Sin and Virtue System

Chapter 112 112. Untitled 2
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"#! I hope you achieve what you desire!"


Everything flashed in front of my eyes.

My head was hurting.

Honestly, I wished this all would stop, but alas.

Little did I know that this was only the beginning of my journey.

The light blinded my eyesight again.

"Master! Master!" I opened my eyes at the sound of someone very dear to me.

"M-master! At least put me down if you keep standing like that! It's embarrassing!" Lisa wiggled in my arms while her face was red. Her blush spread to the back of her ears and neck, but she did not push me away.

I gently put her down.

My body was visibly shaking as I remembered the scene I had witnessed earlier.

Lisa's beautiful face was buried deep into the ground while a golden sword was pierced through her body. Anna's body plummeted and her two limbs were pulled out of her body.

The last scene was the worst of all.


"M-master?" Lisa asked me.

My gaze was filled with affection and desire to… protect her? I was confused.

"Are you not feeling well, master?" It was a ridiculous question to ask when someone was in the middle of a battle.

Yet, I felt warm when she asked me that.

There was no time to explain.

I had already faced the most miraculous thing in the world- Reincarnation.

That's why, I believed that it was another chance bestowed on me by my system.

Leaving all the matters for next time, I hurriedly dug into Lisa's cherry lips to find some strength to stand against the upcoming danger.

This was my reset.

I did not have much time, but it was sufficient.

"Mnf~" Lisa let out a sweet moan as I sucked her lips for a whole minute.

"I need you to calm down Lisa." I saw the rising confusion in her eyes but said what I felt necessary.

"If not for you, I would've survived this long… Thank you for being there." It wasn't the usual me.

The cold and lustful demon who never spoke his mind and only ordered things around.

Lisa's eyes widened as she heard my words.

Was it too abrupt? Maybe.

"Master!" But her reaction seemed the complete opposite.

For the first time, my thick demonic skin felt the warmth of Lisa's hug. She tightly cuddled me.

'Ah… so this is what that voice truly meant.' I thought.

My desire. It was simple-

Boom! Boom!

Unfortunately, my time was up!

[Narrator POV]

Similar to what I had witnessed earlier, the situation unfolded. Lara was swarmed by demons. Together with Anna, Ilisha was fending the demons who had their lustful gazes stuck onto them. In some corner, Blood Knight had fallen.

The defeat of Logan's legion was inevitable. Black Lotus was in a bad position as well.

The intervention of this third army in the battleground had caused too much chaos which buzzed Logan's brain.

Logan had witnessed the aftereffects of his dumb decisions, fortunately, the system had miraculously brought him back in time, though only a little.

However, the situation this time was different.

Lisa was much calmer and held onto Logan's hand tightly. Earlier, all of her worries about being worthless to her master faded when Logan spoke his heart to her for the first time.

As it was said, the demons feel emotions far more intensely than any other race. Her beating heart was a living example of this.

"Lisa." She followed Logan's gaze.

"I have a bad premonition… We need to run." Logan was no hero. He knew that, with the disadvantages like his one lost hand, and his injured and exhausted subordinates, he cannot fight the upcoming calamity.

'That demoness must be following me as well.' Logan quickly deduced.

Running away was their only option.

"Do as I say."

"Yes, master."

Logan quickly told her what she needed to do, and changed his position.

"Lisaaaaaa!" Thomas's call caught everyone's attention. 'This dumb man never learns.' I thought.

Lisa was surprised when she saw her brother running toward her.

At that moment, something inside her snapped,

'There she is!' My eyes caught the entire thing this time.

Standing on a tree nearby, Barbara, the demoness used some kind of spell to play with Lisa's mind and infuriate her feelings to burst out and-


Just as planned, Thomas's head rolled on the ground.

Lisa's body shook visibly as she came to her senses. She felt some foreign energy leave her body as soon as it entered after Thomas died.

She got furious.

"There he is…" I did not wait for too long as I saw the man in question enter the field.

Jet black hair, tall, handsome, muscular, charming, and surrounded by a holy aura was his description in my mind. Standing behind him was the person I had earlier killed, Robert.

I used my skill, [Eye of Incubus] it was at this moment that I felt the greatest misery.

"Ack!" My left eye ached.

'W-what the fuck?!' I exclaimed.

It was as if some force was hiding his stats from me. He looked in my direction, but all he saw was a raven sitting on a tree branch.

Barbara and Lisa were staring at each other dangerously.

I saw the man in question concentrate all the mana on himself.

Now is my time,

A skill that is minuscule on paper, but if used properly, it can cause wonders.

"Ack!" Kevin shouted as two thin spikes of stone, pierced through his ankles.

[Kevin! Use the Bind right now!] Michael shouted.

This was the first time Kevin had seen Michael panic.

The distraction was for a fraction of a second, but it was enough for Kevin to lose sight of his target, the Raven.

And he shot his greatest spell, at the demon army that was in the same direction as the Raven.

"Arghhh! Fire!"

"Hot! Hot! My skin is burning!"

All the demons that had swarmed around Logan's legion were burned alive as the effect of the spell spread through.

Barbara was no exception either.

Everyone except Logan was burning in the fire.

Using his [God Of War] skill to unleash the perfect skills to tackle the "Blind", Logan leaped forward.

"Gotcha!" But his plan failed as a white silhouette appeared behind him.

It was Robert!


Logan got back into his human form as he was slammed into the trees by Robert's kick.

Barbara was furious at the intervention of the uninvited human in her fight against Lisa.

She had finally found something interesting, and the human she had followed all along was now ruining it.

The chaos increased.

Demons ran across the field while digging their nails inside their heads.

The pain was excruciating.

Logan thought 'this is my opportunity.'

All he wanted to do was take Lara, Lisa, Anna, and Ilisha and run away.

Barbara's army changed their target from Logan's legion to all the humans present. ƒ𝚛e𝘦𝙬𝗲𝒃𝓷𝒐𝘃𝘦𝑙. 𝒄o𝓂

Black Lotus and Kevin.

"You puny mortal dare to attack us?!" The prideful demons were enraged.

Kevin however, did not bat an eye at any of this.

He ordered Robert to take care of Barbara while he takes care of the shape-changing demon.

Jin on the other hand was out of his mind. He sat near Thomas' decapitated body. When he turned to look at Kevin, horror engulfed him.

Kevin couldn't care less about Jin's loss, he was only focused on the shape-shifting demon.

"Black Lotus! Attack the demons!" Robert shouted and the Black Lotus group came to their senses.

At first, they did not attack Logan's legion, mostly Lara, Anna, and Ilisha.

They had involuntarily formed a non-aggression pact with these three.

However, Robert's eyes suggested they discard that pact.

"Vice-leader! What should we do?!" They asked for their vice leader's permission.

"Run…" However, they got the most unexpected response.

"T-that man…. He is scary!" When Rina pointed it out, everyone looked in Kevin's direction.

Only to find out his appearance changed entirely.

Every demon felt their skin burning as the light Kevin radiated fell on their skin.


The bloodied war took the worst turn.

The lowest rank of pride demons started running for their life, following their basic instinct.



In the midst of all of this, Logan prepared for his final trump card.

He knew that the person in front of him was not any ordinary person.

Unlike Robert, this person intended to finish Logan off at the first sight.

[Michael Descends]

Kevin conjured every bit of mana- rather than Michael who was currently controlling his body.

"I will exterminate you! You filth!"

"Face a king's Wrath! <Fury of Gods>!" The golden spear in Kevin's hands glowed brightly and in a fraction of a second, he threw the spear toward Logan who was lying n the ground.

The spears were an inch away from Logan when an unknown light engulfed his body.


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