Sin and Virtue System

Chapter 77 77. The Reinforcements: [2] <Pride On His Side> (UE)
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77. The reinforcements: [2] <Pride on his side>

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Logan was headed to the battlefield that was raging away from his place.

Although he couldn't care less if any of them died, there were many problems if he let that happen.

He had invested a lot of points in Lara, Lisa, and Anna.

If the low demons under his banner died then he would simply ignore them and turn a blind eye, but if any of those three died, he will need to find similar talent and foster it to reach their levels.

Not to mention that he had developed some emotional attachment toward the trio.

He hastily moved toward them.


Kevin reached the body he saw.

It was a miracle that this body did not lose its spiritual energy even after its breathing stopped.

However, Kevin wasn't the only one to wonder.

[Kevin... Take this man under you.] Michael's voice was serious.

'W-why? We were keeping that thing until we found someone worthy right?' Kevin spoke to Michael inside his mind.

After completing multiple quests he unlocked a special Job class called <Descendant of Angles>.

This was a special class this job class wasn't completely unlocked but he had access to some things.

First was <Great healing> magic and the second was forming a bond with someone.

Similar to Logan's Blood Knight, however, there were a lot of differences.

[This human is radiating the Aura of a Halfling and if kept under the holy power his element could be worth fostering.]

Kevin did not understand what Michael was talking but he knew that if he did not use those things right now, the spiritual energy of this person will fade away.

"I know you can hear me," Kevin said which greatly surprised Jin and Thomas.

Kevin Ignored the duo and continued,

"If you want to live then don't resist." He placed his hand over Robert's chest which did not weave.

"With the power of the almighty, I stand at the apex with my Light illuminating the darkness!" His words fell like some incarnation of god himself.

Not only that but Thomas and Jin, for some reason felt that they understood and at the same time did not understand the meaning of those words.

"With I being your King and only Lord, I gift you a little power of mine." A golden light spread all over Robert's body.

The golden runes embedded in his clothes shone brightly.

"Serve me as your King and see the highs never before... oppose me and perish like you were never known."

Robert's entire body started healing.

His body which was dried like a husk after he had lost all of his mana started rejuvenating.

"Serve me well... My first knight!" Kevin shouted and for a subtle second his vision darkened.

His black hair turned golden and his body was illuminated by white light that blinded Thomas and Jin.

If not for the shock he had received Thomas would've thought of what Kevin did as some witchcraft.

Because what he saw next paled his face.

The body which earlier was lying on the floor dyed in black blood was now standing still.

As if nothing had ever happened.

The most astonishing thing was the face that was earlier hideous, to say the least, was now super handsome.

The previous black clothes were gone and were replaced by a similar gothic suit but with white color and black runes.

The air froze as fear got instilled in Jin and Thomas as they looked at the man in front of them.


While things were taking unexpected turns on Robert's side, the same was happening on Lara's side.

The goal of not letting the black lotus unite was failing with each passing second.

From the time Rina arrived things took turns. She was leading the battle in her way and the flow was unexpectedly smooth.

Chiffon, after getting beaten black and blue by the Blood Knight was now calm and thinking rationally.

If not for her team to have her back she would've been killed a long ago.

Now she had to think rationally and fight against these demons.

She used her summons as cannon fodders while Rina protected them with barrier magic.

The land was desolated by now and multiple life forms surrounding them were turned into ashes.

There was no trace of trees and bushes as Lara and Anna bombarded their magic spells.

Ilisha also joined the battle not long ago and was fighting against Charmina and Donna.

This had been a pain in the ass since the healer of the group was healing any member who was injured, effortlessly and efficiently.

It was as if she had infinite stamina.

Julie the loli was also a summoner, particularly a spirit summoner and this was a plus on the Black Lotus' side.

The spirit summoned by her was taking attacking the blood knight along with the goblins and wolves Chiffon had summoned.

Blood knight was exhausted.

He had used his Berserk ability earlier and was about to kill Chiffon and complete his task when he was blown away by Charmina's magic.

It was heavy to even take a step further.

It was harder to breathe as every second passed.

They were tiring down but they were not able to give any devastating blow to the other team.

It wasn't like Black Lotus was any good, but they were still better than Logan's team.

"Fuck!" Lara was the first to let her frustration out.

She was hiding her trump card that could save them since it was an order from Logan.

"I think master will forgive me-" Before she could say her final words, there was a thunders sound that stopped everyone in their tracks.

It was a War cry.


Just when the situation was getting dire it suddenly turned weird.

"Eh? Why did you stop?" An arrogant sound of man in his twenties sounded behind the group.

"Barbara told us to come here since- Woha!" Another voice, rather childish said.

"There are more demons!" Someone said from the army that had followed the earlier two.

"Wow... do low-level demons have started evolving and getting intelligence?" The childish voice said in amusement.

"Looks like the situation is odd." The man in his twenties became cautious.

"..." Lara looked at the thoroughly lustful expression everyone from the two demons to the army behind them had.

She was sensitive to such gazes but she said nothing.

She did not know whether the army of demons that arrived was their ally or enemy and until her master confirmed this she would not let her guard down.

On the other hand, Rina's expression turned pale.

The army of demons was huge, huge to the point that beads of sweat flowed from her forehead.

Although she had heard their conversations, the army that was in front of her right now had planted a seed of doubt inside her mind.

She did not believe that their small black Lotus group could handle such huge numbers.

Not to mention the absence of their employer and Leader.

Donna was the first to frown as she felt disgusted by the creatures in front of her.

Their gazes were fixed on her and her group's cleavage and buttocks.

'Danger!' Charmina was even more alerted as her holy magic was screaming the alarm of danger.


The silence and the defensive stans from all sides were broken by another explosion.

"She did it again huh?" The demon in his twenties said.

"That person must be ugly since he or she received such a blow from Barbra." The childish demon said with a grin on his face.

"They must be associated..." Rina muttered unconsciously as she thought and connected the dots.

Since Agatha's death was very well planned and their group was dismantled by him, she thought it was their master demon's other plan.

Rina took attacking stans and all others followed her.

"Well, although we are not associated with them, we cannot let our kin die fruitlessly." The demon in his twenties said mockingly.

"After all, we are Pride." The child followed his example and said.

They did not plan to help this newfound demon group out of kindness or responsibility.


They simply did it because race was their pride and except for them, no one else had the right to talk about this group's fate.


A demoness was running wildly inside the forest as she saw the golden light illuminating the sky.

She was a Countess (Female Viscount Demon).

She had pride in her strength so she never fought with anyone with lower strength.

This was after a long time since she'd accepted a task from the clan.

If not for the report that said about the death of the team that never returned and even their cores were not found made her a little curious rather than furious.

All she wanted was to find this person who could lead the clan to send an entire army to dispose of him.

As she saw the illuminating golden light that made her skin crawl, she felt a little joy.

This was a perfect time for her to change her toys.

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