Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous Miss

Chapter 600 - Talent
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Chapter 600: Talent

Chu Fengyun felt the sudden urge to strangle Qiu Gaohe. ‘Even I who do not know any medical skills can tell these idiots are faking it, and yet a dignified clan head of the Golden Pill Sect’s Qiu family stream can’t tell? Even if you want to pretend, can you not be so dumb about it?’

As Ding Lin Country’s guardian and Wu Feng Hall’s Great Worshipper, this was the first time Chu Fengyun felt a sense of defeat that came from the bottom of his heart.

The corners of Mo Kongyuan’s lips twitched. If not for the fierce fighting going on, he would have been rolling on the ground and clutching his stomach in laughter.

In the beginning, he had been worried for Ling Chuxi, but he never would have expected the brat’s poison skills to be so amazing. Seeing the experts of Wu Feng Hall’s interesting performance, Mo Kongyuan felt ridiculously smug. ‘Of course, only I, Mo Kongyuan, could choose such an amazing successor! Hahaha!’

Chu Fengyun could see Mo Kongyuan fighting to restrain his manic laughter, and was so furious that his face turned red.

He never would have thought that the experts of his beloved Wu Feng Hall that he had won over from various countries were actually like this! Not to mention that besides her martial arts and cultivation, Ling Chuxi also had such amazing poison skills that even that miserable trash Qiu Gaohe, who had boasted that his poison skills were the best in the world, was terrified to approach her!

He had strategized and planned this for so long, even using the innocent citizens of two villages as bait, and had gotten this comedy in the end. Chu Fengyuan almost had steam coming out of his ears at this point.

Chu Fengyun had no choice but to use ‘that scheme’. Things had already reached this stage, and if he did not get rid of these two, Ding Lin Country would never see a day of peace.

Chu Fengyun pushed out both his palms, then quickly retreated.

“You’re not fighting? In that case, we will make a move. Thank you, Brother Chu, for considering us so powerful that you had to bring so many experts along to restrain us. You are really too polite,” Mo Kongyuan scoffed sarcastically to Chu Fengyun as he went to Ling Chuxi’s side.

“Do you really think you will be able leave?” Chu Fengyun said through gritted teeth.

“Could it be that you still think you can kill us?” Mo Kongyuan sneered, smirking.

“Hmph! I might not be able to kill you, but you shouldn’t dream of leaving this place.” Chu Fengyun suddenly gathered all his strength and pushed out his palms. His abundant True Qi formed a bubble, which rolled towards Mo Kongyuan and Ling Chuxi.

With both of them at the realm of True Essence, however, an attack from such a distance was of no threat to them. They shifted slightly and avoided the attack.

Mo Kongyuan saw the murderous intent in Chu Fengyun’s eyes and his heart pounded. What was he trying to do?

“Attack!” Chu Fengyun suddenly bellowed.

The people of Wu Feng Hall were shocked at Chu Fengyun’s actions. Since he was here with them now, they no longer dared to pretend like earlier – they gathered their True Qi and Battle Qi and sent them out.

Mo Kongyuan and Ling Chuxi once again easily dodged their attacks, looking confused. Attacking like this was completely pointless, was Chu Fengyun just trying to drag on the match? What exactly was his aim in doing this? The ominous feeling inside them became worse.

Suddenly, there was a loud rumbling noise from behind Mo Kongyuan and Ling Chuxi, like a huge stone falling into a lake. The invisible barrier outside Little Silver Ancient Mountain actually rippled slightly, and then started churning.

“He’s gone crazy! He actually wants to attack Little Silver Ancient Mountain’s barrier and use the strong Eight Gate Array to deal with us both!” Ling Chuxi exclaimed, her heart clenching.

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