Simulation Towards Immortality In A Group Chat

Chapter 184 - 104: A New Path! Special Rewards! 2
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Chapter 184: Chapter 104: A New Path! Special Rewards! 2

Translator: 549690339

[It’s a pity that your research over the years has not made much progress. Expanding one’s path is not easy, and discovering new systems is even more difficult. Even the Emperor Huangtian in your memory suffered hardships before he created a new system based on his predecessors’ foundation. With your current understanding and background, it is almost impossible for you to achieve this.]

[After coming to Sacred Heart Island, you have been quietly cultivating with Bai Tianhong, not participating in the disputes with other forces, reminiscent of a reclusive expert.]

[Thirty years later, under steady cultivation and elixirs that do not affect your foundation, your cultivation has improved and reached the Great Perfection Tier of the Spiritual Fetus Realm.]

[Your cultivation has improved a lot, but you are not satisfied. That’s because, after Bai Tianhong left Profound Turtle Continent, he truly began to shine. In just thirty years, his cultivation reached the astonishing Spirit Sea Domain Perfection.]

[Bai Tianhong is very respectful to you. In his heart, although you have not accepted him as a disciple, he has long regarded you as his master, even more so than the First Supreme Elder of Sword Spirit Sect.]

[Next, Bai Tianhong asks for your permission to leave and search for a 6th Tier Spiritual Material to break through the realm. You said that he doesn’t need to bother with this and that you’ve already prepared it for him. However, Bai Tianhong insists that he needs to gain experience on his own and that he doesn’t want to rely on you for everything.]

[You were delighted by his independent spirit and finally agreed to let Bai

Tianhong obtain the 6th Tier Spiritual Material by himself to break through.

However, recalling how difficult it was for you to obtain the 6th Tier Spiritual Material, you gave Bai Tianhong an Array Plate. This Array Plate could generate a powerful Killing Formation capable of unleashing a single attack at the Spiritual Fetus Realm, which was extremely precious. However, with your identity as a 7th tier alchemist on Sacred Heart Island, obtaining this item wasn’t a problem.]

[Bai Tianhong was extremely grateful, solemnly saluted you, and left. As for you, you continued to collect the refining materials for the 7th tier Elixir Soul-opening Elixir through various channels, hoping to refine the Soul-opening Elixir as soon as possible and break through to the Spirit

Accumulation Realm.]

[Ten years later, you finally collected all the precious materials and began refining the Soul-opening Elixir. You successfully refined the Soul-opening Elixir and managed to breakthrough to the Spirit Accumulation Realm by a stroke of luck.]

[You know that your cultivation has reached its limit, and without an opportunity, you fear that you’ll not be able to advance any further in this life. Therefore, while continuing to cultivate diligently, you also began to focus on alchemy and comprehending Sword Spirit, and started preparing cultivation resources for your next life, hoping to grow again to the Spirit Accumulation Realm and live a few hundred more years.]

[Another ten years passed, and Bai Tianhong never returned, so you began to worry that he might have fallen and started asking people to search for him.]

[In the blink of an eye, nearly fifty years passed, and Bai Tianhong was still nowhere to be found. Based on his loyal and righteous character, if he were alive, he wouldn’t stay away; you sighed and accepted in your heart that Bai Tianhong must have perished.]

[After that, you went to the Seven Stars Archipelago and arrived at the territory of the Sea Ape Clan. When you came here, the Sea Ape Clan had not yet experienced any unrest, so you quietly waited.] (f)reewebnovel

[Two months later, the Sea Ape Clan began to experience turmoil. You knew the mysterious young cultivator you’d been watching had started taking action, so you continued to observe the situation. Eventually, you managed to intercept that young cultivator while hiding your identity, forcing him into combat with the Sea Ape Clan Ancestor.]

[As a result, the young cultivator harbored great resentment towards you. In the end, he managed to erupt with formidable combat power, combined with the mighty force of a Profound instrument, and killed the Sea Ape Clan Ancestor. You were astonished at his immense strength.]

[However, although he killed the Sea Ape Clan Ancestor, he too reached the end of his strength. In the end, he was furiously torn to pieces by the other Sea Ape Clan experts who pursued him. You finally decided to make a move, competing for the Profound instrument.]

[With your formidable strength, you managed to seize the Profound instrument and left. From here on, the Sea Ape Clan fell into decline, began migrating away from this Sea region, attempting to escape to weaker Sea regions to survive. Otherwise, they would face the risk of genocide.]

[Time flew by, and another thirty years passed. As the time for Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun’s imminent demise approached, you had already possessed formidable strength and a Profound instrument, and were no longer afraid of the Mad Demon Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun.]

[Your arrival surprised Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun, who hoped you would stay and be a guest in Seven Star Palace for a while. You could guess at Nangong Yun’s thoughts, but with a sigh in your heart, you decided to repay the favor from the past, and took out an elixir. This was a 7th tier Longevity

Elixir which could help increase the lifespan of cultivators below the Profound

Elixir Realm by thirty years.]

[Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun was amazed that you took out such a precious elixir and had complex feelings about it. In the end, he didn’t accept the elixir, as he had already consumed one before and a second time would be ineffective.]

[Next, Seven Stars Ancestor continued to persuade you to stay at Seven Star Palace as a guest for a while, reasoning that if he were to die, chaos would reign in the Seven Star Palace, and he hoped you could help maintain order.]

[You knew the intentions of Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun but ultimately chose to agree, relying on your powerful strength. This was because you wanted to see any unusual phenomenon after breaking through to the

Profound Elixir Realm, and you also wished to obtain an incomplete Profound Pill left behind by Seven Stars Ancestor Nangong Yun after his failed breakthrough attempt as soon as possible. To cultivators below the Profound Elixir Realm, its value was priceless..]

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