Sins Paradise: Domination System

Chapter 406 406 – Family Problem
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Chapter 406 Chapter 406 – Family Problem


"Your water," Mafula said coldly as she put a cup on a table and sat down beside her husband.

After Alesia introduced me and the temperature dropped a few degrees thanks to the parents' cold stare, I quickly explained that Milea was only serving me because she was now a nun in the Castitas Church.

The husband, who introduced himself as Cleric, calmed down for a second and smiled at me. But the situation worsened when Alesia mentioned that Milea agreed to be dominated. By yours truly.

Long story short, they snapped, and Cleric invited us in with a cold smile. I didn't realize it, but he was apparently a human. But… How did he retain his youth?

Before I could ask, I needed to calm them down first.

After entering the house, we sat around a table, and we arrived at this situation after that.

"So…" Mafula growled in a dangerous manner as she looked at me. 𝓯𝙧𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝒏𝒐𝙫𝒆𝙡.𝙘𝒐𝙢

"Can you explain what Alesia means by my cute daughter asking to be dominated? No, are you even a real Paladin? That fucker from before… Excuse me, the first Paladin looks a lot older than you. I don't believe someone as young as you can be a Paladin."

I glanced at the headmistress to ask for her assistance, but she pretended not to notice and sipped the water calmly.

This woman just threw a problem at me and actually ignored me.

How should I answer Mafula?

From her tone, she probably hated or disliked the previous Paladin, and that carried on to this day. I wasn't surprised that she knew the first Paladin, as Alesia also seemed to know about him.

Whatever happened in the past, that wasn't my problem. Still, I also couldn't ignore it as Mafula seemed unhappy with her daughter serving me.

No parents would be happy when they were suddenly told that their daughter wanted to be dominated by someone they had never met before…

First of all, I should quickly answer her question.

"My apologies. I haven't introduced myself correctly due to shock." I began, putting my hand on my left chest, and bowed slightly.

This gesture surprised both Mafula and Cleric. They probably would've never thought I would bow at them.

Thanks to Alesia, my first impression wasn't the best, so I needed to make a new impression that lasted on them.

"My name is Arthur Vainglory, the Paladin of the Castitas Church. It's nice to meet you. Milea… The Archbishop has chosen your daughter to help me care for my mansion."

"And she also took care of his needs." Alesia suddenly interjected from the side, causing the situation to worsen again.

The temperature dropped a few degrees as the wooden floor seemed to be covered in an icy layer of ice. Was Mafula a mage with <Ice Magic>? Or was it Cleric? One of these people's magic went out of control and affected the surroundings.

Thankfully, I had my barrier up, so it didn't affect me.

"So that's not a lie." Mafula's chilly voice rang in the room, and the ice spread further to the point it changed the brown wood into a white world from ice. "How dare you force our cute and innocent daughter!"

Cute and innocent?!

What kind of girl was Milea in their eyes? I meant she was cute, but she was far from innocent.

In fact, she was the one who seduced me at first.

Also, I could destroy the ice with a single punch, but the headmistress already had it in her hand.

"Calm down, Mafula."


Alesia cut down her words and melted the ice in the room by using <Fire Magic>. She controlled <Fire Torrent> to only affect the surrounding ice and didn't even burn any single piece of furniture.

"I never said Milea wasn't happy. Rather, you were blinded by your own view and never thought of your daughter's feelings. That's why she contacted me and asked me to help her run away from this place."


"Besides, student Arthur never forced her to do anything she hated. It's been more than 50 years since Milea was under my care. She's an adult and can make her own choice. Rather… I was surprised you didn't contact me at all to ask where your daughter is."

Unlike before, the atmosphere was hotter this time.

Both Mafula and Cleric fell into silence. No, the former couldn't say anything, while the latter calmed down after hearing that I had never forced Milea to do anything she didn't like.

It seemed like Cleric was more reasonable than his wife. And this was a family problem. I felt like an intruder who wasn't supposed to be there.

'It feels awkward.' I sighed internally. My gaze met with Cleric, who made an apologetic gesture again.

I nodded at him and smiled softly.

His misunderstanding was solved, I guess.

"What's wrong, Mafula? Cat gets your tongue?" Alesia provoked, putting the cup back on the table. "Just admit it. You were still caught up in the past and refused to leave Elven Forest because of your own selfishness. Milea didn't abandon you, but you abandoned her."

"I am not!"

"Now now…" Cleric finally spoke for the first time, holding onto Mafula's shoulder to calm her down. "Let's return to your room first. We can talk about it tomorrow."


"You go rest first, okay?" He continued, interjecting Mafula's words. "If you're not satisfied, let me be the one talking to them. You're not in the condition to talk calmly now."

"I am calm!"

"Mafula…" Cleric's tone lowered and sounded serious. "Let me bring you to your room."

That was enough to silence her.

Cleric nodded at us before bringing her wife inside, dragging her slightly. That man was stronger than I thought. And I found their relationship from this.

Left alone, I let out a sigh and turned to the headmistress.

"Why did you bring me into your family trouble?" I asked and sighed tiredly at what she did.

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