Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 921 - The Difference
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Chapter 921: The Difference

“If she is tactful, she will obediently return your family’s property and marry into my Yue family. If she is not tactful, she will no longer have a place in the Sacred Realm of Sects.” Yue Pingjian did not wait for Wei Zhixuan to speak and spoke again with confidence.

In his opinion, dealing with the Golden Pill Sect from a small region could be solved easily, and he didn’t even have to think about it. He felt that his willingness to marry Ling Chuxi was a blessing she had gained from her previous life, and it was a big advantage for her. Perhaps in the eyes of others, this kind of thinking was a bit weird, but in the Sacred Realm of Sects where the strong were respected, this kind of marriage was normal. Otherwise, Jiang Wuhen would not have fled from his house.

Wei Zhixuan almost rolled his eyes. ‘It’s obvious that your heart was moved by lust and had nothing to do with me. Saying that you’re acting on my behalf is really too shameless.’ However, Wei Zhixuan had witnessed the strength of the disciples of the sect. How could such a shameless, dirty act like bullying men and dominating women sound so righteous in the mouth of others? What a difference!

“Second younger cousin, let’s make a long-term plan for this matter. It’s a little strange that she came to the Flowing Clouds Sect, is she also here to congratulate Second Uncle?” Wei Zhixuan found it odd and didn’t know what to say, so he changed the subject.

When Yue Pingjian heard about the birthday celebration, his mood sank again. Earlier, he had only cared about fantasizing and had forgotten about this matter.

If the Golden Pill Sect came to celebrate his birthday, what gift would they have prepared? Would it be the Gold Transformation Jade Liquid? The old man was an old tree blooming, and it would be the most appropriate gift. The more Yue Pingjian thought about it, the more disturbed he became. In case they really gave this gift and pleased the old man, they would gain his favor and his own plans would be ruined. Moreover, he would not want the Gold Transformation Jade Liquid to fall into the hands of that little fellow.

Why not find an excuse to drive them away to avoid more trouble?

“Let’s go take a look before making a decision,” Yue Pingjian declared to Wei Zhixuan. After walking a few steps, he found that Wei Zhixuan was still standing in his original position, and he frowned at him. “What’s wrong with you?”

“What about I not go over?” Wei Zhixuan became fearful as soon as he saw Ling Chuxi. He wanted to hide, and couldn’t even imagine going up to her.

“This is the Flowing Clouds Sect, are you still afraid of her? If she is wise, she will just abide obediently. If she is not wise, then I shall help you gain back some interest today.” Yue Pingjian snorted.

“Fine then...” Hearing what Yue Pingjian said, Wei Zhixuan had no choice but to force his legs to follow Yue Pingjian. His heart was pounding like a drum.

This was the Flowing Clouds Sect, so she wouldn’t dare do anything here, right? She wouldn’t be that brave, right?

Soon, Yue Pingjian reached Ling Chuxi and the others while Wei Zhixuan hid behind him in fear, scared that Ling Chuxi would see him.

“Junior Brother Yan, weren’t you in Da He City? Why are you back here?” Yue Pingjian asked Yan Rusong indifferently, putting on the airs of a senior brother.

“Senior Brother Yue, I brought these guests back to the sect. After arrangements are made for them, I will return to Da He City,” Yan Rusong said respectfully to Yue Pingjian. Although he was an inner disciple, his status was still not as good as the disciples that had Yue Pingjian’s ancestry. Otherwise, he would not have been sent to Da He City to maintain law and order there.

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