Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers

Chapter 479 - Butterflies
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The sound was so loud that it reverberated around the courtyard making everyone jump. Lin Chen who just woke up, was so shocked that he stumbled and fell face-first on the ground. Annoyed, he got on to his fours and stupidly asked " Who here is banging utensils it's still early, damn it!"

Even Lin Jing and Lin Rui who were sleeping in their rooms came out because the brothers were united after a very long time they drank a lot or maybe it was better to say that Lin Chen, was the one who made everyone drink until they passed out.

Among the five brothers, Lin Jing, Lin Rui and Lin Chen had it worst, the three of them couldn't hold their liquor very well and would end up getting too drunk until they couldn't even remember their names. Which was why the three of them, hardly ever drank outside.. on the other hand, Lin Yu and Lin Yan could hold their liquor very well, they could drink alcohol like a fish drank water and wouldn't even stumble.

Thus, the two were completely fine but Lin Chen and the other two were pissed as hell, especially Lin Chen who was having a throbbing headache that could make an earthquake look small- therefore it wasn't a surprise that he was in a foul mood as he stomped towards the kitchen after getting on his feet.

" Second brother, for what exactly are you trying to do? Why are you banging and cracking pots- no wait" as he arrived at the crime of scene, Lin the ever - never stopping his chatter Chen was too surprised to say a thing.

Because Lin Yan wasn't banging pots to wake anyone up instead he was cradling his forehead and so was Su Wan, both of them were crouching on the ground? looking like they were in a lot of pain, his brows scrunched up unconsciously just as another wave of throbbing crashed in the back of his head, he pinched his nose to stop the delicious scent that was coming from the kitchen to fill up his nostrils because right now, unlike every other day, it didn't make his stomach rumble instead he felt like his entire stomach was churning which put him in an even more unhappy mood " Why are you two crouching on the ground like that?"

Neither of the two spoke but it was that one figure he was avoiding with all his might that spoke up-

" Ah, it was my fault! I surprised the two of them when they were all kissy, and that made them jump and then bang they hit each other" Fang Tao who finally came up with a proper method to get herself close to Su Wan after tossing and turning for an entire night, couldn't wait for the sun to rise properly in the sky after all she was just so excited that she immediately packed the things that she has worked for an entire night and rushed to the new Lin house.

It wasn't in her plan to scare either of them but - the naughty kid...Ahem the villainous in her immediately made her act, so that Lin Yan wouldn't be able to kiss Su Wan. This was, Fang Tao's explanation but the truth was that she herself didn't know what was going on behind the kitchen, once Madam Huo let her in, Fang Tao checked every cranny where Su Wan could be and when she found her with Lin Yan, she was just as surprised but her reaction was too slow and she was caught by the two of them.

Pretty much as soon as she spoke her mouth, Lin Chen winced at her shrill voice. He wasn't the only one, from behind he could hear two more winces as he turned around over his shoulder, he found that his brothers were suffering from the same hangover as him... Lin Rui, only drank a cup of fruit wine but he was looking dead to the world.

And Lin Jing… he was practically bullied by Sun Wan's uncle to drink the strong alcohol that Shen Zizhen had brought her for them from the capital and now his poor eldest brother was puffy-eyed with severe bags under them.

Lin Rui slapped his hands over his ears, looking close to tears "what's with all this noise?"

Lin grunted looking even more sullen than ever usually his brother was very laid back but right now he looked like he would gladly take on a bull who challenges him to a fight.

" You all are really .. looking like a bunch of idiots" Lin Yu who was looking even more annoying than ever simply walked past them and helped Su Wan up, who looked like she was in a lot of pain.

Lin Chen cursed himself for being too slow but every movement that he made … was making him feel like he was under too much pressure.

" Are you okay ?" Lin Yu who helped Su Wan up looked at her in concern making Lin Chen scoff. Lin Chen knew that his brother was a sly fox but this was too much! He wouldn't even let go of a chance when his brothers are like this!


" I am fine" Su Wan rubbed her throbbing forehead and looked at Fang Tao who looked both guilty and afraid, she couldn't harden her heart to scold the little girl so she simply asked " Fang Tao what are you doing here? It's still early …"

" Exactly, as I said!" Lin Chen wanted to shout but the second he raised his voice.. his entire vision went dizzy so he lowered his voice and whispered scolded " what are you doing here? Don't you have nothing better to do?"

Fang Tao glanced at him before ignoring him, she turned to Su Wan and happily simpered " Sister Wan Wan, didn't I say that I will show you a better skill than your husbands?" She proudly raised her chin and took out a piece of embroidered cloth and showed it to Su Wan " so I am here to show you my special skill!"

A stunned silence issued after her announcement and then.

" Pfft! Hahahaha!" Lin Chen who was waiting for Fang Tao to show off some mad skills immediately burst out laughing as he looked at Fang Tao and the piece of clothing that she was holding " Aahaha! So this is your special skill? Don't you know that every second woman of the village can do this?"

Fang Tao snorted giving him an irritated glare before turning to look at Su Wan as she waved the cloth in the air " Just wait for a second, if anyone could do what I can then I will happily call you big brother"

" Humph, then I will wait for for-" Lin Chen was still going on when he was poked in the ribs painfully by Lin Rui who motioned him to look at the cloth that Fang Tao was holding-

On the little piece of cloth… for some reason, unknown sat several small butterflies.

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