Shinka no Mi

Chapter 214: Before Plunging
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Chapter 214: Before Plunging

When we released the S-class adventurer who had been captured by the 【Demon God’s Cult】, we returned to Terviel once.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to carry them since there were so many of them, but an unexpected phenomenon occurred again here.

To my surprise, the bodies of all the unconscious people suddenly emerged on the spot and followed us as they were!

“Wha,what the hell’s going on!?”

“…… I’m not surprised anymore.”

“Well, it’s Seiichi’s power, isn’t it!”

No, I think Saria is right, though!

However, I don’t know what forces are at work here.

Then, I suddenly heard a voice.

『It seems that gravity is carrying them for the sake of Seiichi-sama』

“Is that so”

I’ve already got the land and sea as friends. I wouldn’t be surprised if gravity became our companion now. Yes.

Whatever the case, it was true that it became easier for me to carry them, so I took the S-class adventurers and headed for the royal castle. I don’t know what it was, but I feel like a hero carrying a coffin.

More importantly, would I rather go to the guild than to the royal castle? That’s what I thought, but originally, we started by rescuing Elemina-san, and as a result, we were able to rescue everyone, so I decided to report it to Ranze-san first.

As it was an emergency situation, I transferred directly to the entrance of the royal castle, and the gatekeeper was surprised by my sudden appearance, but he let me in.

And after waiting for a while, Ranze-san and Elemina-san arrived.


“Ranze-san! Sorry to barge in on you like this……”

“No, there’s no problem. Thanks to you, Elemina was saved. Besides, the guys behind you are……”

“Yes, they are the ones who were captured by the 【Demon God’s Cult】.”

“Understood. Oy! Get them patched up!”

As soon as Ranze-san gave the order, the other soldiers appeared and took them all in.

Elemina-san, who was watching the scene, let out a sigh of relief.

“Haa…… all of them are definitely S-class adventurers. There were some faces I didn’t recognize, but they were caught together, and I’m pretty sure they were victims.”

“That’s right. Or rather, if you were able to save those guys, then you really went to the underworld……”

“We,well…… hahaha”

Ranze-san, who probably had already heard from Elemina-san that the base of the 【Demon God’s cult】 was in the Netherworld, had a drawn back smile on his face. It’s hard to believe it if you think about it normally!

“Moreover, it feels strange, probably because I met this Seiji guy just an hour ago ……”

“Well, it’s just the second person increased me, so you don’t have to worry about it ……”

“What do you mean by second person increased!?”

I’ve been surprised since I came to this world, so I’m no longer surprised if I became two. There’s even a female version of me.

“More importantly, the fact that you had released the S-class adventurers like this means that …… don’t tell me you’ve already crushed the headquarters of the 【Demon God’s Cult】!?”

“N,no, we haven’t done that yet. However, I was able to find them and release them while moving around the base, so I thought it would be a priority to have them protected here first rather than moving on……”

Besides, their stronghold is unnecessarily large, so I don’t even know if I’ll be able to reach the deepest part.

Or rather, we got into the headquarters of the 【Demon God’s Cult】 with great momentum, but is there really a Demon god there?

Maybe the Demon god himself doesn’t exist, and there’s just another group of gods just like those guys named Yutis waiting for us.

I’d like to settle this here if possible……

“Anyway, I’m going to go back and continue on.”

“Is that so…… I’m sure you’ll be fine, but be careful, okay? We never know what will come out. Since if the Demon God is really resurrected, you will be dealing with him.”


After finishing my conversation with Ranze-san, I asked him to take care of all the S-class adventurers again, and returned to the stronghold of the 【Demon God’s Cult】.


We returned to the place where we saved the S-class adventurers again.

“Now then, all we have to do is figure out what to do with this stronghold, but……”

“How much longer this is going to go on?”

As Saria said, we’ve been walking for quite a while already.

Rather, it would be nice if the stronghold itself would shrink ……

Immediately, as I thought this, the surroundings suddenly began to make a loud ground tremor!

“Wha,what is it!?”

As we all froze and remained vigilant, ready to deal with any unforeseen situation, the ground stopped shaking.

And ――――

『You have been brought to the Demon God’s room. 』

“You’re kidding me!?”

The other side has already come to us!? No, in this case, it’s probably more accurate to say that we were forced to be brought in here!

Besides, if you could do that, why didn’t you do it in the beginning!?

Even though I thought I had gotten used to it, I couldn’t keep my open mouth shut when the world was doing some amazing things with a momentum that surpassed my familiarity with it.

Then, it seemed that Saria and the others had heard the voice I had just heard, and they all looked at me with enlightened eyes. Stop! Your warm eyes are chipping away my spirit!

“I,it’s already good! Let’s just get out of this place and be done with it!”

If I stay here any longer, my separation from humanity will accelerate, so I’m going to go fight the Demon God that’s the source of all this.

As I stepped out into the corridor beyond the room, a luxurious door appeared, just as the voice had said.

Moreover, from that door, I feel something like an intimidating feeling that I have never felt before.

“……That’s easy to say, but we’re going to deal with a God from now on ……”

What’s more, according to the story I heard from Beatrice-san before, the Demon God is the same as the God that brought me to this world.

It’s no exaggeration to say that I am what I am today, because of God.

Of course, even though there was an irregular existence for the gods called the 『Fruit of Evolution』, I am very grateful to that God who bestowed me the 【Complete Dismantling】.

Saria tugged at my clothes as I was now feeling scared in front of the boss named Demon god.



“Seiichi will be fine. As always, do what you want, just as Seiichi thinks, because it will always lead to a better direction!”


“That’s right, okay? Seiichi. What’s the point in worrying about it now? Anyway, if we don’t beat him here, we’re just going to be killed.”

“It’ll be fine if it’s Milord, you know! Since no matter what, you’re my lord!”

“……Nn. I’m not Glutton, but if it’s Seiichi-oniichan, then it’ll be okay”

“Tha,that’s right! You often lament your power, Seiichi-san, but I was saved by that power of Seiichi-san. That’s why, this time as well, that power should go in the right direction!”

“See? Seiichi! Just like me, everyone feels the same way! Seiichi will be fine! I’ll guarantee it!”

After Saria, Al and the others also encouraged me.

“Is that so…… you’re right! As usual, I’ll run swiftly!”


When I faced the boss’ room again, I opened the door.

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