Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 751: Swords united! Husband and wife duo, perfect cooperation
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Chapter 751: Swords united! Husband and wife duo, perfect cooperation


The giant roared even though it had no mouth. It was so loud it sounded like it had a bigger vocal chord than the entity suggested. The roar stirred the entity’s surrounding. The dim room lit up with an eerie shade of red.

The blood-red color would chill the hearts of any who faced the monster. When the roar travelled throughout the room, the whole room lit up properly. The giant grew in size after ir roared.

The entity’s appearance could be seen through the sinister light in the room. It is a giant with skin as red as blood. It looked like it just came out of a blood bath. The only thing redder than its skin is its red pair of eyes.

An Oni!

Asuna and Wu Yan thought when they saw the creature.

Asuna’s face turned pale when she saw the malevolent boss. She couldn’t but take a step back. The giant looked absolutely terrifying to a girl like her.

Wu Yan stepped in front of Asuna to shield her. With Elucidator and Heaven Gazer at his sides, he stood like an unyielding guardian. Asuna’s heart calmed down and she stood by Wu Yan’s side after steadying her mind. She also got into a stance with her rapier.

“You okay?...”

Wu Yan asked.

Asuna sucked in a breath of air and she nodded with a firm look.

“Of course!”

Wu Yan nodded in response. He looked at the giant, specifically, he looked at the throbbing black cloud core in the giant’s chest.

“Attack the pulsating core of clouds if you can!”

Wu Yan said. Asuna got what he meant the moment he pointed that out.

The oni and the clouds were merged together, the cloud core didn’t disappear so that must mean something. The HP bar stayed with the core of swirling clouds when it appeared. Attacking the core must be the correct choice.

Maybe, it’s the thing’s weakness!


As if it understood human speech, the giant bellowed once more as its bloody aura coalesced into a greatsword.


Its eyes flashed red for a second and then it started bulldozing towards Wu Yan and Asuna like a truck out of control.

Asuna steadied herself and she brandished her rapier with pink sword effects.


She rained down jabs after jabs at the approaching giant. Her sword beams flew at the rampaging Oni.


Faced with a torrent of jabs, the giant swept its giant sword at the attacks.

Bam bam bam bam bam

The sword beams were deleted like nothing but Asuna isn’t fazed in the slightest. She took another jab, this time, aiming for the cloud core at its chest.


Enraged by Asuna’s attack, the giant stopped its sword and it deflected Asuna’s attack with brute force, followed by a counter attack aimed at Asuna’s head.

This attack would most likely one-shot Asuna’s HP into the yellow zone.

Asuna didn’t stop to defend or parry, she continued attacking the cloud core.

Two shining beams of light intervened before the giant can hit Asuna.


Two swords of darkness clashed with the savage greatsword. The wind generated blew Asuna’s hair into complete disarray. Stopped by this tremendous impact, the greatsword couldn’t touch Asuna.

She suffered minor cuts from this enormous impact but the two black swords stopped most of the attack so she did what she set out to do, give the giant’s core a good shanking.


The oni wailed in pain. Before it can recover, it moved the greatsword.


The oni got staggered by an immense force from the swords. Then, like the rapier, the swords slashed the giant on its chest.


The HP bars fell drastically when it suffered multiple attacks to the core. Without a chance to recuperate, a rapier, two black swords visited it once more.


The oni got sent backwards.



Wu Yan and Asuna were like phantoms that disappeared the moment the boss looked away. The two of them pounded the boss continuously without giving space to breathe. The three swords were having a field day cutting up the boss’ cloud core.

Now, the oni whimpered incessantly as they took turns hitting it in his weak point. The HP bars were steadily decreased.

Wu Yan and Asuna were still at full health whereas the boss already loss one big chunk of HP bar.

In short, the boss got bullied.

With an angry stomp, the Oni backed away from Asuna. It wanted to pummel Wu Yan but Asuna stopped with another flurry of sword jabs.

Bam bam bam

Dozens of stabs fell upon the boss. It only managed to interrupt the boss’ attack animation, it didn’t reduce the boss’ hp.

The two finally confirmed the boss as the cloud core itself. The core can’t attack so the phantom will do it for the core. It’s like the core is controlling the giant.

This is the 99th-floor’s boss true appearance. The shadow spawns were only a tool for the core to summon the giant.

With this information, Wu Yan and Asuna were sure they can take the boss down. The two figures criss-crossed like forked lightning. They locked onto the boss and they unleashed torrents of attacks at the boss. Wu Yan interrupted the boss whenever it tried attacking by using his black swords. Meanwhile, Asuna focused on attacking the cloud core. They also switched role in only a split second whenever the situation called for it. The boss barely had any time to stop the players.

In a year, they went around labyrinths. They built their camaraderie up over the years. Clearing maps, leveling up. Facing the floor boss also became easy for them because they can tag team like nobody’s business. It’s like they were a perfect pair of fighters.

Their combos were absolutely in sync and flowing.

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