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772 Come Over

“Oh, I see. Alright, alright. I won’t disturb Chairman Ye anymore. I’ll bring my people over tomorrow.”

With that, the call was cut off.

Sun Peng also understood what Chairman Ye meant, so he was quite touched. He admired Chairman Ye even more and trusted him more. After all, it was rare for a superior to care about his subordinates. Basically, they only valued benefits.

It was really rare to see a conscientious superior like Chairman Ye.

Then, Sun Peng looked at his secretary and spoke.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow after we talk to CEO Ye. Help me categorize this order list and do the calculations.”

With that, he opened the drawer and handed a stack of documents to the secretary. Then, he held the mouse and continued working.

After busying himself for a while, he got up and put on his coat. As he walked, he continued.

“I’ll leave first. Help me turn off the lights later and get off work. Remember to put the documents away.”

With that, he walked out of the door. The secretary heaved a sigh of relief and thought to himself that the CEO was finally off work. The secretary was so tired that he was numb.

At the same time, he was very happy. He hummed a tune and turned off the lights, appliances, plug switches, and so on. After confirming that there were no problems, he went out, packed up, and prepared to get off work.

If it wasn’t for Ye Xuan’s comforting words, Sun Peng would have been busy until midnight again. His secretary was already used to staying up late every day. In the entire company, Sun Peng’s secretary and assistant were the most diligent. There was no choice. It was very difficult for anyone to withstand this workload.

Meanwhile, after Ye Xuan rested for a while, he got up and returned to his room. He washed up and went to bed.

The next morning.

Today was a rest day, and his sisters were all at home.

Ye Xuan had already finished his breakfast. He sat on the sofa and looked at his Sixth Sister Ye Meng who had nothing to do.

“Sixth Sister, have you not been busy recently? I haven’t seen you go out for so long.”

“You’re still talking, Little Brother.”

Sixth Sister Ye Meng, who was lying on the sofa, sat up straight and complained to Ye Xuan.

“It’s all because of you. They don’t think they can afford me anymore and don’t dare to invite me now. Where do you think I can work?”

Indeed, after all, Ye Xuan’s status was too high. With such a little brother and such a background, Sixth Sister Ye Meng’s net worth simply doubled. As the queen of the film industry, her net worth was already high. With this, no one in the entertainment industry could afford to hire Sixth Sister.

Ye Xuan was amused when he heard that. He smiled and spoke.

“It’s fine. I’ll take care of you, Sister.”


Sixth Sister Ye Meng immediately snorted arrogantly. Just as she was about to speak, the other sisters interrupted.

“Me too, Little Brother!”

“Please provide for me, Little Brother!”

“Me too, me too!”

“I said it first. You’re not allowed to snatch him!”

“I was the one who said it first. You can’t snatch him!”

Ye Xuan smiled and watched his sisters play without saying anything. After a while, he looked at the time and spoke.

“Sisters, someone is coming to talk about serious matters later.”

When the sisters heard this, they immediately stopped fooling around. They curled their lips and stood up.

“We know. Aren’t you just chasing us away? We’ll pack up and go out.”

They also understood what Ye Xuan meant, so after saying that, they got up and went upstairs to tidy up. 𝑓𝓇ℯℯ𝓌ℯ𝑏𝑛𝘰𝑣ℯ𝘭.𝘤𝘰𝘮

Ye Xuan smiled and didn’t say anything. He stood by the balcony and looked outside, waiting for Sun Peng to arrive.

After about a minute, Sun Peng drove to the entrance of the villa.

Then, he got out of the car. Other than Sun Peng himself, a few actresses also got out from behind.

These actresses had been relatively popular recently. Each of them had tens of millions of fans and could be considered new A-list celebrities.

At this moment, the actresses were all shocked when they looked at the huge and extremely luxurious villa in front of them. They could not help but sigh. As expected of the place where Chairman Ye of the Tian Ming Medical Corporation lived. It was indeed luxurious and exquisite, filled with the aura of money.

“This is it. Don’t talk nonsense when we go in later.”

Sun Peng pointed at the villa and instructed the actresses. He was afraid that these young people would say something wrong and make Chairman Ye unhappy. That would be troublesome.

After all, young people could not be too young. Otherwise, they would be too young.

The actresses nodded seriously. They understood that even if Sun Peng didn’t say anything, they wouldn’t spout nonsense. After all, they didn’t dare to offend Chairman Ye.

Seeing that everyone understood, Sun Peng walked in and knocked on the door of the villa.

Ye Xuan had already seen them, so when he heard the knock on the door, he walked over and opened it.

“It’s Chairman Ye.”

As soon as he opened the door, Sun Peng nodded respectfully and introduced Ye Xuan to them.

“Let me introduce you. This is the chairman of the Tian Ming Medical Corporation, Chairman Ye Xuan. At the same time, Chairman Ye is also the chairman of the Dinglong Corporation and the chairman of many companies.”

Hearing this introduction, the actresses were simply dumbfounded. It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck them from the blue. They were about to have a seizure.

At first glance, they thought that Ye Xuan was Chairman Ye’s son or something. Who knew that this was Chairman Ye himself? Was this Chairman Ye? At this age…

The actresses simply fell silent.

Fortunately, they had good mental fortitude, so they quickly reacted and smiled.

“Hello, Chairman Ye.”

“Hello, Chairman Ye.”

“Hello, Chairman Ye.”

With that said, Sun Peng introduced again.

“Chairman Ye, this is Li Li, a recently promoted super popular actress. This is Chen Hairou, a very popular singer. This is Zhou Mi, a very popular actress recently…”

After some introductions, the introductions were finally over.

Ye Xuan nodded and opened the door to invite them.

“Yes, come in first.”

The actresses nodded and followed him into the villa cautiously.

As soon as they entered, they looked around and saw the luxurious decorations in the villa. There were expensive antiques and calligraphy paintings scattered everywhere, as well as natural crystal carvings, natural high-quality jade carvings, and so on.

The entire house was filled with an expensive aura. The actresses were simply shocked!


At this moment, Ye Xuan had already brought everyone to the sofa and invited them politely before sitting down.

Sun Peng and the other actresses nodded cautiously and sat down.

As soon as they sat down, Ye Xuan spoke to Sun Peng.

“Yes, about the release time. When the advertisement is filmed, we’ll get the posters done first. Then, we’ll put the posters on various billboards. After that, we’ll prepare to release them. We’ll release the first batch of products first and start mass production.”

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