She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 511 - Serves You Right for Being Single (2)
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Chapter 511: Serves You Right for Being Single (2)

Mo Xiao casually ordered four to five dishes.

After he finished speaking, he saw Lin Jiansheng’s strange expression and raised his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Jiansheng revealed an awkward expression and said, “Grand State Master, I only have spicy hotpot and instant noodles that cost seven bucks each. Which flavor do you want?”

Mo Xiao was speechless.

Mo Xiao suddenly missed the royal family’s chef.

“Then I’ll eat hotpot.”

Soon, Lin Jiansheng brought two hotpots over.

Mo Xiao stared at Lin Jiansheng’s unkempt appearance while eating and looked around the overly large manor. He couldn’t help but say, “Do you want to find a butler?”

In the entire manor, other than the living room and room, the other houses were covered in dust. This manor was so dirty it was almost made into a haunted house by Lin Jiansheng.

Finding a butler to manage the manor was something he urgently needed.

Without raising his head, Lin Jiansheng said, “Why waste that money? If a butler is here, he’ll live in my house and eat my food. After that, I have to pay him a salary. It’s not worth it.”

Mo Xiao, who had long heard of Lin Jiansheng’s stingy ways, was instantly speechless after hearing his explanation.

Why would someone be so stingy?


Mo Xiao was a man. Occasionally, he would be flippant. When he thought of the rumors about Lin Jiansheng, he couldn’t help but tease, “You can’t find a woman because you can’t bear to spend money on a woman, right?”

When Lin Jiansheng heard Mo Xiao’s teasing, he said without thinking, “Why should I find a woman? I worked hard to earn money, but in the end, I still have to take it out to buy bags, shoes, and jewelry for a woman. Can’t I use it to buy a few more packs of good cigarettes for myself?”

No one could get a single cent from him, except Yu Huang and Kong Qing.

Mo Xiao was speechless.

“You deserve to be single.”

It would be strange if such a man could find a woman.

After Lin Jiansheng finished his food in a few bites, he wiped his mouth and suddenly said to the Grand State Master, “Grand State Master, you are knowledgeable and have even been to the Upper World. I want to ask if there are any secret techniques in this world that can revive the dead?”

After saying that, Lin Jiansheng noticed that Mo Xiao had narrowed his eyes in an instant. The way he looked at him became unfathomable.

Lin Jiansheng felt his scalp tingle from Mo Xiao’s gaze.

After a long while, Mo Xiao asked, “Why are you asking this?” Mo Xiao was sizing up Lin Jiansheng. His gaze was very sharp, as if he wanted to see Lin Jiansheng’s nature through his upright appearance.

He even suspected that Lin Jiansheng was going to revive a certain demon.

Lin Jiansheng was a Purifying Spirit God. If he wanted to cause trouble, he wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

Lin Jiansheng knew that Mo Xiao must have misunderstood.

He hurriedly braced himself and explained, “Grand State Master, I’m a good person.” Lin Jiansheng pointed at his fierce face and declared in all seriousness, “Although I look fierce, I’m actually very kind. I’m a good person. I won’t do anything evil.”

Mo Xiao was amused by Lin Jiansheng’s comical appearance. There was indeed a hint of mirth in his eyes. “Tell me, what do you want to do?”

Only then did Lin Jiansheng take out the Spirit Nurturing Bottle.

“Spirit Nurturing Bottle.” Mo Xiao recognized the bottle at a glance. “Who did you raise in the bottle?”

Lin Jiansheng’s ears suddenly turned red.

Mo Xiao raised his eyebrows. “What? You can’t tell me?”

Lin Jiansheng stammered, “It’s the soul of Purifying Spirit Grand Master Su Tingxue.”

“Su Tingxue.” Mo Xiao was a little surprised. “Didn’t she die more than 600 years ago? Why do you have her remnant soul?” When Su Tingxue was surrounded by the six families, Mo Xiao was suffering on the Divination Continent.

Therefore, Mo Xiao wasn’t familiar with Su Tingxue.

Lin Jiansheng told the Grand State Master about how Sheng Xiao went to the Black Dome to fight for the Purifying Spirit Sacred Pearl a few years ago and found a wisp of Su Tingxue’s remnant soul in the pearl.

When the Grand State Master heard this, he said, “Since Su Tingxue has been reduced to ashes, it’s impossible for there to be any remnant soul left. Unless…” When he thought of a possibility, the Grand State Master’s expression became complicated.” Unless Su Xuanye secretly hid a wisp of her soul. ”

When he heard this, Lin Jiansheng’s expression instantly turned ugly. “Couldn’t it be that Senior Su’s soul power was powerful enough to avoid this calamity? That bastard Su Xuanye betrayed Senior Su back then. He couldn’t wait for Senior Su to die completely. How could he be kind enough to hide a wisp of her soul?”

Lin Jiansheng sounded so jealous that even Mo Xiao could tell.

Mo Xiao said with a faint smile, “I heard that Su Tingxue and Su Xuanye weren’t only master and disciple, but they were also a couple. Perhaps Su Xuanye had feelings of love and guilt for Su Tingxue, so he secretly hid a wisp of her remnant soul. It’s not strange. Perhaps he even planned to revive Su Tingxue after the situation was settled.”

“Impossible!” Lin Jiansheng snorted coldly and refused to admit this possibility.

He wished that Su Xuanye was a heartless person. That way, Su Tingxue would hate him deeply. Only then would he have a chance to get close to Su Tingxue.

Mo Xiao suddenly said, “You like Su Tingxue.” His tone was firm.

Lin Jiansheng’s fierce face instantly turned red. “Grand State Master, don’t talk nonsense!”

“Heh, we’re both men. Why are you pretending?” Mo Xiao knew what feelings Lin Jiansheng had for Su Tingxue when he saw his reaction.

Lin Jiansheng glanced at the Spirit Nurturing Bottle guiltily, afraid that Su Tingxue would hear their conversation.

Mo Xiao caught Lin Jiansheng’s small action and the mirth in his eyes deepened.

After knowing that Lin Jiansheng only wanted to revive Su Tingxue and not any other great demon, Mo Xiao was relieved. “It’s not that there’s no way to revive the dead, but it’s not easy.”

Lin Jiansheng hurriedly asked anxiously, “What way?”

The Grand State Master took out a sheepskin book from his interspatial ring. “This is a secret scroll I obtained from the Divination Continent. Take a look.” After a pause, he said, “Read it here. Return it to me after you’re done.”

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