She Chose to Be Strong After Her Rebirth and Won Everything Back

Chapter 178 - 178 Old Friend
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178 Old Friend

The emcee was still urging, “Everyone, look carefully. No one has claimed it yet…”

“It’s Sisi!” Chuchu stood up immediately. She first looked at her parents, then at the host. my sister won a prize!

He easily brought home a large television.

Sisi’s ability to make money was even better than her parents’. Just by eating a meal, she had earned a TV!

Qu Zhi also felt very happy. As expected of her precious treasure, she was so lucky.

This television was in such good condition that it was just right to be placed in the small bungalow. It would save him some home appliances expenses.

At this moment, the phone rang.

“Hello?” The smile on Qu Zhi’s face hadn’t disappeared.

She could already imagine how comfortable it would be to live in that small bungalow.

“Qu Zhi.” The other party’s voice was hoarse and weak, and Qu Zhi could not recall who it was.

“You are…” Qu Zhi racked her brains but still couldn’t figure out who this was.

The other party smiled weakly. “I’m Deng Dong.”

He remembered. It was her childhood friend, Deng Dong.

They played together when they were young. Qu Zhi didn’t have many friends, so she didn’t continue her studies. On the other hand, Deng Dong continued her studies and even went to an art school to further her studies abroad.

Later on, she became a freelance artist overseas. She was doing well and had his own studio. Later on, she married a Cantonese man and had a boy.

They had always kept in touch in their previous lives, usually through phone calls or letters. No matter how busy she was, she would always receive news. Many of the goods Qu Zhi used were from overseas, and they were all brought by Deng Dong.

Hearing her voice, Qu Zhi felt a sense of familiarity.

In this life, she did not know if it was because she had moved out, but she had not received any calls or letters from her.

“Deng Dong! Have you returned to the country? Come to my house.” It was a good time to catch up. Qu Zhi liked this girl very much.

They were inseparable when they were young and even more so when they grew up.

Although she didn’t know why they had lost contact, Qu Zhi had memories of her past life and knew Deng Dong was a close friend. She definitely didn’t want to lose this good friend again.

“Not now.” Deng Dong sounded a little weak on the other end of the phone. “We just landed. Auntie won’t let me go out.”

Qu Zhi thought for a moment. The weather had indeed gotten colder recently, and it was very cold outside, but what right did the Auntie have to lock her up at home?

Deng Dong was indeed her good friend for many years. She immediately guessed the meaning behind her silence. “I haven’t had the chance to tell you that I have a child.”

Now that she thought about it, it was indeed like that. Her son was a little younger than Sisi, about the same age. In her previous life, they had even joked about an arranged marriage when they were young.

“Can I come and take a look?” Qu Zhi was interested. If anything happened, she could also help Deng Dong.

“All right,” she said. Deng Dong’s voice was still cold and tired. “I live at No. 3 Caidu Road…”

She slowly told her the address, and Qu Zhi quickly jotted it down in her little notebook.

Qu Zhi was so excited that she didn’t notice Deng Dong’s tone at all. She only thought that Deng Dong was probably too tired. After all, it wasn’t easy for him to drag a child back from abroad.

Qu Zhi wanted to bring her some milk powder to nourish her body, but the department store was closed at this time, so she had to buy it the next day.

“Who is it?” Liang Wen had drunk a lot today. Although he wasn’t drunk yet, he was already a little tongue-tied when he spoke.

As soon as he spoke, Chuchu laughed. Sisi also wanted to laugh, but she was also very busy today. Her eyelids were heavy, and her head was heavy, but she still hummed along with her sister.

“It’s Deng Dong!” Qu Zhi was certain that Liang Wen knew this girl. “She’s back in the country.”

“Oh, isn’t she in Singapore?” Liang Wen closed his eyes and pouted. The alcohol had gotten to his head, and he couldn’t open his eyes anymore.

Qu Zhi didn’t want to help him upstairs, so she quickly called Chuchu, “Pat your father. Don’t let him fall asleep.”

However, Chuchu didn’t reply. Please visit ƒ𝓇ℯ𝑒𝒘𝐞𝚋𝓃𝚘𝚟e𝚕. 𝒄𝗼𝐦

While waiting for the traffic light to turn green, Qu Zhi saw that the little girl had also fallen asleep, head to head with Sisi, comfortably nestled in Aunt Hui’s arms, drooling from his sleep.

It started to rain outside, and Qu Zhi helplessly sighed in satisfaction.

She would be able to see Deng Dong tomorrow. How had she been all these years?

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