Domination System

Chapter 469 469 – Vampire Girl’s Intrusion (R-18)
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Chapter 469 Chapter 469 – Vampire Girl’s Intrusion (R-18)

My hand began to caress Eli's rear part, fondling and groping the round portion before coming to a halt to pull up her butt closer to my cock.

Eli made an intense and erotic reaction immediately when I entered her once again with my new-found vigor.

A yelp escaped her mouth, along with a sticky squishing sound when my cock met her insides.

Tris lay next to her, waiting for my cock to enter her next. I alternatively gave the love the both of them deserved and made sure to shower them with my affection.

Their moaning was so loud that I bet everyone in the mansion could hear them. No one was intruding as they cared about us, though. That was a kind of silent deal. Whoever was not invited wasn't allowed to join or disturb us.

The room was getting heated due to the sweaty and messy bodies.

"Hyaaaaannnnnggg!" Eli screamed out in pleasure.

"Hnnn!!" Tris' ass was spanked on, but that seemed to have given her more pleasure rather than hurt.

Sweat was on every body part, and it glistened under the light. It could make anyone question whether the skin was being affected or not.

"Don't pull out, Art."

"Then put it in deeper, please..."

Both Eli and Tris held themselves against my body, seeking more pleasure. 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝑤𝘦𝑏𝓃ℴ𝘷𝘦𝘭.𝘤ℴ𝑚

They loved every moment I penetrated them. The way I pistoned their juicy snatch and forced them into a limbo of pain and pleasure was magnificent to them. They wanted more.

To not disappoint them, I raised their beautiful faces and pressed my lips together with them. They yelped in happiness and became more excited.

I spent the whole day spoiling my cute fiancees, satisfying their dirty fantasies. No... The whole day was just an understatement. With my collection of costumes, I dressed them up and we continued having sex, to our heart's content.

We could no longer separate from each other as our hips were joined together, releasing my white seeds inside and outside their bodies.

For days afterward, Tris and Eli would cling to me, hugging me everywhere. When we realized it, three days had passed since our first night.

Their pussy and legs couldn't stay without mine, and I would respond to their call with love and gentleness.

It might have lasted till the next day or next week. Who knew? The only reason I stopped was because a little bat intruded into my room.

Both of them just got exhausted and fell asleep next to me. Their bodies were still covered in a mixture of bodily liquid. We didn't care about cleanliness, and they enjoyed being basked in my semen.

Of course, we cleaned our bodies if we wanted to hug and snuggle with my <Purification>.

Ignoring that, I raised my body slowly so as not to disturb Eli and Tris and watched the batch fly inside through the gap in the ventilation.

"It reeks..." The bat spoke as it multiplied into multiple bats. It then turned into a beautiful girl with long white hair wearing a black and red gothic dress.

It was Lucy.

She sat on a chair near to my bed, the only furniture that was slightly stained by our activities. That didn't bother her much, though.

"You really enjoyed copulation. Sometimes I wonder what's fun about it."

"Do you want to try?" I smirked at her without hiding my twitching half-erect cock.

Lucy's gaze wandered down at it, but she soon gulped and shook her head.

"No, thanks. But I can't deny your command, as you have dominated me. Do you want me to copulate with you?" She asked with a tinge of red across her cheek.

It seemed like she was curious, but not enough to force her curiosity to take over her mind.

'Such self-control. She's even better than Queen Eve at controlling her desire. Well, the desire for blood is stronger than a desire for sex for Lucy. And I heard she was never interested in sex, so maybe that's the reason.'

I shrugged my shoulders at her and left the bed, putting on simple black shorts after covering my fiancees' naked bodies with a blanket.

Then I took out a nice sofa and sat across Lucy, a bit away so she wouldn't be bothered with my smell.

"I love girls, but I am not savage enough to command them to have sex with me. Not even the girls I dominated. I prefer having mutual consent, as it will feel better for both of us."

"Yet you ordered a Succubus to influence Queen Eve." Lucy scoffed in disdain.

"That's a different story. And I never told her to make Queen Eve fall for me or charm her. I just ordered Beatrice to make her more honest." I said, "Anyway, having you here is rare. Do you need something from me?"

"Isn't it the opposite?" She narrowed her eyes in displeasure as she crossed her legs.

"You said to contact you if I got new information. But look… You indulge yourself and take off your [Earring of Communication], cutting me off for three days. I have no choice but to come here myself after contacting that Succubus. How selfish."

"Hahaha…" I laughed bitterly.

Indeed, it was my fault.

The [Earring of Communication] rang when I embraced Tris, and she asked me to take it off as it was distracting. Because it was from Lucy and I knew it wasn't urgent, I ended up putting all my [Earring of Communication] into my inventory, except the one connected to Queen Eve. I wore that one.

"My bad. But now you're here already, so tell me the new information you get."

"Haa…" The Vampire girl let out a long sigh and crossed her arms, "We managed to make him spill everything. It will be a long report."

"Don't worry." I smiled and glanced at my girls on the bed, "They will be out for a few hours. We didn't sleep for 3 days straight, after all. They must be exhausted."

Lucy's eyes widened in surprise, "You're a monster… in a different meaning."

"Haha, I will take that as a compliment." I grinned at her and relaxed my position.

"That's not a compliment." She retorted, looking at me in disbelief, "You have changed quite a bit. Back then, you were not like this… Like… You're quite relaxed now."

"Am I?" I asked, raising my eyebrows.

She nodded at my question.

'I guess I did change.' freewebnovel.c(o)m

Back then, I was still quite restless about everything, mainly because I just went through life and death. However, quite some time had passed since then, and I was never in danger in this world.

'Since when?' I mused in my mind as I stroked my chin. 'Is it since when I met with Tris again?'

That wasn't important, though. I realized that I changed, and I quite liked my current self, too. At least I wasn't suicidal anymore, seeking danger that I couldn't handle.

"Let's just go to the information part, Lucy. I also have a little proposal for the residents of the Border City. But let's get into that later."

"Fine. I guess the information came first. I would have you to tell me the proposal after that."

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