Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers

Chapter 15 - Learn To Cook With Your Darling
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Chapter 15 - Learn To Cook With Your Darling

Cleaning the entire house that comprised of seven to eight rooms including kitchen and wash house wasn't an easy feat, within three hours Su Wan thought that she was going to die . There wasn't any electronic equipment for cleaning , not a single vacuum nor any good customized mop to help her clean .

In the end everything that she cleaned , she cleaned with her bare hands ! ??

Luckily , she was a pauper before she made it rich or else, he he she would have cried until the river Nile overflowed with her tears !

Massaging her waist she laid down on the mattress , since the money was tight . Lin Jing and Lin Yan only brought a single bed from the market , which was given to mother Lin as all of them were worried that mother Lin might fall sick , sleeping on the floor .

Thus , all of them were sleeping on the floor including Su Wan .

" Its so freaking hard , your mother ! I can't even sleep in such a hard mattress " as soon as Su Wan's waist touched the mattress , she jumped . It was full of dried hay ! There wasn't even cotton ..Aiye , she might not be a freaking billionaire but she worked hard enough to have every single comfort in her life , which included a water bed !

Now that she was sleeping on a hay mattress , Su Wan thought she just fell to hell from heaven .

In the end she tossed and turned but her body couldn't get used to the rough touch , thus , Su Wan sat back up . Whatever , she might as well see if she had enough money to buy cotton or not .

She took out the pouches that Lin Rui and Lin Jing gave her and started counting. Lin Rui had brought this house for fifty taels and for the remaining forty taels he brought two fields and two paddy fields , in the end all that was left was ten taels from his side .

As for Lin Jing and Lin Yan , the two brothers tried to skimp on money as much as they could but in the end true to Physician Gu 's words the cost of mother Lin medicine was upto one hundred and ten silver taels , they only used forty taels to buy the household needs and brought back fifty taels in case their family met with some emergency .

A total of three hundred taels was reduced to a mere sum of sixty taels . Even if Su Wan wanted she couldn't buy cotton, after all she couldn't just buy enough cotton for herself and let the entire Lin family sleep on hay filled mattress .

If she wanted to buy cotton for herself, she has to buy it for everyone else too . That much cotton might cost one or two silver taels .

And there was a matter of Kang bed too , at most they only have five months before winter came striking on them , within these five months they needed to save enough money for mother Lin 's medicine and necessary needs such as Kang bed without which all of them might end up freezing in night .

Looks like working in fields won't do .

Su Wan took the two deeds with her and rushed out of her room to find Lin Jing and the others .

Maybe just like her the Lin brothers were worried too as all them were gathered around the front porch and discussing something in low voices . Lin Jing being the sharpest of a was the first to notice her coming towards them

" Wife " he called putting a stop to their conversation , when the other brothers noticed that Su Wan was coming , they tactfully turned silent. Neither of them wanted Su Wan to feel upset over the seperation of their family .

" I have something to talk to you " coming to a stop Su Wan stood in front of the brothers who looked at each other and nodded at her to continue

Su Wan took a deep breath then she placed the two deeds of her shops in front of them " I have three shops but one of them is of makeup and accessories , I don't have much idea about these things and I think neither of you would have any interest either " then she took a breath and pointed at the two deeds in front of her " One of these shop sells embroidered clothing , I have few new designs in my mind but I don't know how to embroider things , if either of you knows , maybe we can introduce some new clothing together and sell it "

She looked at them and wasn't surprised when all of them turned to look at Lin Yu who returned their gazes with an expression that was awfully familiar to that of a deer caught in headlight .

" I - I , I , You want m-me to do it ?" since Lin Yu was even more terrified than before , his stuttering became worse .

" Yes " nodded Su Wan " If only you think you can do it ,I won't force you but our family is bit tight on money and we still have a lot of things that we need to buy "

" I - I , w-will tr-try my be'- best " said Lin Yu looking down at his hands in his lap

" And the second deed belongs to a restaurant " once Lin Yu agreed with the matter of the embroidery shop, Su Wan went on " though its earning is quite good in the end it depends on the recipe that my second uncle gave my mother . Since , the restaurant is not pricey many people come to eat their which harms my second uncle's business in the town . I think its time for us to change the menu and go independent "

" Then who will be responsible for this?" asked Lin Rui , embroidery was fine but cooking - neither of them were apt at cooking even second brother 's cooking was just palatable .

" I will -"

Before she could complete her sentence , her five husbands refused as one

" No ! "

" Never !"

" Wife we can't let you work so hard -"

" What is anyone bullies you ?'

" I don't agree !"

" Fine , fine " hearing their complaints Su Wan knew that their male chauvinism was at work thus she didn't argue , infact she too didn't want to tire herself in front of stove and heat all day just like her past self " if so one of you have to learn cooking "

This time everyone looked at Lin Yan whose lips twitched but he didn't refused " who will teach me ?"

" Is that even a thing to ask ? Of course I will "

Listening to Su Wan 's answer the other four Lin brothers were shocked

Second brother/ Lin Yan will be taught by Wan Wan? They thought it will be the chef at the restaurant . If they knew its their darling who was going to teach them , they would have taken this job !

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