Shrewd Wife Of Lin Brothers

Chapter 14 - Hot Spring
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Chapter 14 - Hot Spring

Lin Chen soon returned with a shovel and started digging the floor, even though the mud was solidified , Lin Chen was a man who worked in the fields since he was a child not to mention he was the one who was responsible for collecting fire wood for the family . Thus , each of his sweep was swift and forceful , soon he cleared up the newly leveled soil and dug until he was ten centimetres deep in the floor.

He swept the shovel once again on the floor when a loud ' Clang ' reverberated inside the room , shocking Lin Chen and the Lin brothers . Who hurriedly helped Lin Chen to clear up the mud on the wooden lid that was the size of a well . ??

" Open it , hurry up " seeing that the soil was mostly cleared Su Wan urged them to pick up the lid and throw it away .

The Lin brothers glanced at each other then bowed down to pick up the lid , as soon as they opened the lid , warm water gushed out from beneath it , shocking them into throwing the wooden piece of lid away .

This water - why was it so warm just like boiling water .

" Yes , we are going to be so rich!" Su Wan didn't shared the same confusion with her husbands instead she hurriedly rushed in to the hot spring and dipped her aching feet , enjoying the warming sensation as it relieved her of her ache .

" Wife ? " Lin Jing saw Su Wan happily cheering for this boiling pit of water and frowned , what was so good about this pit ? If she wanted he could warm so many pot of water for her ! Why only praise the pit ?

" Wan Wan , what do you mean ? " Lin Chen circled around the hot spring and dipped his hand , he had expected a treasure chest hidden in the floor when Su Wan said that they will be rich , but it was only a small pond of hot water ! " This is just hot water , how can we get rich from this ?"

" Ah Chen , you silly man " since Su Wan was in good mood, she wasn't angry at Lin Chen 's doubtful expression instead she started to explain him patiently " Touch the soil , and you will find that compared to the ground outside its warmer , this hot water is called hot spring, its warm all year around , because of it the soil around it will also be hot , if we all plant some vegetable seeds in here right now , they won't wither in the cold winter and instead with this moderate temperature , they will grow very well as long as we take good care of them . This way we will be the only one who will sell fresh vegetables in the winter , think how much can we earn with just this rarity in our hands "

When Su Wan was finished with her explanation all the Lin brothers were dumbfounded before they all finally crouched down and touched the soil that was surrounding the hot spring .

" Its really warm!" exclaimed Lin Rui surprised that such a thing can exist " Wan Wan is right , as long as we took care of pig manure and watering the crops adequately , we will be able to sell vegetables even in winters !"

" Th- The Ling fa-family al-so , sold veg-eta-bles in the wi-nter " said Lin Yu stuttering slightly as he looked at the hot spring with small stars shining in his eyes " M-many no-nobles brought veg-etables from the-them "

" That's right " slapping his forehead Lin Yan said " I remember now , the Ling family was a poor family too and only owned this much of land , eldest brother when we were kids , didn't the Ling family only had a small hut ? But then I heard they wanted to build another one thus they dug around their old hut to build it , it was only then when they have built that hut did they became abnormally rich , if I remember it correctly the old hut that they built next to their house , should be this exact room !"

" En " Lin Jing was different from his brothers who needed to recollect things througly , he was a hunter and naturally had a good memory . And if he could navigate his way through the forest it was easy for him to pin point the location of the Ling family 's second hut .

" Then why did they shut off something this good?" asked Lin Chen incredulously , he too followed Su Wan actions of removing his shoes and dipping his feet in the water , at once he closed his eyes and sighed in relief.

Lin Rui rolled his eyes at his question " use your brains third brother , don't you remember how petty the old master of Ling family was ? Considering how narrow minded he was , I think he didn't want any other family from the village to become as rich as his family "

Lin Chen 's face turned purple and he scolded the Ling family furiously " What a bunch of selfish people ! Its fine if they didn't share it when they were still living here but what is the point of hiding , when they all are already settled in the capital !"

" Ah Chen , what are you screaming for - Aiya , what did you break this door for !" When none of her sons returned back , Mother Lin got worried and walked inside to see only to find the door of the haunted room broken .

" Mother don't worry , listen to me " said Lin Rui as he hurriedly placated mother Lin , explaining the entire matter to her .

Once Lin Rui finished telling her of the entire ordeal , mother Lin 's pale face flushed " And here I thought that the madam Ling really wanted to help the villagers ! I mean , how can she find her conscience suddenly ? Haven't she always looked down on us poor villagers " Mother Lin 's lips curled in disdain but then she once again turned worried " But Ah Rui , the Ling family wanted no one to find this out , if they knew we found it out , what will they do ? Their son is a sixth ranking official "

" What can they do ?" harrumphed Lin Rui " They set this house for a total of fifty taels , the price was sky high yet I paid the entire money in silver . The deed is already named after our family "

" But-"

" Mother , don't worry about the Ling family " said Su Wan with a sneer " If they dared to have ideas against our family , I will make it so that neither of their well known reputation is left in the capital "

"Su Wan don't be rash ! " exclaimed Mother Lin anxiously " If you do something like they will sent you to yamen !"

" If they do they do , I don't fear the Yamen , what I fear is all of us freezing to death this winter , if we don't take this risk "

The Lin family was stunned but soon they realized that Su Wan was right they just seperated from the Old Lin family , if they don't earn anything then the old madam of Lin family won't even spit on their cold corpses , much less give them anything to eat . And there was mother Lin 's medicines as well , without this risk , they might really starve to death !

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