Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers

Chapter 4 - We Will Seperate
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Chapter 4 - We Will Seperate

" Wife calm down " said Lin Rui anxiously, he knew how hard it was for his brothers to save ten silver taels and get a wife for them . Their mother was sick and wanted grandchildren soon , thus all of them saved two taels for years and finally got enough money to find a wife . The era was no longer that bad where people will sell their daughters to them , and the one who were ready , their daughters weren't honest enough to treat their mother well . They were nearing the end of their wits when they found The Su family , Su Wan 's father was all ready to sell his daughter for a measly sum of ten taels .

Lin Rui and others were startled at his optimism at first after all the Su family was well to do , why will they sell their daughter to a bunch of poor lads like them but soon they found out Su Wan was the daughter of the first wife whom neither Su Bai nor his mother liked as they thought Su Wan 's mother had a princess syndrome , this was something the Lin brothers found laughable after all Su Wan 's mother was a famous butcher 's sister even though his family wasn't that rich, it was rich enough to treat their daughters well . It was the Su family good grace that Su Wan was willing to marry in their house , to think they pulled airs and treated Su Wan as such but this had nothing to do with the Lin brothers, they wanted a hard working and honest wife and Su Wan was a perfect candidate for them . ??

Thus , they used all their savings to buy her .Even though she was a bit diffrent then they thought her to be , but this was a given after all if Su Wan was easy to bully how can she snatch her dowry back from her sleazy father and greedy step mother ?

To think Su Bai married her to them because he didn't want to give dowry to a good marriage candidate and wanted to earn a few taels from this daughter , only to have her snatch it right under his nose , Lin Rui was amused thinking how the Su family will make do tonight .

" Pei ! What calm down ! How dare you coax her ! You good for nothing !" shouted Grandma Lin " And you , you want a divorce fat chance ! My grandsons brought you for ten who silver taels ! How dare you put airs as a sold good !"

When the words ' sold good ' resonated in the surroundings every one gaze changed towards her. , some sneered while other shook their heads . However, Su Wan wasn't worried she sneered and took out the pouch with ten taels and threw it at Lin Chen who caught it unconsciously

" There you go that's your ten silver taels !" said Su Wan putting a hand on her waist as she waved her knife " From this moments onwards I'm the legal married wife of the Lin brothers , who dare call me a sold goods ! I'm an equal wife ! Whom the Lin brothers married and brought here ! If I want a divorce , I will get a divorce !I will see who dares to stop me !"

Grandma Lin was shocked when Su Wan threw the pouch with ten taels , she hurried to take it away but was blocked by Lin Jing whose face darkened as he pulled Lin Chen away .

" Grand mother, is this farce not enough for you ?" asked Lin Yan coldly " Su Wan is our married wife , what does her dowry has to do with you ? Even if somebody wants to safeguard her dowry it will be our mother "

" Aiyo ! second Lin how can you talk like that ?" said Auntie Lin " Aren't we just worried about your mother tiring herself?"

" I have never seen you worry about my mother aunt " sneered Lin Chen as he put the pouch in his sleeves , this was the money that his wife brought , who dare snatch it from him ? " How come you are worried about her now?"

" Ah ! Ah ! somebody come and kill me " cried Grandma Lin as she fell on her butt and slapped her thighs , crying as if someone has dug open her ancestors graves

" What's wrong? What's happening ?" a frail looking willowy woman ran out of the inner rooms and looked around anxiously , Su Wan noticed her gaze settle on her for a second before the woman turned to look at Lin Jing " Ah Jing , what's wrong why is your grandmother* cough * * cough * crying ?"

" Mother its nothing wrong " seeing his mother rush out like this , Lin Jing felt his heart twitch in pain as he hurriedly coaxed her

"What's Wrong everything is wrong!" screamed Grandma Lin , she has been waiting for Miao Jin , how can she let her leave like this ? " This hussy wants a divorce and doesn't want to stay ! She says that if we want to keep her dowry, she will never set foot in this house ! She even dared to provoke your sons into rebelling against me ! Ever since she came she has been egging your sons to seperate or divorce and I want her repudiated yet your sons refused me ! How can they be so unfilial !?"

Su Wan remained silent , she could see that Mother Lin was sick and couldn't be agitated thus , she didn't rush off to fight the old woman Lin and remained standing like an onlooker , she wasn't throwing a casual threat , she had the money and skills to live a comfortable and there was no way she was going to waste her second chance worrying abour this or that , this life she will only cook , farm and enjoy .

This lady wants no hanky panky drama .

Mother Lin saw the other girl who looked at her with clear dark eyes . The girl was young and seemed used to harsh life , Mother Lin would be lying if she said she didn't feel sorry for this young girl and didn't had the heart to force the other girl to be bullied when she has to carry the Lin brothers lifeline all on her own .

" If - if * cough * let her go " said Mother Lin after a long pause " Don't * cough * Don't let her * cough * be bullied "

" Mother "

" Mother "

All the Lin brothers hurried to help Mother Lin who coughed blood and Su Wan sighed honestly , honest people always suffered .Originally , she had no desire to help but she could see that mother Lin was a good woman just lacked back bone .

" Madam , I think you are being foolish " said Su Wan ignoring the five glares that were pointed at her " Your common cold has been allowed to degrad to such a problematic stage yet you still want to stay in this house ?"

" What nonsense ! " snapped Grandma Lin as she patted her butt and jumped " Its tuberculosis ! What common cold !"

" Just because you could fool the villagers , don't think you can fool me too , old woman . My eldest uncle has a medicine shop in the capital , I know all about minor ailments , don't try to pull wool over my eyes " sneered Su Wan

When Su Wan brought her eldest uncle who lived in the capital , the old woman Lin was startled but Aunt Lin didn't want to give up thus she pointed a swollen finger at Su Wan and shouted " You are just trying to sow discord aren't you ? I don't see you sound so daring now that we agreed to divorce you !"

" Yes ! Yes !" mentally slapping herself Grandma Lin nodded as well agreeing with her second daughter in law

" Do you really think I'm scared ? I can walk out of here right now if you give me the seperation document " said Su Wan with an amused smirk " I just don't want a poor old woman to suffer under your suppression , if you don't believe call a physician , of course I will pay his fees " added Su Wan when she saw Grandma Lin open her mouth

" I -"

" Ah Chen call the physician " Lin Jing cut off whatever Grandma Lin was going to say with a glare , to him his mother was his bottom line . The only reason he withstanded Grandma Lin 's bullying was because he didn't want to aggravate his mother's situation but what if Grandma Lin lied to him from the very beginning? given his mother temperament , she will definitely hide whether or not a physician was called or whether she recieved the medicine . The brothers were busy with their works , no one in the Lin family worked except for themselves , thus they worked from dawn to dusk and when they returned their mother was long asleep .

Though they invited Physical Gu sometimes, they still can't keep an eye on the household activities every day . Whether or not the medicine was given on time , whether physician Gu was called or not - even if they tried all of the five brothers had limited energy and after a complete day of hunting , farming and pulling luggage , tired and hungry they returned home only to hear their mother say - that she recieved her medicine and treatment .

And as they have to be filial they couldn't question their Grand mother whether or not she really did call the Physician Gu . Thus , this situation occurred but now that Su Wan has pointed it out , how can Lin brothers let it go ?

Soom physician Gu was invited over , the old man didn't even checked Madam Lin for long and shook his head " Didn't I tell you to keep Madam Lin away from chill why is she still working in cold water ? And what happened to all the talk about giving her meat and protein dishes ! Did any of you gave her , the medicine I prescribed? how come her situation worsened ?"

Hearing Physician Gu 's question Su Wan leaned back on the sedan chair with crossed arms .

Damn if only there were some melon seeds , she would have enjoyed the show that was going to happen now .

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